Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Failure of Leadership

I am getting very angry with those people in charge of 'the people' in today's world. Case in point, with some background.

In the late '80s, under mounting people pressure, the U.S. Congress passed a law that said that parents who felt that vaccines had damaged their children could (a) take their case to a special federal Vaccine Court, for a possible compensation claim to be awarded (if they were able to meet strict criteria; set ultimately by...the pharmaceutical industry, as defendant); and only then, if they felt that justice had not been served, could they (b) take their case to a state court, for a trial, in front of a jury of peers, in relation to an unsafe product. People have tried to do just that. They have been blocked in their litigation endeavours by the pharmaceutical industry, whose lawyers could have given Stonewall Jackson a run for his money. Such a case recently made it to the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court (which, not so incidentally, somewhat recently ruled in another case that corporations are 'people', in terms of their ability to contribute to political campaigns; a ruling which has made real people now have to compete with deep-pocketed corporations in the political arena) has decided, in all its august majesty, that the people can go hang.

Now let me clarify. This is a ruling not just using its power to 'interpret' the Constitution. That is a judicial-political battle in its own right, pitting staunch constitutionalists, aka 'strict constructionists', against those legal beagles of a more liberal bent, who believe in 'a living Constitution', whereby the document - the contract, between the several States and the federal government - is rendered susceptible to changing attitudes, whereby it can be changed by 'broad interpretation'. That is one debate. This decision is something else entirely. The decision just made the Supreme Court - the judicial branch of the tripartite system of government in the U.S.- over into both that branch AND THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH of government.

They just, simply, changed the law. On their own. No semblance of 'interpretation'. Just blatant, outright declaration: I am the Law, and what I say goes.

What are the details.

Recall that, by the law passed by Congress in the late '80s, parents could take their case to their state court only once they had exhausted their attempts at justice in the federal, Vaccine Court. (In which, unlike a 'real' court, you do not have benefit of discovery. You make your case on the merits of your case - of how it fits a cookie-cutter profile, established by the pharmaceutical industry for their products, and agreed to by the federal public health authorities - and that's it.) So, in this case, that was done. And now, the Supreme Court of the land, in all its black-robed sartorial splendour, has decreed that, since vaccines, by their nature, are "unavoidably unsafe", they don't have to be held against law regarding normal, everyday product safety. Next case, please.

-Uh - just a minute. Run that one by me again, will you?

The essence: The Supreme Court is supposed to rule on the constitutionality or not of legislation. It makes no difference what it says or does not say about laws in general. If it's not a constitutional issue, the law is the law. The Supreme Court can't make law. That's not its business.

But it has made it so.

It didn't like the law, because the law left the pharmaceutical corporations liable to lawsuit/product damage claims.

So it huffed itself up, and declared that THEY CAN'T BE SUED FOR A DANGEROUS PRODUCT.

Because their product is "unavoidably unsafe".

I wish I were making this up.

I'm not.

Can you begin to appreciate the enormity of this declaration? There is now no limit for how unsafe a particular vaccine product may be. They don't have to prove any safety factor at all, or be forced to make their products any safer. There is, thus, no incentive TO make their vaccine products safer. Without being able to sue the manufacturer for their unsafe product, as a last recourse, a parent has no recourse to justice.

Oh, and still are required to line up their children for their shots, in order to get them registered into school. And adults need to take them depending on employment interests. And...

...and I have just pinched myself; and this is not a bad dream. I am not making this up.

If there were ever a cause for insurrection, this is one.

And P.S. As another indication of just how bad this whole thing is, it turns out that only a very small percentage of claims in the Vaccine Court are ever allowed. One. And two: If you make the mistake of claiming the injury as "autism" instead of "encephalopathy" (brain damage in general; not to be defined more specifically), you are sure to fail in getting any compensation. Because if the government ever admitted - had to admit - that vaccines can cause autism, the federal government would be paying out huge amounts over the course of the lives of these damaged children.

And the government authorities can't have that happening.

Because it would leave them with egg on their faces, for not having done a proper job of oversight.

The poor dears.

In the meantime, as An Educated Mother said on one comment thread on this matter: 'The game is rigged against the family prevailing. It is a travesty."


But justice will prevail. Once this current batch of 'leaders' is out of the way.

And the 'A' team comes marching in.

To take over. And clean house.


For a new era of leadership to descend on Earth.

Just waiting, now, to take over.

And with decisions like this one, from the highest court in the land, indicating the degree of corruption that has taken over in the current state of being, it can't be long now.

It's like a rotten fruit, about to fall, almost of its own accord.

Good riddance.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Of Acai Berries & Other Scams

Have just been reading, on a 'natural health' website, about the scam of the seemingly omnipresent (at least on the Internet; the world's newspaper) ads for 'acai berries for a tiny tummy'. It turns out that though this 'natural' item has some value, it can't protect you from scam artists, who bank - literally - on people not reading the fine print of the resulting 'contracts'. But then there are worse scams going on.

I wrote about one earlier this week to a national newspaper here in the UK, called the Guardian (the main 'liberal' paper in the country; though they still can't get their grammar and punctuation right), which printed a couple of articles on the depressing 'mental illness' picture in the country. The first, on 2 February, was titled 'Therapy for children to help prevent lifelong mental illness' ("Children and teenagers who show signs of anxiety and depression are to be offered talking therapies in an overhaul of mental healthcare for young people that will aim to prevent life-long illnesses"); and the second, on the 7th, was titled 'Health adviser sacked for speaking out in the Guardian' ("The government has sacked an independent national health adviser for questioning in the Guardian whether the money for its mental health strategy was new or came from the existing NHS budget...Richards [David; professor of mental health services research at the University of Exeter] has been involved since 2006 in efforts to increase the numbers of trained therapists who can help the substantial numbers of people with anxiety and depression..."). This business, of starting to concentrate on 'talking treatments' (like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)), has been occasioned because the authorities have finally - finally - started paying attention to the huge and growing use of the pharmaceutical likes of anti-depressants, which use is beginning to bankrupt the NHS. Now, to be replaced with "trained therapists"...

I responded to this latter article thusly:

"Dear Editor,

"I am getting very depressed over the continual throwing of money at medications and strategies for dealing with 'the substantial numbers of people with anxiety and depression' (Health adviser sacked for speaking out in the Guardian, 7 February). Until we get to the heart of the problem we will never truly get anywhere.

"There is a fundamental reason why people fall into chronic depression and/or anxiety. It is essentially a nutrient problem. There are a number of specific nutrient-deficiency causes of these conditions. But what it all boils down to is the old for-want-of-a-nail dynamic. Treat the matter there, and you treat the matter at its causal root. Not just thinking to slice off heads of the hydra monster as they arise, over and over and over again. What madness.

"Depression indeed.

"Yours sincerely" [etc.]

The Guardian, in at least its commercial wisdom, chose not to print my letter. But the charge still stands: Our society has swallowed an elephant. The elephant in our room is the white one gifted to us by the western medical profession, aka the medical-pharmaceutical-governmental complex. It is corrupt to its core. And is the prime reason why our 'health care' costs are so enormous, and threaten to eat us out of house and home. Elephants have insatiable appetites; no wonder.

Have we had a bellyful yet? I hope so. I have. And of considerable amounts of violence in our day and age, caused not by poverty directly, but by various forms of brain damage. A lot of it from the vaunted medical modality of vaccines (which affect the brain in various ways, including causing what is called dyslexia and dyspraxia - a welter of conditions that make life so frustratingly difficult for some, that they lash out in their impotence to do anything about it); but there are other causes. Like that other vaunted medical modality of our time, fluoridation. Medical, because it is used to treat people in a mass-medication way. And just waiting in those wings...

Let me cut to the chase. Enough is enough. The rot has set in to an irreparable degree. Once money took on a life of its own, and people started using money to make money with - rather than simply the exchanging of goods and services that it was originally designed for - humanity started getting so far off the path that it has lost sight of where it was going. It was going towards a time of peace and plenty; when our level of technology would allow us to release the training wheels we had been using - those of interest-bearing money on the one side and fractional-reserve banking on the other - and start to soar.

We can't do that with oil as our energy base. That keeps us grounded, in the same old, same old.

And now we come to the way out of our modern dilemma.

Not just the elimination of money, and the creation of community - of common unity. But the elimination of some of the developments that have come about through the corrupt practices that have ruled the roost of history for so long.

Some of those developments - of corrupt regimes - are now being challenged in the Middle East.

The desire, on the part of The People, for freedom is almost palpable.

Which the Status Quo is aware of. And would think to control.

But it can't.

Because the time has come, for a change.

A big change.

A fundamental change.

Which spirit has started in the Middle East. And now needs to be picked up in the West.

And can be kicked off in that region of our Mother Earth by a March on Washington, to depose the unconstitutional presidency of Barack Hussein Obama; who is not who he purports to be. And so has gained that office by deceit.

As part of a larger strategy, on the part of his Controllers, to take over control of the world.

Well; I've got news for them.

They're history.

The People are now going to take over.

A provisional government to be put in place, until elections can take place - hopefully to depose all those members of Congress who have been part of this scenario; but in any event, needing to take place because the current Congress is too tainted with the same brush that tried to brush off concerns voiced about the eligibility of Obama for that particular office (which requires a higher degree of citizenship than any other federal office). With the chosen Administrator to announce to the federal government employees in particular, and the public in general, something like:

"You have two weeks to clear your consciences. All those people who have thought of being whistleblowers but were fearful for their careers and/or their and their families' lives; in areas of politics; business; medicine, and other sciences; the scam of fluoridation - you name it: If you have something to say about it, and yourself in relation to it, speak now, or forever hold your piece of that action. As it is then exposed to the healing, and disinfecting, action of the Light.

Because the Light is now taking over the historical process, and delivering it to a better outcome than the one planned for humanity by the Powers That Be. Now to become the Powers that Were; on our way to our full flowering, as a race, on a beautiful planet, now calling of us our best shot.

And that, only as it were.