Friday, 13 February 2009

Vaccination, Social Violence, & Criminality

Having lived in Australia for several years in the 90s-early oughties, I feel a personal sadness, and anger, at the forest fires raging there now, some having wreaked their havoc, some still a threat. Anger, at the role of arsonists, in these and other such fires. And my anger is not directed simply at them. It is directed at 'the authorities', of various stripes.

Item. Harris L Coulter, PhD - arguably the US's foremost medical historian - in his 1990-published book 'Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality: The Medical Assault On the American Brain', detailed the case for a whole upsurge of conditions of what were then generically labeled Minimal Brain Damage/Disorder (MBD) being caused by vaccines, and the mass vaccination programs started in the late 40s-50s. Among the symptoms of these conditions were: cruelty to animals; excessive bedwetting; and fire-starting.

Item. The FBI man behind the developing of what has become known as profiling, in interviewing serial killers in prison, was struck by some common themes in their childhoods - so common that he coined an expression: the 'homicidal triad'. These three common traits were...cruelty to animals; excessive bedwetting; and fire-starting.

Item. In their book 'A Mind to Crime' - first published in 1995 - Anne Moir, PhD and David Jessel summarized the research to that date which revealed how "child abusers, domestic murderers, psychopaths, rapists, burglars - all have different kinds of chemical imbalances and brain malfunctions".

'Brain dysfunction' = MBD.

Go figure...

Are vaccines alone responsible for this upsurge in brain dysfunction and consequent massive antisocial behavior in our day and age? No. We're talking about what Dr Coulter calls subclinical encephalitis (also 'post-vaccinal encephalitis'); and encephalitis - BRAIN DAMAGE (literally, inflammation of the brain) - can be caused by other factors. (Indeed, it was the similarity between cases & their symptoms of encephalitis in the 30s, and what started to become a veritable epidemic of similar symptoms in the wake of the mass vaccination programs, that first drew Dr Coulter's attention to this phenomenon, and link.) But vaccines (especially certain ones; and especially the pertussis component of the DPT vaccine) ARE A FACTOR.

And it is long past time that this was recognized, and dealt with, in some responsible way.

P.S. The research summary by Moir & Jessel shows that particular brain disorder patterns (a) can be identified by PET scanning, and (b) are more likely than others to result in the person engaging in antisocial behavior. Thus, those persons can be identified earlier in life, and helped through their potential difficulties. Theirs. And ours.


Anonymous said...

Having researched both sides of vaccines for close to 3 years now, I can say, they are a significant "trigger" for many neurological symptoms, including the rise in Autism. Of course, those Autism studies must be debunked by people funded by governments and pharmaceutical companies because there's too much money to be lost if they publicize the connection. Can you imagine the vaccine program going from the biggest medical accomplishment in history to the biggest medical failure? Anyway, that is another comment in itself.
On to the pertussis part of vaccines. Yes, it IS the most dangerous part of the DTaP vaccine and the LEAST effective too. The whole cell pertussis vaccine is even more dangerous. Because pertussis is bacterial, you can get it more than once. Therefore, no vaccine can be effective against a bacterial strain. The diagnostic criteria was also changed when the vaccine came out to help promote it's effectiveness. Sadly, children are still dying and being damaged by the DTaP vaccine, yet medical professionals keep looking the other way in the name of money and profits.

Stan said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Anonymous. Yes, it's quite a scandal. It shows just what can happen when you think of people in a herd mentality way, instead of an individual way. And when those in power get too much of a monopoly going.

As for the DPT shot: perhaps you have come across Dr Coulter's description of the pertussis component of it: how it is "the preferred 'adjuvant' in experiments to produce allergic encephalomyelitis". (Coulter, ibid; who goes on: "U.S. vaccination authorities seem steadily oblivious to the danger of injecting U.S. children with an 'adjuvant' which, of all those known to the world of biochemistry, has the most pronounced ability to produce allergic sensitization.")

Go figure.