Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The true nature of Man

At issue here, to start with, is the idea, and reality, of powerful people treating the mass of us like sheep, to be sheared at will. It's the herd mentality of the likes of the medical-pharmaceutical complex (or more correctly, the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex). Take their vaccines. These medical products have cut the incidences of the childhood diseases. So far so good. But at what cost? I've gone into this before, so I won't belabor the point; just to point out the notion, that we are considered like a herd to them; not individuals. Or take other drug company products: the drug cos. have pushed drugs that main and kill people - and sometimes get taken off the market, when the results get too blatant. Has it been because of an honest mistake in the development process?

Maybe sometimes. But let's look at that process. In the video 'Money Talks', an expose of the drug industry, wherein some honest souls blow the whistle on their peers, it is pointed out that in the deregulation spirit engendered in the Reagan era, much research was moved out of universities into the hands of for-profit organisations, where control over the terms of the research was moved to - the drug companies. Or they would just give big financial grants to the universities, and buy some influence.

It's like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) being responsible for both the implementation of the vaccine schedule and their safety. (Go figure.)

Terrible stuff; right? Right.

It just shows that man is inherently bad ('fallen'), and if left to his own devices, will automatically revert to selfishness and egotism; right?

Er - not necessarily. It just shows that, in a phrase: Without a vision, the people perish.

And another clue to what I am getting at is in the title of the video mentioned above.

Money. And the effects on humans thereof.

Not just the 'the love of money is the root of all evil' observation. But the basic premise of the profit motive. Which automatically pits one against another.

I'm not talking 'communism' here; which is just another form of control, of some over others. Power over, rather than power with. Which is, in a word, love.

Growing out of the awareness that we are one another.

Over and over. Playing parts. 'The play's the thing, wherein to catch the conscience of ' - the players.

To grow. And to grow one another.

The man had it right: We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

And before we are going to be able to leave our lovely nest, of Mother Earth, and go exploring the physical universe, we will need to get our act together.

With 'together' being the operative word, and concept.

Not pitted against one another, in the drama of human existence. But leaving our kindergarten stage behind, and graduating to the next level.

(Remember the book title, 'Everything I Know I Learned in Kindergarten'? The author had a good point. And if we stay at that stage of development, we will continue to play out those experiences, and lessons.)

I am saying: It's time, to move up a notch. The circumstances have been set for us ('God moves in mysterious ways'?) to leave the western monetary system behind - as it creaks and groans and nears collapse - and enter into a new covenant with one another; one which recognises that We Are All One. And that we have one destiny.

In the words of the motto of the old Planetary Citizens NGO that I worked for many years ago:

One Planet. One Humanity. One Destiny.

The New World Order?

Oh no. Oh my, no.

That's of the old.

I'm talking about the new.

Which recognises that a major change has taken place, in our earthly experience, and which now allows us to be AS One.

The change, of communications technology - which allows us to connect with one another, and with information, in unprecedented ways - and with other technology, in many areas of endeavor, that can bring about abundance, and eliminate drudgery.

If we let it.

And realize that giving, not taking, is the key, with which to unlock this new era.

Go to venusproject.com and you'll see a good sampling of what I'm getting at. Which posits, and concludes, that we can be free if we work together.

A big 'if'?

Not if you believe in the ultimate, overriding nature of Man.

A nature just waiting for us to unfold into being.

The choice is ours.

And it IS a choice.

We can make it. Or blow it.

That's what the exercise is all about.

Graduation time, anyone?

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