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Tamiflu-swine flu-the NWO

"If the truth be known..."

I'd like to make a comment on the current swine flu scare, and its ramifications.

As much as I can be as suspicious as the next skeptical person about its origin - with its makeup highly questionable, of viral strains from all over the place - I feel that the principle of Occam's Razor could simply be at work here. Namely, that it is all (well; mostly) about making money.

Consider. Tamiflu - the pharmaceutical flu antiviral that many countries bought huge stocks of, in the wake of the bird flu scare of yesteryear - has a shelf life (as I understand it, of 48 months). Meaning, that it has either to be used within that time period, or tossed out. Now, one could argue that it doesn't matter to the mfgr whether it is used or tossed, they still made money from its sale; but perhaps the matter is a little more complex than that. For example, those in govt who bought it may have to justify to the taxpayers its purchase; so voila - a flu scare. And thus the need for more sales - er, more medication, to take its place.

A by-the-way here: Tamiflu has already been shown to be not very effective against a number of strains of flu, and even dangerous, both for creating resistance and for creating illness and even deaths. So how do 'they' get away with the wondrous hype in the MSM for its use? Aye, there's the rub. Answer: the power of the corporate-government complex over our lives.

And that's the subject I really want to get to, in this analysis of Things In Our Time. And not to limit it just to the windfall profit to such as ex-Defense Secretary, and ex-Chairman of the (Tamiflu) Board, Donald Rumsfeld, who has done very well indeed from his foot in both of those worlds. I mean the in-built corruption that has taken over in the capitalist system; and is now threatening its very existence. And about time, say I...

Time. In the year of my birth - 1934 - a very powerful clique of businessmen and bankers attempted to stage a coup in America, to install a fascist government, to their ideological liking. Unfortunately for them, they came up against a military man - Gen. Smedley Butler by name - whom they had hoped would lead a supportive army in their putsch, but who by then had realized that War Is a Racket (the title of his subsequent book), and wouldn't play the game any longer; the game of capitalists fomenting wars in order to make a profit off of them. And now, in our time, we have the same sorts of circumstances having come around: a corporate hold on the MSM, and an agenda of takeover. In this case, of global takeover. No more small potatoes, of just a nation-state or two...

The stage, in short, has been set for takeover. And the ugliest piece of this picture, to my mind, is the sellout of the medical profession in the whole charade. The ugliest, for being such a mighty fall, from such a noble place, as the calling of being a healer.

Seeding chronic illness and disease into the body politic, under the cover of a wondrous medical modality - sold to the public as such - of vaccination...keeping cures for cancer from the public, in order to further their approach to medicine, of cut-burn-poison...

I could go on, but I'll cut to the conclusion: The allopathic medical profession has forfeited any deference that might have been its due, for the good work that it has done, because of its ignoble alliance with the pharmaceutical industry. That is, and has been, an unholy nexus every bit as toxic as that of the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower famously warned the American public about. Capitalism has used both of these focii of power to further its end, of creating debt - loaning money into being, at interest - in order to keep the system oiled and going. The agents of that system have much to answer for. Yes, it has been 'successful'. But at what cost?

That is the question, and obvious answer: At too high a price, in people's lives and wellbeing. It's fit for the favored few. All the rest are mere 'collateral damage' to persons with that arrogant sort of mentality. Like more and more kids with autism; cut off from their surroundings, eating & smearing their own faeces, driving their parents into temporary insanity, fit to be thrown on the scrap heap of an economic system and its society that has no place for them...

I say: No more. It's time for a change. REAL Change.

Capitalism created communism for financial reasons. It requires markets, to borrow money into being. Thus, eg, it requires ill health, which is costly, and so 'good', instead of good health, which is of no value to it. No value, that is to say, to a debt-based economic system. Which, in a time of advanced technology, and higher consciousness, is no longer needed, to provide enough for all, in a culture that understands its Oneness, where what affects one affects the whole.

And so it has to go.

And in our time. Because that's why we're here. 'We': this generation of souls. Incarnated to bring this change about. This change, into our fuller selves. Recognizing how far we have come. And how far we could fall. For having been part of it. All.

And as for this swine flu scare: besides its being about money, I don't mean it to be ONLY about that. I mean it to be looked at as well as a tool for control. THE tool by which to drive dissenters to the New World Order into (already established) quarantine camps; aka holding pens; aka concentration camps; aka, potentially, death camps?... - for not 'drinking the kool-aid', in the form of a vaccine for this flu strain, prophesied to come around again later in the year, with the chance of being mutatedly more virulent. And so holdouts will be demonized, as a threat to their neighbors. With the mainstream medical profession comfortably ensconced in seats of power, along with their compatriots in the corporate-government complex desirous of ruling the world.

This is what I mean by the terrible fall of those drawn to the healing profession. Who need to be resisted, in their preliminary moves now to create a more mandatory vaccine climate.

Don't buy into it. Buy instead into a better world, than the one they, along with their corporate crony cohorts, would try to corral us into, as serfs to their control.

It's time, in short, to wake up from the nightmare they are walking us into, step by stealthy step. And own our power. As spiritual beings having a human experience. And beginning to respond, now, to our inner alarm clock.

Time's up.

Partial bibliography:

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