Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Powers That Be - Not

In an interesting wrinkle on the con job explained in the book 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' by John Perkins - whereby international financial bodies, in the control of powers in the U.S., got developing countries to borrow big money from them for infrastructure projects (requiring U.S. companies to do the work), and then used the resulting debt as a lever to pry their way into the countries and take control of their resources, etc. - I see that the Powers That Be are still at their job of taking over the world. This particular instance is through the ploy of something that was originally called the World Conservation Bank, but apparently is now known as the Global Environmental Facility. A rose by any other name: It is the handiwork of PTB like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who, once again taking advantage of the financial needs of Developing Countries for their own personal gain, buy up the debt of such countries and then, in exchange, take over the land and resources therein. Sweet. It's called buying up the world, country by country.

It is part of an agenda called Agenda 21, a UN-sponsored programme for world control, through whatever means necessary. This agenda needs the elimination of a major stumbling block to the best-laid schemes of the PTB behind it all: the U.S. as a sovereign political entity, with something called its Constitution. Simply put: If the 'rule of law' won't allow them to take over control of the world, then so much for the rule of law: they'll create their own law.

And so they have put a placeman in power in the U.S., in the presidential seat. (Actually, they have put in that place several; but to keep this blog short, I'll refer just to the present such resource.) Obama - or whatever his real name is - is there to help bring down the American Republic, and put in its place a mere 'regional' player in his Masters' New World Order. If he can do it through the Congress (and as many bought resources therein as the PTB can muster), fine. If he can't, fine: he is to do it through such shady means as Executive Orders (EOs), and Presidential Directives (PDs), and Executive branch rules and regulations. And part of that avenue to power for them is to weaken the American people's resistance through a dilution of the American 'stock', in keeping the borders - and especially the southern border - porous. Allowing illegal aliens in who will be used as a Fifth Column to vote for massive federal spending projects, in order ultimately to bankrupt the American Republic, and let the PTB pick up the resulting pieces.*

How else to explain such bits of information as the recent story about the Obama administration's 'nudging' into being of the selling of weapons to shady arms dealers, who took them down to Mexico and sold them to drug barons, and some of which were subsequently used to kill some border agents? I'll speed this up: There was a cover story to that caper. But a main consequence could well have been to use the resulting mayhem as cause to pass more strict federal gun legislation, making it easier to confiscate the American public's constitutional 'right to keep and bear arms'.

There's that 'Constitution' stumbling block again. Got to go, in terms of the PTB's mentality.

Where do I stand in all this?

I would agree that the U.S. governments have made a mistake in the past in letting illegal aliens settle in the country, and start availing themselves of various services designed for U.S. citizens. It is wrong to allow that. The American taxpayer has no obligation to pay for such largesse. Americans have every right to have their borders protected. But there is a larger 'wrong' going on here. That is of the intentioned collapse of the American Republic - of government of, by, and for 'the people'. NOT the wealthy elite, who have in mind grandiose delusions of controlling the world, for the benefit OF a favoured elite.

I could go on, in the vein of what I would do, in governing the country. But my main point in this blog is not to list all the actions of a setting-to-rights of the socio-political scene that I would engage in, or that needs to be engaged in. (It involves as well the elimination of the interest-bearing money system, in letting their corrupt creation collapse, and introducing a better, more holistic way of being social beings together on carrying Planet Earth.) It is to try to get beneath the surface of this matter - this matter, in its essence, of the free will of Man.

Simply put: We are all responsible for the state of things.

Yes, I can get angry at the arrogance of these our self-appointed Masters. Yes, I can want to throw their money-changing tables out of the temple of Life. But what's really going on here??

Many of their actions are to be deplored; etc etc. And having said all that: Maybe some of the individuals who are acting arrogant in the present had injustices done to them in the past and are just ‘getting even’, in karmic retribution.

We can’t know what all is in the hearts of individuals as to why they do what they do. At least some of that is environmentally determined. But what, really, does that mean? For example: Why do some children succumb to ADD and ADHD and autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia and dyspraxia and so forth, and some not? Yes, there are genetic factors at work. But why were those particular souls attracted into those particular bodies, with those particular susceptibilities?? Presumably - given that there is Plan in and Purpose to ’the universe’, ie, to the life experience - because there were certain lessons to be learned by those particular souls (and teachings given to others).

In any event: Ours is not to reason why. Ours is to clean up our environmental living situation as best we can, in order for it to reflect more purely the world of spirit; of our true home. And in that cleansing of the environment, we cleanse the circumstances that create karma, which has to be redressed (given there is justice in ‘the universe’, because there is a Plan and Purpose).

And the sooner, then, we can all go home, permanently. Where ‘neither moth nor dust doth corrupt’ - where abides Truth. Not Illusion. The point. Not the process. The graduation. Not the school.

It's time to start that more conscious heading for home. And: First things first.


* It's called the Cloward-Piven strategy. It is supposedly a strategy of the Left, designed to help socialists gain the ultimate power. But all such roads lead ultimately to the top of a pyramid of power. And there sits the likes of 'king' David Rockefeller, the powers behind the 'seen' who have orchestrated a 'convergence' of Left and Right into their empire.
Their intended empire. But, as Robert Burns said in an ode To a Mouse...

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