Thursday, 15 April 2010

In Our Time

For whatever reason, I'm feeling drawn to comment, now, on the overriding subject of our time. That being the effects of capitalism on life on this lovely planet.

First, the positive: As an economic system, it has provided unparalleled affluence, for some.

But at what price?

Item. I watched a painful video last night, of a young girl with autism. Painful to watch; painful, her life. She can't talk. She can only indicate, in croaky sounds, and tears, and contorted body movements, her painful gut. Having food residue move through her body is obviously excruciating. And the medical profession doesn't want to go there.


For the same reason that the UK medical fraternity - the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex - demonized a doctor, a gut specialist, who was trying to help such children. Name of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. You may have heard of him. He was recently found, by his medical inquisition board - a body called the General Medical Council - to be "in callous disregard" of the wellbeing of some children with gut damage in a case study, because he helped in a process of investigation of their conditions. Lumbar punctures, and colonoscopies, and such.

Excuse me? In callous disregard of their welfare, by trying to discover the nature and potential cause(s) of their conditions?

I won't draw this story out. The gist of it is that he was demonized because the investigation he instituted threatened to put in jeopardy the government's vaccine policy, by casting doubt on the safety of the MMR (which had been implicated in a number of the cases by the parents). And what has come out, from this whole sorry saga, among other a-ha's, was that it wasn't going to be the vaccine manufacturer that would potentially have to bear the financial burden of a class-action lawsuit. It would be the government, whose public health placemen entered into a deal with the manufacturer to indemnify them from any such a potential outcome. So the government couldn't allow a group of parents to have Legal Aid to press their case, because they themselves could be found to be liable. So a whole host of steps were taken, behind the scenes - including conflicts of interest involving the newspaper editor who commissioned a hatchet job on Wakefield in the first place, and the owner of the paper sitting on the board of the pharmaceutical company involved, and the owner of the medical journal that published the case study, and the judge who threw out the parents' request for Legal Aid, and the government's chief of immunization, and the chairman of the inquisition board, acting as judge and jury in the GMC case -

I could go on. But my specific point, here: is that this whole thing - including all the children, everywhere, who are suffering such pain in association with their autism (let alone the sensory debilitating effects of the autism itself) - is because of one thing.

The concept of profit.

Wakefield was jeopardizing the way things are.

As with the corrupt pushing of vaccines for the swine flu 'pandemic' that never was. And for the bird flu before that. And the pushing of the HPV vaccines, with all of THEIR damnable side effects, including death. And on. And on. And on.

It's time to move into the true new order of the ages, wherein things will be done out of concern for their social benefits. Not out of an attitude of 'what's in it for me'. Or the professed social benefit of, say, a vaccine that cuts the incidence of a childhood disease, but the act of which - for not being either highly effective or true immunisation - just pushes the potential infection up into a later age bracket, when the effects can be more harmful. And besides not being totally effective in the short term, doesn't confer lifelong immunity, with the result that a female doesn't pass that immunity on to her children. Resulting in the likes of babies catching whooping cough, because of the vaccine; not in spite of it.

I draw attention to this matter of the downside of vaccines, in illustrating my point, because it affects the wellbeing of people so directly - in such a harmful way.* Causing the rash of the likes of autoimmune diseases and neurological diseases in our times, as a consequence of a blinkered approach by the medical profession to the prosecution of their profession. And the jettisoning of the basic principle of their profession, of: First, Do No Harm.

The elimination of money, and its driving force, the profit motive, is the paramount issue of our day; with the concomitant understanding, by all peoples everywhere, that 'we are spiritual beings having a human experience': that the universe has purpose, and that purpose is Good. And we will produce goods and services for each other out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.**

Thus will poverty pass out of existence.

And conditions like that of that young girl, in a video on the Internet, rocking, rocking in her chair, suffering from her damaged gut, because, really - beyond the deleterious effects of the profit motive - of one thing:

A misunderstanding about life.

Time now for The Money Age to be released. Before we do any more damage to one another; and to our natural environment.

Given to us to do with it what we will.

With the hope - and trust - that, ultimately, we will lift our eyes, and see the larger picture of our existence.

Which is well overdue, to accomplish.

Or do you REALLY want to live by and with the likes of the sub-prime mortgage/exotic-financial-instruments scam running the financial show, with people making money on the ultimate bubble collapses? Do you REALLY want to be subject to these sorts of people running the world? Who put their self-interest over the needs of the whole? Serve myself, and the devil take the hindmost??

These myopic marauders have been given the rope to hang themselves with - ie, in truth, the gift of free will - and they did. That's their karma, that they will have, ultimately, to work out. Unfortunately (on one level) they nearly took the whole, now-globalised financial system down with them. So We the People will have to pay for their corruption as well.

I say: No more.

I say: I did not incarnate at the time of the trough of The Great Depression - itself as well brought about by schemers - just to go down with everybody at another, and more painful, one, for being so totally globalised, and with so many armies and weapons of mass destruction abounding

I say: We can turn this major Crisis into major Opportunity.

And rid ourselves of the low-consciousness people running the world's show at the same time.

And speaking of, and so to speak:

It's show time.

For humanity to show what they can do, when they really put themselves - to say, body, mind AND spirit - into it.


* It's not as if vaccines are our only protection against the childhood diseases. As we discover more about health and nutrition, we come across more natural treatments for those diseases, which don't have the appalling side effects to them that the vaccines have. So the response of the medical-pharmaceutical complex to people who draw attention to weaknesses in the safety of vaccines, in labelling them as disease-mongers, is a red herring. Occasioned by a couple of things. One I have indicated here: the profit motive The other is the 'disease' of many people in positions of responsibility: hubris. They can't allow anybody to get away with making them look as if they may be wrong, about their 'true beliefs'. Or at least, not quite right. For examples of the fallout from which, keep reading.

** I won't go into details here about evidences for such a state of being. I've gone into those in earlier blogs Suffice it to say here, that such evidences encompass such phenomena as Near Death Experience (NDE) reports (which often include the phenomenon of Out of Body Experiences (OBEs or OOBEs), and the well-examined case histories of multitudes of people, including children, whose stories speak to the reality of reincarnation. Which phenomenon speaks to the reality of 'life with meaning' - that there is Plan in and Purpose to 'the universe' - to life. Which obviously involves spiritual progress; consciousness-raising; increasing awareness. Transitioning from the karmic wheel of life to higher dimensions. And speaking of 'dimensions', in the context of evidences for 'something more than man' - for a greater reality than dreamt of in the materialist philosophy - there is the case being made by physicists, and NDE/OBE returnees, that 'life' is a projection; a hologram; has elements of illusion. Is but one realm of, at the least, more than one. And itself is a Field, wherein everything is interconnected. And so truly, in the words of the poet: "Any man's death diminishes me..."

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