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Of Mice and Medicine Men

With the Internet signal down in our building today, I was reduced to having to do something else with my Saturday afternoon. But it turned out that I still had access to all of the files in my computer itself. (The science of all this is beyond me.) So, instead of resorting to getting into a pile of other reading in my room (that groan in the background is emanating from my bed - let me explain that. I sleep on one side of my bed, the other side of which is piled profusely with mostly last-thing-at-night reading material: back issues of the daily papers waiting for me to cull from them articles of interest for my files; books, magazines, health newsletters, articles of various kinds that I have downloaded from this material-providing monster that I love dearly, for keeping me in contact at fingertip with the whole world up here in my cave in the north of Scotland), or going down to the Lounge and perusing the daily papers in greater detail (the Guardian in particular is just too damn chock-a-block with interesting stuff. How does your average commuter keep up with it all??), or even, heaven forbid, engaging in a personal conversation (other than under my breath with various commentators in the Guardian, with whom I carry on daily in a range of reactions as it is), I decided to browse through the plethora of files that I have downloaded over the years, for just this sort of time, I realise. And therein hangs a blog.

The file I chose to look at was one titled ‘Horrors of Vaccination’. I don’t recall its genesis; it must have come from one or other of the various health websites I subscribe to, jmmercola or naturalhealth (‘the Health Ranger’) or some such. I had never looked into it before, just took advantage of its offer at the time, to check out ‘on a rainy day’. (It’s actually quite nice outside, with the daffodils trumpeting their presence all over the place. It’s a late spring up here in the north of Scotland, after “the worst winter in 30 years”. So much for Global Warming. I jest. But barely. Another time for that subject.) Now seemed to be as good a time as any. So into it I went. And got deeply in touch with the author’s anger. Which I’m coming down from now, to be able to comment reasonably balanced on the subject matter.

It turned out to be a Google file (a pdf, for those major initiates amongst you), part of their project for going into libraries and downloading anything that had come off copyright. That’s another blog subject. This one is to comment on this file, which turned out to be a book they found in some medical library or other, by one Chas. M. Higgins, self-published in 1920. Its actual title was ‘Horrors of Vaccination - Exposed and Illustrated’, subtitled: ‘Petition to the President to Abolish Compulsory Vaccination in Army and Navy’. It makes interesting reading, if you can stomach that sort of thing. ‘That sort of thing’, meaning, mostly, corruption in high places.

It is the story, from this New Yorker’s point of view (actually, published in Brooklyn), of how ‘the government’ had managed to mandate vaccinations in that day and age, all the evidence of dangerous, even lethal outcomes to the contrary - even at that early time. Chas. starts off by citing the early American political documents, particularly the Declaration of Independence, to make his case for such mandation to be anti-American, being contrary to the spirit of the founding of the Republic, etc. etc. - including citing some court cases where the judicial Powers-That-Be at that time sided with this perspective. And then he gets into the gruesome details of the case, at that time, against this practice. Now, here I don’t want to go into the details of how, perhaps, vaccines are safer than they were at that time. I want to side with him on the fundamental issue, of ‘the people’s’ rights in the matter - as individuals, protected against the swayable will of the majority, by the Constitution. (What protection the individual has on the various state levels I won’t go into here either.)

The gist of my take on this angle of the subject: No one medical-practice school of thought has a right to compel the public to follow their take on the matter of health. Nor does the state have the right or power to force people to follow a particular form of medical care, either for themselves or the children they are the legal custodians of, and whose welfare they are responsible for. If the state says it has a right to legislate regarding infectious diseases, it must assume the responsibility for the downside of any practice it mandates. And the downside of the medical practice of vaccination is considerably greater than either the state or the allopathic medical fraternity or the drug manufacturers have admitted to. Then, and now.

Where did this practice come from? Yes yes, Jenner and cowpox and all that. But (1) the public has been sold a pup about the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine in stemming the incidence of that disease. Its reduction was more to do with sanitation and hygiene - and its spread was often due to the vaccine itself. And (2) let’s take a look at the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, and the role of special interests in the enthronement of allopathic medicine in the western world.

Long story short: John D. Rockefeller Sr, at the turn of 20th century, saw the immense profits to be made from oil, and oil-based products. The latter of which include drugs. So, as a good capitalist (who felt that “competition is a sin”), he set out to increase the markets for his products. And one thing he did to this end was to put money into medical schools, ultimately to get them oriented towards drug therapy in their training of the ‘new breed of doctors’. So: the early part of the 20th century saw the rise of the pharmaceutical houses. And anything that increased their profits. And the profits of the new medical industry. And if their products and services caused illness, well, that was what they were in business for, anyway; so - what’s the problem?

The problem is an intrinsic conflict of interest. For example. Once one researches what goes into vaccines, one understands that this is a ploy, a way to vector chronic illness into the body, in order to sell drugs for the conditions caused by the vaccines - drugs developed by the very companies that developed the causative agents-once-removed: the vaccines.*

I charge corruption of the western medical-pharmaceutical industry (and its government placemen). If a population is healthy, drug-based medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies don’t make as much money. So, since the bottom line in capitalism is the profit to be made, the healthier the public is, the less profit there is to be made off them in this sector.

Not good for the economy.

‘They’ wouldn’t do such a thing?

Check it out. ‘It’: the story of western medicine. Seen from the perspective of those who have tried to blow the whistle over the years on its malpractice. Including people from its own ranks. See, for good example, the book ‘Racketeering in Medicine: The Suppression of Alternatives’ by James P. Carter, M.D., Dr. P.H.

And also, in considering the morals of those behind drug-based medicine - what the oil industry is capable of (besides fomenting wars) - consider this story.

Back in the early ‘80s I discovered, through the research of some investigative journalist type (a disappearing species, for the most part, in our current day and age. On purpose, so that the corporate world can get on with their machinations relatively unobstructed. See various stories in the 25 Most Censored Stories compilations), that the reason the electric trams disappered from L.A. and environs was because Big Oil bought those companies out and then quietly eliminated the competition, for the rise of the freeway system and the profitable-to-them (and Detroit, in symbiosis) use of individual cars. The more the merrier. Everybody a winner. Almost.

I grew up in the L.A. area. I can remember, when I was in high school, the efficient use many commuters made of the electric trams, not only to downtown Long Beach but from there to L.A.. Little did I know, then, what all went on in the adult world I was about to inherit...

Which included, coincidentally enough to this particular, medically-oriented blog, the rumors at that time of cancer cures that the public wasn’t being told about.

Naw. They wouldn’t do that. Would they?

Would they??

Yes. Indeed. They would. And have.

And continue to.

But not for much longer.

Because a new era of souls are aging out, now in a position to take over their cultures, and the world, from their elders. Who are certainly not their betters.

Not by a long shot. So to speak.


* Vaccines, besides their antigens - weakened or killed strains of the viruses and bacteria the vaccines are formulated against - contain the likes of mercury and aluminum, as preservatives and adjuvants respectively (the latter being substances which ‘enhance’ the body’s immune reaction, for the propagation of antibodies). The argument against the criticisms of using such a toxic substance as mercury in a vaccine is that it is but a minor amount per shot, and a charge of ‘poison’ needs to be modulated by consideration of ‘dosage’ level. But the proponents of this indiscriminate medical intervention fail to take into consideration (a) individual tolerances, and (b) accumulation. Mercury is cumulative; and, different individuals have different abilities to eliminate it/other heavy metals/toxins. In a nutshell: it can build up. And aluminum is also a toxin; and a particularly virulent one at that. But oh well: you win some, you lose some....(And another adjuvant used sometimes is called, including by various aliases, squalene. Squalene is a substance normally found in the human body. Thus, included in a vaccine, it will tend to initiate an autoimmune reaction, with the body’s immune system attacking its own cells. Go figure.)

They also contain the likes of monkey kidney cells, and human diploid cells (from aborted fetal tissue). These sources can also be contaminated with any viruses in the original cell lines. One example of this feature of vaccines is polio vaccines which have been demonstrably contaminated with SV-40 (simian virus 40), which is associated with various tumors. Another such type of contamination is from the chick embryo cells that certain vaccines are cultured on, eg the measles component of the MMR shot. Those cells can have myelin basic protein (MBP) in them. The human body has MBP also, as the substance protecting the cranial nerve systems (myelin). MBP is MBP; hence, the body can mount an autoimmune reaction to this feature of the MMR. (Studies have even SHOWN antibodies to MBP associated with the vaccine-strain measles virus in the damaged guts of children diagnosed with autism.) And another such contamination to be considered is from the human diploid cells, which could easily contain viruses associated with the likes of leukemia. (All of those contaminants could easily be filtered out of the end product? Not yet have they been proved to be able to be.)

As for this subject of contaminant proteins: Some vaccines contain food proteins, not as contaminants, but as intentional ingredients. Thus all the allergies, up to and including full-blown anaphylaxis, afflicting our modern-day children, and now adults, having grown up through the heyday of vaccines - with the vax schedule more than tripled since the late ‘80s. And with the incidences of autism having done the same thing, in the same time period.

But the unquestioning advocates of vaccination say this is due but to coincidence; that ‘correlation is not causation’.

No. And where there’s smoke, there’s not always fire either. But a prudent society would check such things out, instead of turning their collective backs on the

clear signs of major harm being done by a medical procedure gone horribly wrong.

Or maybe - just maybe - not.

Maybe it’s just doing what precisely it was intended to do. More on which, keep reading.

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