Friday, 23 July 2010

Life on Planet Earth

I'm feeling an urge today to summarise my take on Life on Planet Earth, for the record.

It feels to me that we've got better things to do now as a species than play the same old sandbox games, over and over. We've got a hurting planet to learn to live in harmony with, and fast; and various races and religions and nationalities and political philosophies to knit together, in order to live in common cause on our lovely planet, asking of us now our best. Not our lowest common denominator. Our best, as a species, with free will allowing us to blow it, and start the historical process over, in our separate caves; or move to a higher level of consciousness - a breakthrough, of consciousness limitation - that allows us to express our higher aspect into our daily lives. Our higher aspect, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' as the expression has it.

What does that mean, practically. Practically, it means that we should, now - at our level of technological development, and environmental necessity - recognise that the concepts of interest-bearing money, and money itself, are just that - concepts. That there is a higher concept that we can aspire to, in order to live together in greater harmony, and with our planetary nest (before we start thinking too seriously of going out and exploring our material neighborhood). That concept can be stated as: giving of our best to one another out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning, in a meaningful universe - at this stage of that meaningful life.

I appreciate that there are differences in thinking as to what precisely 'the Creator' and 'life' mean. But there is plenty of evidence in that we can draw some basic conclusions from. For example. 'Life with meaning' can be deduced from the evidence of the phenomenon known as reincarnation - that some part of 'us' returns in different bodily forms, in order to - what. Just continue to experience material life, over and over, for no essential meaning to the process? That conclusion makes no sense. Things have a reason for being, or they wouldn't be. And a clue to the reason for the phenomenon of reincarnation can be seen in the results of something called Past Lives Therapy, whereby the individual is released from the mental/emotional block from a past life experience when he or she (in this lifetime) reconnects with it in a 'real', current-time way, recognises it - gets the message from the experience - and is released thereby from the 'block', the learning experience, in order to move on. 'To move on': to not be bound down by our past-life experiences, keeping us from a healed and wholer aspect of ourselves. Which when completely healed and whole, can truly move on. Into Oneness. Without the ego blocking the way; the sense of 'I' as a separate entity.

But I get ahead of myself. (A little joke there.)

And 'the Creator'...let's just say, the Primal Source, and leave that matter at that. I don't want to get hung up here on definitions. Let's stay with the gist of the matter. Which is: that the universe has purpose, and that purpose is Good.

Has beneficial meaning.

That there is growth involved.

Growth in consciousness.

And time now to start engaging in more of that good stuff.

Which, when done, will set us free.

Free from old limitations.

And free to start soaring like a bird; released, in good time, from the confines - the support - of its nest.

To go exploring the larger realm. Which is part of a Whole.

A larger Whole; that we are beginning - just beginning - to touch the hem of.

Think positive.

And thereby, get there.


The point of life
is to get to Unity
and leave separation behind.
to dwell in it
That is to savor a lesser fruit.

Sail on!
And you will get there
No bitter fruit
In Unity.


Truthless said...

Seek Not Truth

In Truth I don't exist as me, I am not what I seem.
In Truth I am illusion, in Truth I am just dream.

Dream in which I am myself, and all that I might seem.
Dream from which I can't awake, as I am but this dream.

Outside of dream is no-thing, all that there can be.
Outside of dream is only Truth, the Truth that dreams of me.

A dream of me, myself and I, seeking Truth I cannot see.
A dream of me within the Truth, the Truth I cannot be.

The Truth has always dreamed this dream, a dream of time and space.
The Truth will ever dream this dream, of me and all I chase.

Outside this dream is only Truth, and nothing of this place.
Outside this dream is no-thing, where I cannot give chase.

This I "I am" can never know the Truth that dreams of me.
This I "I am" is just a dream, that Truth has made to be.

Seek Not Truth, the dreamer, the Truth I cannot be,
Escaping from this dream of Truth would be the end of me....

Stan said...

Nice. For once we have recognised 'life' for what it is - an illusion - and faultlessly practiced forgiveness, 'we' can return home; the home 'I' in Truth never left.

I like what A Course in Miracles says about this point:
"Our task is not to give Truth to our illusions, but to bring our illusions to the Truth."

You sound like such a Truther. Calling itself Truthless in the dream...

blessings on moving out of the illusion of separation and back into One.