Saturday, 31 July 2010

Not Restoration But Reconciliation

"Dear Fellow Conservative,

"Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies in Washington have just moved my race up to one of their top targets.

"My opponent was named to the Democrats so-called "Red to Blue" list. These candidates will serve as the rubber stamp to the radical Pelosi agenda of higher taxes, out-of-control spending, and massive government overreach.

"Click here to stop the liberal attack machines!

"Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are targeting me to keep their razor thin majority in the House to pass their extreme liberal agenda. We need to stop the Obama/Pelosi agenda and fight for our constitutional conservative majority. We cannot back down from this fight.

"Will you help defend me and the conservative values we share?

"Time is of the essence, I've got an important campaign deadline on August 10th, and it is critical for us to send a clear message and end on a strong note...

"I appreciate your help, encouragement and prayers. I will continue to fight for a constitutional conservative majority and lead the effort to repeal government takeover and restore our great nation.


"Michele Bachmann"

Dear Ms Bachmann,

I appreciate your sentiment. But your guns are trained in the wrong direction.*

It is not restoration we need, but reconciliation. Reconciliation, of our parts. When neither side has a monopoly on the 'right' of the matter. The matter of the unfolding of human civilization - now at a key structural point, for a synthesis to take place.

Hegel had a keen eye for such things. He saw that any position contains elements of disaffection. Is part of an unfolding process. Thesis, antithesis - synthesis. Leading to another level OF the process.

"Restore our great nation" - to what, exactly. The nation that bred the likes of the Neocons, and their desire for Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace? The nation that bred an economic crisis that almost - almost - took the house down with it??

Yes, free enterprise bred an outstanding standard of living - for some. It also bred terrible conditions for many.

Why should We, the People return power to those who caused the recent inbuilt crisis of capitalism - who lived by the motto of 'service to self', and the devil take the hindmost. Short-term gain for long-term pain.

I say, No. I say, Look closer. Look higher.

What is it that the Left is trying to tell us?

That 'socialism' is 'good'?

That a big-spending government is 'good'?

I don't think so.

I think that, really, they are trying to tell us something else. That there is a better way, of living than the way we are today.

That they have an intimation of a better world, waiting for us on the other side of a great divide.

Which will consist of elements of both current camps.

Like the yin-yang symbol, each 'side' of which has an element of the other in it.

Not to say that I take the 'side' of Nancy Pelosi in this matter.

Take her role in the declaring of Barack Obama to be eligible for the Democratic Party's candidacy for president.

(And what a metaphor Obama is in this matter. Neither black nor white. Nothing on this level of reality is fully either black or white. It is all 'in play'.)

Why are we supposed to merely assume that whatever was provided to Nancy Pelosi - as the presiding official of the Democratic Party's nominating convention - as proof of Obama's eligibility to run for that particular office - and particular in the sense of the clear, special requirement asked for constitutionally, above and beyond that asked for lesser federal offices - IF ANYTHING, is or should be good enough for the average American citizen? That the citizenry should just sit quietly and buy a pig in a poke?? For the highest - most powerful - office in the land...

Nancy Pelosi had a vested interest in the matter. The proof of his eligibility needs to rest with independent parties, and especially including the judiciary of the land. Which brings up a terribly sore point, in and for a nation that is supposed to champion and abide by 'the rule of law' (remember Adolf 'I am the law' Hitler??): For the judicial branch of the federal government to refuse to allow a fair hearing in court of this controversial matter is a denial of justice, and must not be allowed to stand.

But this whole matter - the current economic crisis, and socio-political crisis; of, now, global proportions - speaks of something larger going on, something more substantive than just 'business as usual'.

I'll cut to the chase. Some very powerful people, standard bearers of the Status Quo, want a New World Order that they can control, for their corporate/political purposes (aka fascism). To that end, they have created a degree of 'gobalization' that is just short of their goal. But in the Hegelian sense, that 'platform' is just part of a process, that is unfolding a larger outcome. It has generated an 'equal and opposite' response from the Left - a stream of socio-political thinking that wants a greater degree of equality in the world than that found under classical (or monopoly) capitalism, which has too much of 'service to self' at its heart. The Left would try to incarnate a greater degree of a similar but competing perspective - that of 'service to others'. But it would do it under the given, status-quo terms, using capitalism's financial system, of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking; hoping that people will somehow alter their attitudes, into 'caring and sharing', within the terms of the status-quo system. But it's rather like the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Once 'money' became an end in itself, rather than merely the means that it started out as (ie, a means of exchange), it's impossible now to unscramble those eggs. Because both sides of this economic equation (capitalism vs. socialism; individualism vs. collecctivism) have bought into a worm's-eye view of the matter. The matter of living on Planet Earth.

The better outcome/true synthesis at this point would be to insert the spiritual dimension into the equation (as a piece of the 'capitalist' system contribution, versus the mere materialism (secular humanism) of the 'socialist' contribution, in antithetical reaction to the historically heavy hand of 'religion' in this unfolding process), and realize that we stand on the verge of a New Order, all right. Just not the one dreamt of in the philosophy of those who would use Power to impose their will on life on Earth.

The answer - called for so strongly now - is to bring Love to bear. The Love of the Creator for Its Creation; including the opportunity for all of its autonomous, free-will-invested sparks of divinity to become One again, at the highest turn of the evolutionary spiral of consciousness-raising.

And raise life on Earth to a new, higher level in the process.

At least for a good, oh, say, thousand years or so. Before its inevitable degradation would just generate another antithesis, in the unfolding process of consciousness raising in the illusory, unreal realm of seeming separation from the Divine.

P.S. To spell something out: Obama must now come clean about his background, for a reconciliation process to take place; which will actively include both sides of the political aisle. Since you can't have one without the other.

* It would behoove us all to learn the lesson from the British experience at the beginning of WWII when, in preparation for defending Singapore, they had all their cannons aimed to the sea - the logical direction of the anticipated invasion by the Japanese. Who inscrutably attacked by land. On bicycles yet.
O to have been a fly on the wall of the British admiralty when this treachery unfolded. Treachery, from the norms of waging war. Like gentlemen. Cricket, and 'the playing fields of Eton', and all that.

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