Tuesday, 3 May 2011

bin Laden is Dead - Or Was He All Along??

Today a friend emailed me - knowing of my interest in all things socio-econo-political (& especially with a suspicious cast to it) - a link regarding the story about the 'taking down' of Osama bin Laden. My response to him:


"(1) You sent me a Facebook link to an 'Osama Shot Down Video', but the only thing I can get out of it is a picture of supposedly his face - a picture that other sites have shown is a picture that has already been shown on the internet, at the least back on the 13th of April. And those other sites have also had comments, from Photoshop experts, that it has been created, is not the real thing. Precisely like Obama's supposed original-form birth certificate recently released. So this would all appear to be disinfo. Am I not linking to your site right, and is there an actual video involved??

"(2) There are shots on the MSM of a group of people with Obama looking on in the White House as a live feed from a Navy Seal's helmet camera at the take-down scene shows a shooting. But there is no proof that the person being shot is Obama. Indeed, there are many reports from the internet that he died years ago; some say of kidney failure quite soon after 9/11 (which he never took credit for, indeed said he had nothing to do with it - except on phony/doctored videos with a stand-in), and some others say at a later date. (Benazir Bhutto, the former woman PM of Pakistani who was assassinated, said on camera to David Frost in 2007 that Obama "had been killed" previously, by one of the men she suspected was behind the first assassination attempt on her life.) So 'they' could have kept him on ice for a perfect, opportune time to play theatre, and give somebody - either George W. or his successor in the presidency, from the power elite's stable of players - some great PR.

"Especially with all the cover-up regarding Obama's bc (& other documents), and the recent heating up of that subject, it would appear that that sort of "perfect, opportune time" just came up, for the perps of this whole disgusting affair to 'show and tell': "Look here, at what we want you to look at. See the pictures?" What I see is: images. Either picture or image: looks can be deceiving. Especially with experts playing their Mind Control games these days. These interesting times we live in..."

These 'interesting times' include a lot of this sort of thing. Images. Mainstream media material for the masses. Material that can more accurately be described as bumf. As in 'bum fodder'.

The pharmaceutical industry in particular plays this game to a 't'. No wonder they have wanted - and in the U.S., succeeded - to be able to advertise their products directly to the public. Just so are they selling the public on their latest goodies, with pretty pictures of nature scenes and smiling faces. I say 'smiling faces' because it's all image. It's based on the success of the advice of the first great PR propaganda expert, Edward Bernays, who sold the American public on a number of attitudes and products, including fluoridation of its drinking water supplies; the latter by getting an obvious scientist type to stand up there on the tv screen and play the role of shill, er, expert. And that particular sell job has lasted down to this day. No matter all the evidence that has accumulated since that this cumulative poison is doing major damage to our bodies and minds. If it's on tv - on 'the screen' - it must be true. And just so was the take-down of the World Trade Center towers sold to the American people, and the world, as what it purported to show, as interpreted by 'experts' on that atrocious day.

We are, in short, too wedded to image. And that's why, eg, the so-called 'birthers' need to stick to their metaphorical guns and never waver from their determination to get to the answer to their stubborn question: 'Where's the birth certificate?' Not some easy-to-manipulate image on our tv screens. But the real, original, thing.

- and that needs to be scrutinized by (the people's) experts, too. Because these are big stakes these people who would be our masters are playing for. For precisely that reason. Not so much Masters of the Universe. They'll take just a bite out of that apple, and settle for being Masters of the World.

And even that is a bridge too far. And won't be allowed them. Because there is justice in the universe. And this Earth will continue to be a place where the souls that incarnate here can grow, and learn from their lessons. Not be stifled by our erstwhile masters, who would take away our free will, and make us be, simply, obedient little robots, supporting their best-laid plans; totally subservient to their will.

Won't happen.

Would I force the issue, in taking away their free will to act thusly?


I'll trust the awakening consciousness of The People, to do the right thing.

But they really do need to wake up to what is going on in their midst. And stop taking in just the images that they are presented with, to play games on the screens of their minds. But to look beneath the surface of such things; and realise that an artful agenda is being played out on them. A very clever agenda. But one getting a bit too clever, out of the arrogance of the perpetrators' success so far. Which will be their downfall.

Just as greed is proving to be the downfall of the capitalist economic system.

A bridge too far...

My message to the mass of humanity, slowly, slowly being herded into the corral already set up for them, just waiting for Der Tag to spring the trap:

You have been given free will to do with as you will. But I am here to help wake you up to your potential to do as highly as your Most High Creator wills for you to do. And if you will do that, together we can create on Earth a literal Garden of Eden.

Let's get to it. The sooner, the better. The longer that decision is put off, the deeper into trouble we are going to go, for being so out of alignment with our true Purpose. Which is to ascend in consciousness; firstly to a higher level than we are currently occupying.

Which level leads to such phenomena as phony pictures projected onto our minds, and sold - attempted to be sold - as the real thing.

Don't ever buy a pig in a poke.

Even one - especially one - with lipstick on.

P.S. Why do i say, your 'Most High Creator'?

Ah. Well. That elucidation is for another time. This time is just to draw attention to illusions, within the larger Illusion. Also known as our school. Wherein the purpose is to graduate.

Not to get stuck in the lower grades.

Along with lower grade, photoshopped, images...

...ironically mimicking (mirroring??) our own, of our selves.

Our true selves.

Just waiting to be born.

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