Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Sign of the Times - Updated

(1) At a Way of the Council evening (26/5) in the Upper Community Centre of the Findhorn Foundation, to the question posed by the moderator, ‘As a male, what do I see as my role in the current crisis’, I said something like:

(to the fellow next to me on the cushions in the inner circle - with the females, after their own council sitting, acting now as witnesses for the males - who shared how he saw his role to do with worms, as in composting in the garden, and to bring joy into his work) “I like the specific nature of your sharing. I can get very philosophical about this sort of question - and I will, now - but my heart is in it as well.

“I see my role as a male in this time of crisis as taking the responsibility to help humanity see the way through the Crisis, to the Opportunity on the other side. And it is a big Opportunity. Big Crisis creates big Opportunity. And I’m not going to talk about the glass being half full or half empty. I’m talking about THE way to go, to get to that better world on the other side of the divide from here. I’m talking about what we called, in the ‘70s here, the New Age. A time of major change on the planet.

“And the way to get there is to do away with money. Especially interest-bearing money; which has been in the way, from time immemorial, for us to be brothers and sisters on this planet, creating community.

“And if people say, ‘It’ll never happen,’ I can only say; ‘Sorry; that’s the way to do it. The way that it is going to come about. The only way that it WILL come about.’

“And if they say, ‘But how do you motivate people without money,’ I reply: ‘With the highest motive there is. That people will exchange goods and services, and give of their best to one another in all that they do, out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.’

“So yes, people will have to believe in that. But that’s part of the consciousness-raising that needs to happen” (nodding across the circle to an elderly Wider Community fellow who had used the word in his sharing).

“And we males have the responsibility to bring that world about. Because we created the Crisis.”

(My thought before the sharing itself was to phrase it something like:

‘I see my role as a male in the current crisis as to take the responsibility to help suggest the way to get through the crisis to the great Opportunity on the other side/to to make a suggestion, or suggestions, about how to get through the crisis to” - etc.. I’m pretty sure that in the event I dropped the word ‘suggestion’, and, by that, made my comment a little stronger. More in keeping with my sense of need for movement on this front.)

If I had to do it over, I would add the words, at the end of the statement about ‘gratitude for life with meaning’: “Knowing that we are all One anyway.”

(2) At an Elders meeting on 31/5, in a circle of Foundation members coming up to retirement age (or, in my case, already there) with some members of the Foundation's 'Spiritual & Personal Development' (Personnel) department, we were asked to look, in a meditation, down the road to 10 years' time, and open ourselves to our High Dream of what it would look like here in the Foundation Community, particularly in relation to this question, and growing issue, of retirement. My response:

We were there. In the new paradigm for humanity. Functioning in a moneyless society. And so the current question, of how to finance retirement matters, or allow for them in some way, was moot. We were living in a resource-based economy -

like the Zeitgeist Movement envisions for humanity. Except with the missing element to their vision, of and for the future, in place:

The vertical alignment.

With Spirit.

Breathing into the situation we are faced with the piece of the picture that gives it wholeness.

Whereby the answer is to go neither Left nor Right but Up.

To a new, higher level, of consciousness.

And thus, the reason why there is so much frustration in the body of humanity at this time.

Because too many people are looking for the answers on a two-dimensional, strictly linear level.

Lift up your eyes, unto the hills, we have been advised from days of old.


To the sunlit hills of a world functioning on the application of love; not the pursuit of profit.

Where and when we will have moved from the love of power to the the power of Love.

It's (r)evolution time.

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