Thursday, 6 October 2011

So things are heating up...

As the Occupy Wall Street event continues, and morphs into something of a movement, some observations.

First of all, to clarify my basic perspective; and that is, that there is some truth on both sides of this confrontation - which is part of an unfolding process, to a new, higher level of consciousness, for humanity to inhabit, in order to get to 'the Promised Land' - a Golden Age, just a bit out of our reach just yet, as the process of unfoldment plays its way out into the light of that new day.

Some salient points of the process. On the one hand:

* It is immoral to seduce people into a dependency/'entitlement' mentality. Whatever justification there has been - has been employed - it has been outrageous and immoral to allow a dependency culture to be created, wherein people feel that the state owes them something, that they are 'entitled' to - owes them a living, or a home; an education; healthcare, childcare, and so forth. That just by virtue of being a member of the society, they are owed various 'entitlements'. Like communist/socialist states declared, in order to buy the fealty and loyalty of their citizens. A better word for which is serfs - property of the state. To do, in return, what the state wants them to do; since it owns them, lock, stock, and barrel. In a nutshell: the generation of a 'something for nothing' mentality; going on for generations.

Having said that:

* There are intimations of the future 'state' in all of this. Because where humanity is headed is a stateless society - much, indeed, like Marx envisioned; sensed; where 'private property' was a thing of the past. Where everything would be held in common. Just not the way that Marx, and other materialists -'secular humanists' - assumed, just looking at life in a linear fashion, not grasping the full dimensionality of it, and of 'human nature'. And thus they saw the need for the equivalent of a police state, until the serfs could be educated to a higher state of consciousness - the New Man, aka Soviet Man.

And against which, citizens in their capitalist, private-property societies - and from painful experience in the socialist and communist models that were tried out in the 20th century - rebelled. And rightfully so. But in that reaction, a warning: Don't be content to let the current outcome of this left-vs-right confrontation be 'business as usual'. For - as indicated above - there are seeds of truth on both sides of this historical equation; or rather, process, as I posited.

As to this process: let me quote from a comment I made to an article on the e-letter site World New Daily, referring to the subject of 'Obama Administration Filled with Activists for Globalism' (by Aaron Klein, posted on 1 October this year). The article referenced the backgrounds of various players in the Obama administration, and - interestingly, and honestly enough - noted that there were some very 'rightwing', capitalist names among the 'usual suspects' on the left of the political scene in the U.S. The article prompted this response from me:

"1) I trust that the people on this thread will at some point realize that there is an element of truth on both sides of the debate, and that the answer is to take it up a notch from its current level of stand-off - and that in point of fact, that process and needed movement is precisely where we are at in our historical time and place globally. As for this sense of a 'dialectical process':*

"2) I hope that everybody is noticing, in the article itself, the illuminative crossover that is taking place, evidencing that what is going on politically is, in greater truth,not a matter of 'left' vs 'right',but is a matter of the PTB playing them both off against each other, in order to bring abut the desired synthesis stage of a secular New World Over, commanded by a powerful elite; which would, indeed, be odious, for being under the control of power-hungry men, who would be proving the axiom, Without a vision, the people perish.

"But then they are, after all, serving a higher purpose. And out of all of this - all of this sturm und drang that Man has been engaged in long enough - will come a Golden Age. An age of celebration, with the Prodigal Son having returned to the house of his Father - by choice. And the wiser for the experience; of having wandered in the wilderness of life, cut off from his roots. To mix a few metaphors; but hopefully drawing a coherent picture, of where we're at, and what we need now to do."

A couple of points. Clearly, the PTB of this level of reality, on this planet, have 'a vision'. I simply meant that, in the absence of an overriding vision, of the Plan and Purpose of life, men are led astray, by their lesser impulses: impulses to power, and so forth. And secondly, I am saying that, with the help of such discerning articles as this one, we - humanity - have the ability to see what, precisely, is going on, and how the PTB are working 'both sides of the aisle' in order to unfold circumstances to their liking.

'Their': the so-called 'globalists'. The magalomaniacs, who would sacrifice anybody, and in any numbers, to further their cause. Believing, as they demonstrably do, that the end justifies the means.

The philosophy of tyrants down through history.

And so what is going on, for them to further their end.

Item. The Obama administration - and like the Bush administration before it - is quietly trashing the constitutional safeguards against tyrannical takeover of the American state. One example: a secret Justice Department memo authorizing (justifying) the federal executive to engage in lethal targeting of anybody whom the executive branch/administration determines is an enemy of the state - ie, justifying sate-sanctioned assassination. Purely on the say-so, ultimately, of the Commander in Chief. Who is being given such powers under the state of war that the PTB have declared, in their War on Terror - the excuse they needed to trash the Constitution, and its safeguards against such highhanded measures by the Executive. Item. Building on powers put in place under the preceding Bush administration, the Obama administration has created a Council of Governors, to advise him on such matters as a 'state of national emergency' - giving him cover to declare such a state, and therefore impose Martial Law on the country. All its taking to do so being something like (orchestrated) battles between forces of the 'left' and the 'right' - or 'a new Pearl Harbor'. As 9/11 was, to further the 'vision' of the Neocons, who wanted American hegemony - an imperial presence - in the Middle East.** Item. Executive branch rules and regulations depriving the public of the right to be able to grow their own food, because the PTB have plans for the culling of the populace, down to 'manageable' proportions (including with vaccine ingredients; another subject in itself), and they can't have individuals being 'off the grid' - independently able to take care of themselves. Item. 'Smart meters' in homes, so that if the residents (or other inhabitants, unknown to the state) exceed their quotas, of energy usage (or CO2 levels, for the number of people officially staying there), their energy sources can be cut off, and/or other foul deeds done to them, as unilaterally declared 'enemies of the state' (see, eg, Agenda 21).

And thus the reason for the great 'climate change' scare: as an excuse to control the populace.

In a police state.

That The People should not allow to be fastened onto them. Regardless of its ostensible purpose - 'for the betterment of living on the planet'. It is still police state stuff. A control mentality, that does not allow humans to exercise their free will.

And therefore should be resisted. By people on both the 'left' and the 'right' of the current political scene.

People, coming together, in common cause, to create a better world - from this major Crisis state, allowing such a major Opportunity - based on Truth.

The Truth of our being. Being, in a well-put expression: 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.

Having the experience of life, on this level of existence, in order to grow from the experience. Knowing, finally, beyond any doubt, that

there is Plan in and Purpose to life, beyond just in and for itself only.

And that we can create that Golden Age by being motivated by just one factor. The highest factor of all such factors. Far beyond the lower classroom factors of the likes of 'profit'. The crowning one of all: to provide goods and services to one another, and to give of our best in doing so -

out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Join me in that cause.

You'll be glad that you did.

Even if, momentarily, you think that life was sweeter before the revolution.

Taste the nectar of life everlasting. And you will never want to go back to its pale imitations.

In sum.

We are - humanity is - at a Turning Point (The Great Turning, in the words of such thoughtful observers of the socio-econo-political scene as David C. Korten and Joanna Macy). Once the 'stakes' were raised to the global level, by the 'right' side of the dialectical process of historical unfoldment - the side emphasizing the individual over the collective; and doing so in a merely materialistic way - a new, higher stage of the process can kick in, in reaction. And now, a culminating stage, because the stakes are the planet as a whole being subject to control by mere materialists, on the one hand, or under the guiding sway of 'spiritualists', ie, those who understand their real roots being in the 'higher realms', dimensions; 'densities' as they have been called. Not in the lower base level.

Yes, part of our natures is mammalian, with mammalian instincts. And, we have a higher nature; that 'tells' us, in many ways, that we are part of a larger Whole than the merely material; a Whole in which we move and live and have our being, to a Plan and Purpose. The Plan worked out through a process we call reincarnation, and the Purpose of which is to grow, in awareness and 'consciousness'; the better for the experience.

Let's be abut that better business, than the interim-stage stuff we are engaged in at the moment; and running the risk of getting stuck in, for the lack of a more wholistic vision. Of ourselves as sparks of our divine Source. On a journey to return Home; and know the place as if for the first time.


* This is in reference to the 'Marxist' theory of history unfolding in a process he/they called 'dialectical materialism', based on the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel's 'take' on how societies unfold. The process is characterized by a position, called a 'thesis', which triggers a reaction, called an 'antithesis', out of which process comes a 'synthesis'; but because it is not a complete process, ie, that synthesis still containing incomplete seeds, it becomes the 'thesis' of another stage of unfoldment. I happen to feel that Hegel had a good handle on how the historical process has developed and unfolded, and subscribe to it. In its way, it is the equivalent of the natural evolutionary process. (Which answers some of the questions regarding the development of Homo sapiens; but not all.)

** And I'm not saying here that the Bush administration - and its Neocons - were totally responsible for 9/11. But they were involved. As were elements of the nominal 'left'. But 9/11 gave the Bush administration the excuse they - and other PTB behind the scenes - wanted, to create a War on Terror, thus generating both great financial gains for themselves, and the circumstances to activate takeover measures, which would ultimately demolish the Constitution; get it out of the way of their juggernaught, their putsch for uncontrolled power. So it was more LIHOP - Let It Happen On Purpose - than MIHOP - Make It Happen On Purpose. As near as I can tell, at this point, from the available evidence.
All of this will come out, when the country starts engaging in truth-telling. About all manner of historical events. As part of what is needed for humanity to be able to move forward, into its new era - to learn its lessons fully. So as not to have to repeat them.

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