Monday, 24 August 2009

Obama's Bill of Sale Worth As Much As the US Dollar

First of all, a copy of the letter I submitted to the (UK) Guardian today, on the occasion of a Comment column in their paper this date from their US correspondent Michael Tomasky:

"Dear Editor,

"Michael Tomasky simplifies a serious question too much when he says in a dismissive manner that 'half of Republicans aren't convinced Obama is even an American citizen' (Change is tough. So liberals can't just leave it to Obama, Comment, 24 August). It's not so much a question of his being an American citizen or not. And it's not even so much a question of his being a native born American citizen or not - which is the deeper matter involved here.

"The question, basically, is simpler than all that. The fundamental question in this murky matter of his original, vault-copy birth certificate is: Why should the American people, especially regarding the presidency of the United States, have to buy a pig in a poke, whether it turns out to have lipstick on or not?

"Show us the bloody birth certificate (not a bill of sale, and a questionable one at that). And then we will go away. Or not. But enough of this imperial-presidency arrogance. We had enough of that from the last occupier of the Oval Office.

"It's time for a change, all right. Big change. Big time.

"Yours sincerely," etc.

I am particularly incensed about this matter because it is the same sort of bait-and-switch tactic that the Powers That Be performed when they took away the backing from the American currency - and in consequence have set up the collapse of the international economic system; in order for them to buy back the people's debt-laden money for pennies on the 'dollar'.

A little background here.

The original American currency was gold and silver coins, of a set standard of weight and purity. Then came paper certificates, fully backed and redeemable. The paper dollar bill came into being in the 1860s, and was 'as good as gold'. Now watch the sleight of hand, in the definition of a 'dollar'.

From the advent of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the 'dollar' became 'legal tender', whereby it needed to be accepted as a form of payment despite not being backed fully by either gold or silver. There were dollar notes that said, eg, that they were redeemable in silver; but simple 'Federal Reserve notes' became mixed in with this 'real' money, until they took over completely. In 1965 the silver redemption window was closed, and in 1971 Pres. Nixon declared the dollar completely non-redeemable in gold.

Inflation was off and running, unhampered by the 'bit' about gold and/or silver redemption.

The public was told/sold that the 'dollar' was backed by the 'full faith and credit of the' government. Meaning redeemable in what?

The Gross National Product.

Which is stored where?

Nowhere. Like the Federal Reserve Note, it is simply a promise to pay in itself.

Meaning, the value of the 'dollar' has been borrowed from the future.

Its definition is, simply, debt.

Interminable, never-ending, debt.

But wait.

For even the GNP is about to be taken away from the holders of US currency, by the PTB behind this whole charade collapsing the US economy, under its huge debt load, and buying collateral back at pennies on the 'dollar', in the ultimate takeover of the people's wealth.

As foreseen by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

Democrats, both. On the side of 'the people,' both, against the moneyed elite.

We have been sorely deceived. And now by the Democrats, and their candidate for the presidency, Barack H Obama.

Who have offered us a bill of sale for his legitimacy to occupy that honoured position.

It is - all - a travesty.

In order to teach us something.

May we learn the lesson. Now.

And turn the tables on these money changers.

With the power of The People, Assembled; against their chicanery. And hubris.

Which goeth before a fall.

A great fall.

And all the king's horses, and all the king's men, will not be able to put them back together again; in precisely the same way as they - and we - were before.

Which is why it's time now to replace 'money' with another mode of exchange.

Reflecting a higher level of civilization; which we are being called on, now, to create.

To the best of our ability.


The People.

No longer our Overlords.

They have had their day.

And not a moment too soon; by the looks of many things, in our life and time.

Community on this lovely planet: Here we come.

Ready or not.

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