Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Usurpation Before Our Very Eyes

"If the truth be known..."

I have now done a little more researching into the matter of the legal definition of what it takes to be a 'natural born citizen' (NBC). And I am appalled. It is not such a legalistically arcane issue after all, that I was willing to leave to 'the experts' to deal with. Simply put: We have been had. Our attention has been drawn to the one hand, while the other holds the answer, to the trick being performed.

To say. I'm not totally sure why so much time and effort is being spent on debating Obama's true bc. His candidacy fell at the first hurdle - in fact, before he even launched himself from his blocks. He is not a NBC, according to the very straight-forward definition of the term, because both his parents were not US citizens (whether he was born on US soil or not). If his true, biological father was in very point of fact Barack Obama Sr (about which there is some question; but for that, another time), he was not eligible to run for the presidency in the first place.

If we're going to live by the rule of law - which we very much should; otherwise we open ourselves to the spectre of living by anarchy on the one hand or tyranny on the other - we need to get back to it. And, like, now. Before sinister powers take advantage of the chink in the armour of the US nation-state that has been occasioned by Obama's illegal installation in the presidency; that terribly important seat of power, to the nation and to the world.

He is a usurper, just as much as if he had claimed the position by force of arms.

But it is not just his fault. It is ours, for believing that the Republic could be maintained while we slept - ours, for not paying sufficient attention to matters of state, and just assuming that the MSM was keeping us informed of all that we needed to know, to make wise decisions.

It is also our fault, for letting there grow up in the country the idea, without sufficient challenge, that the Constitution of the US was amenable to change merely by the personal socio-political proclivities of a majority of the Supreme Court justices at any given time - ie, that for that majority, like Humpty Dumpty, words mean what they say they mean.

We have been seduced into believing that black can mean white, merely because five Supreme Court justices say it is so.

It is not.

The Constitution is a contract. And that is what the rule of law is all about: living our societal lives as if words mean what they were intended to mean.

It's time to get back to that standard. Or we are in deep, deep trouble.

As we are at this very moment.


* therightwing.net/index.php/2008/12/09 (John Kaduk; 'The Natural Born Citizen Case Explanation')
references there to the likes of E. Vattel, 'The Law of Nations' (1758) for the original common law definition of a NBC; and to
John Bingham of Ohio, one of the framers of the 14th Amendment. Explanation of why the 14th Amendment did not preempt the definition of a NBC, only refers to US citizenship.
Some people think that the two are one and the same. They are not. Why? Because words mean what they say they mean; not what people decide they want them to mean, after the fact.

* citizenwells.wordpress.com

Enough for now. I need to get over from being stunned by the extent of the audacity of it all. Hiding one's original birth certificate is one thing. Standing there in plain sight, like an emperor, is another.

The Audacity of Hope indeed. Hope, that no one will notice - or have the intestinal fortitude to comment on - the barefaced fact that the emperor has on no clothes.

Obama needs to be called on it. Now.


John Kaduk said...

Thanks for the kind words you left over at my blog. It's always nice to hear that other people are paying attention to what's going on.

Once we start ignoring parts of the Constitution the very thing that is America starts to disappear.

Good post by the way, I'm going to add a link to your site to my blogroll.

Stan said...

Thanks for this, John.

We all need to do all we can do. And trust that truth WILL prevail.