Monday, 17 August 2009

Where's the Pig In Obama's Poke - And Does It Have Lipstick On Or Not?

"I have here in this bag..."

And incidentally, before getting deeper into this murky matter, let me amend my previous blog, of the 12th instant, wherein I made reference, IN my References, to "worldnetdaily, and their excellent series of articles on this subject, of Obama's ineligibility for the office". I should have said his "apparent" ineligibility; since we haven't actually seen the pig in the poke, and thus don't know whether it has lipstick on or not. In a manner of speaking.

A review of the bare facts.

Someone noted that the 'birth certificate' posted on the Obama camp's website, and another one of 'it' (with some variations; curious, that) posted 2 months later on a supposedly 'nonpartisan' website called (which in very fact is sponsored by a group - Annenberg Political Fact Check (APFC) - which has a direct supporting link to Obama from his Chicago days of 'community building') was actually an electronic document called a Certification of Live Birth (COLB); not a Certificate of Live Birth per se, or true copy of his original, vault-copy BC, which would contain the name of the hospital of record and attending physician, etc etc. Moreover, it turned out that the state of Hawaii issued that sort of document for a child/family of a child even if he/she hadn't actually been born in the state.

The Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, in issuing a statement after the matter of Obama's true birthplace began to go viral on the 'net (there was some question of his actually having been born in Kenya, and his family gaining a COLB from the State of Hawaii so that they could claim US citizenship for him for his future aspirations in life), used strange language that seemed to some a little too 'lawerly' for comfort. She said that she and an associate had seen and verified that the state DoH had then-Sen. Obama's original birth certificate on record "in accordance with state policies and procedures".

Come again? But those "policies and procedures" allowed for a COLB to be issued for a child even if...etc etc. To say: Not good enough.

And later, when the subject was visited again, the public again was sold - tried to be sold - a pig in a poke: a bill of sale, rather than the item itself. It's one thing to say such-and-such is so; it's another to prove it. So: "Let's see the merchandise", said a growing number of the US public, getting more and more disturbed by the curious, seeming shenanigans going on over the issue.

At this point there were two basic points of fact.

(1) The Hawaiian DoH said (the second time around) that they had Obama's original BC on record, AND said this time that it confirmed that he was born in Hawaii.

(2) The Hawaiian DoH did not confirm, nor has it to this day confirmed, that the COLB posted on the internet, in a couple of original places (with some variations between the two; go figure), was a true rendering of the information ON that original BC.

Curious, that.

And curious that, when Nancy Pelosi, for the Democratic National Convention, affirmed by signature that BHO was a natural born citizen - and thus qualified to be a candidate for the presidency of the US - and when asked for a report on the documentary information that led her to make that affirmation, has never replied. ( State Attorneys General: Please take note.)

And when BHO has replied to various lawsuits trying to dislodge his original BC for verification of his NBC status, he has referred to documents posted on the internet. Presumably trying to say, in effect, that if it's good enough as evidence for them, it's good enough for him...

Is the picture beginning to get clearer here?

If Fight the Smears says 'X' is true because it has appeared on Annenberg Political Fact Check, and if APFC says 'X' is true because it has appeared on FTS; and if Obama refers to these sources as his footnoted response to various lawsuits on the matter...

Not good enough. Especially for something as important as the presidency of the United States of America.

Nor is it good enough that BHO has refused to release documentary information about any number of matters relevant to the questions regarding his passport information over the years, his school records, etc etc. Nor is it helpful to the matter of 'transparency' that he has issued an Executive Order putting the private information of himself and anybody in his administration off limits.

To sum up.

Something is wrong with this picture. There is something deceitful going on here. This is cheap sleight-of-hand stuff, that would never stand up in a court of law, where original materials would be demanded as evidence, and for investigation. This whole thing is a slur on the office of the presidency of the United States, and a threat to the rule of law. It must be cleared up.



Anonymous said...

another sum up:

Anything republican or linked to republican, (think military), should be immediately leaked to the New York Times. And the leaker will be awarded hero status.
Anything about Obama will remain a state secret till he's out of office. If you leak it, they will destroy you.

Stan said...

All the more reason why more and more people are turning to the internet for their information, and avoiding thereby the chokepoints of the MSM.

Yes, the internet has disinformation on it, too. But at least it is a forum for 'voices' that could otherwise be snuffed out. And sometimes literally.

Thus it's much harder for the PTB to hide things than it used to be. And not a day too soon. Power being what it is, and does. And absolute power being what IT is, and does.

Long may the internet wave, like a flag of liberty.

As long as we can keep it. As Franklin said of the republic bequeathed by the Founding Fathers to the fledgling American people. Who now need to rise to THEIR historical occasion.