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The Dying - And Re-igniting - of the Light

A friend of mine is dying of cancer. Not a close friend; but a friend nevertheless. And his Facebook page is asking for comments on his birthday at the same time.

What does one say, at a time like this...

Most of his other Friends give general comments of 'sending healing energy your way', and peace and love and support. One of his Friends 'tells it like it is', and tells him that, now that hope has gone (a 'Hail Mary' operation didn't manage to position a feeding tube into his stomach accurately, and next steps are being considered. One suspects the worst, and that his doctors know that; and this sober-eyed Friend knows that too), he should accept that this life is over for him, and rejoice that he is returning to Oneness, from which we have all come.

Well; yes. And. And...

Questions. Has everything possible been done. Has there been anything left out of the equation, of life on one side and death on the other; including his own thoughts on the subject. His sense of readiness to move on. Has he wrapped up this lifetime properly...

I make some general comment, too. And realize that I am hesitant to say what I might have said, had I been as honest as that other Friend, who gave him the benefit of his or her thinking on the subject, of life and What's it all about, Alfie, and left him to have to deal with that cosmic philosophy at this particular time. I think I might have said something like, 'May all be as highly and as best as it can be". Which I wish for humanity as a whole, too. But does one really want to hear such a thought, at a time like this, in one's life, approaching possible extinction??

Would I want to hear such a thing when my turn comes to head back to the barn?

I think so. But we'll see, when that time comes for me.*

But I have another confession to make, besides thinking of such stray thoughts at a time like this, in the closing-down lifeline of a friend.

I'm angry. Renewed anger, at the blockage of various treatments for cancer that has occurred in western medicine, because of what can - with complete justification, in my considered opinion - be called the medical-pharmaceutical complex. Or more accurately: the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex. All occasioned by one factor in life: the profit motive, of the interest-bearing money system.** But even that isn't the major anger that I am feeling at this time. I have to confess that most of my emotional body is involved in another subject; that the mention of the 'government' role in this particular disgraceful state of affairs alludes to. And that is - at the same temporal time as the approaching death of a friend - the hijacking of the American form of government - and of that specific Republic - that is going on.

Has been going on. But is particularly going on, under the current president of the United States; whom there is every good reason to believe is a usurper.

And that subject REALLY makes me angry.

My anger towards that activity is so deep that it makes me feel as though I might well have been one of the Founding Fathers of the American experiment in self-government; it is as though it is a personal insult.

And even more. It is as though I identify so strongly with the Christ consciousness within me - the energy that helped raise that nation up, to do a major job of consciousness-raising in the world (developing an attitude of personal/self-responsibility, under neither king nor church, nor other despot) - that it is even more of an insult than just having been previously one of the Founding Fathers could be an explanation for. I am so incensed by what is going on in that arena of human activity that it is as though 'they' are hijacking MY country. My highest dream for humanity.

What am I talking about, specifically.

I am talking specifically about some articles in the current issue (well, at least in the mail over to the UK) of a bi-weekly magazine called The New American.***

Item; with the header 'Obama Just 'Can't Wait' to be King: "Expressing his frustration with Congress' failure to pass his American Jobs Act and other initiatives, Obama told a Nevada audience on October 24: 'We can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job. Where they won't act, I will.' [Oh-oh...]

"Put simply, Obama's chosen means of circumventing the legislative process is to issue executive orders and other directives - at least one per week for the remainder of the year, aides said...The President is supposed to execute the law, not legislate..." (emphasis in original)

Item: headed 'TSA Stages Highway Searches': "First it was airports. Then it was bus and train stations. Now, under the Transportation Security Administration's Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) program, even the highways aren't safe from the TSA's prying eyes and probing fingers...

"The searches, of course, are a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment, which requires government agents to obtain a warrant based 'upon probable cause' prior to searching a person's 'houses, papers, and effects.' No warrants had been issued; and none of the trucks, buses, drivers, or passengers was suspected of any wrongdoing..."

Item, headed 'Court Dismissal of Arizona's Suit Against the Federal Government': "It is but the latest chapter in a story that Arizonans know all too well: the federal government ignores its constitutional and statutory duty to secure the border..."

I'll cut to the chase here. What is going on in America is the executive branch's arrogation of power over The People - and the Congress's reluctance to rein the executive in. Why the latter aspect of what's going on? Because both political parties are in on the attempted change of government in America; want more power from their particular political perspective.

It all goes way back, but was heightened under Bush W., and is being carried on under Obama, and is all taking place because of the set-up War on Terror, putting the federal government on an 'emergency powers' footing; under which Obama can declare in his actions the same declaration that Hitler made in the rise of Nazism, that: "I am the law."

The hell you are. And there's every good reason to believe that you're not eligible for that particular position to boot.

The particular position of the presidency of the United States of America. An honored and honorable, special position; being besmirched by Men on a Mission. The Mission: to take down the United States and its Constitution, in order to blend it into a North American Union (NAU), one region of a number, being craftily developed to usher in the power elite's New World Order; whereby they plan on controlling humanity to within an inch of their little lives, as serfs to the all-powerful State.

Not on my watch you won't, gang.

Not with My people.

The American federal government is running rampant, with the Executive branch becoming a law unto itself. It is an unseemly state of affairs. And it must stop.

I know how to stop it. But it will take the people of the Unites States to start taking action like many peoples around the world are these days, to throw off their oppressive regimes, and claim their day in the sun - claim their self-responsibility; just as happened in the American Revolution against the power of the King of England to reign over them.

It is deja vu all over again.

My scenario? For The People, Assembled to stage a March on Washington, and demand that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama+ either release all his bona fides (and explain the apparent forgery of both the short-form and long-form birth certificates that he has authorised to be released; also to explain a purloined Social Security number that he has used and is using; and the list of anomalies goes on, about this mystery person lifted up to the highest office in the land) or vacate the office forthwith; with The People then to declare an Officer of The People (as allowed for in the Constitution) to occupy the office in an interregnum, until new elections can be held 'within a time certain' (say 90 days); said Officer to dissolve Congress, for not exercising its constitutional duty in this matter, of the takeover of the executive branch of government on its watch, and also to clean the Augean stables of the executive branch, from its having been filled with the likes of representatives of the corporate world, who have taken over the federal agencies that are supposed to have been regulating their activities.

What a corrupt institution this has become, the federal government of the United States of America.

Well; no more.

The game is over.

Hopefully, we have learned our lessons, about needing to take responsibility for ourselves.

In any event: It's time to move on. And usher in a new day under the sun.

Wherein we become as One.

Just like the Friend of my friend, dying of cancer, told him to prepare for. And accept.

Ready or not.

But to become ready.

Because it was his next step.

As this one is ours.

Before we die of the cancer that has been eating at us, for a long time.

Long enough, now.

In forced separation from our Source.

To learn lessons.

And then move on.

The stronger - more aware; of Self, and each Other - for the experience.

Knowing - finally really getting - that there is, in point of actual fact, no Other.

That We Are All One.

And All Is One.

And therefore, 'we' never need to send to know for whom the bell tolls.


* Personally I hope someone reads aloud the XVIIth Meditation of John Donne, 'Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions'. That's pretty close to my philosophy of life.

** Eliminate the profit motive, and you eliminate all manner of ills in society; and we can get to a more true reflection of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. But that's a line of thought that I don't want to go down at this time. I have another one I want to harp on. Read on.

*** It is the magazine of a political information organisation called the John Birch Society; which has the reputation of being a 'far-right' organisation, but which label is misleading, leading some 'leftists' to consider it 'fascist', when it is in reality the antithesis of any 'ism', except Americanism. 'Birchers' believe in 'less government, more responsibility, and, with God's help, a better world'. Fascists - like their totalitarian partners, the socialists/communists over on the Left - believe in big government, running the whole show. For the better good of humanity, of course. Although they cannot both be right, in that belief. And in fact, neither of those extremes is. But to continue with this particular thread.

+ There is, amongst other serious questions regarding him, questions regarding his real name.
What a deceptive enterprise this has been...

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