Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Disturbing Trends - but Necessary??

At a time when I am trying to get my community (what has been called 'the Essene community of the New Age') to (a) become aware of the need for humanity to think outside of the box and move to a moneyless system,* and help bring about that more desirable state of affairs; and (b) do so by recognising our collective need to move up in our Christ consciousness to a level in which to anchor the new, I note some very disturbing trends. On the same day - today - I came across four news stories out of my home country that, shall we say, do not augur well.

The first had to do with an Executive Order that Obama** was going to, and subsequently did, sign into being (I hesitate to say 'sign into law' because that's part of the problem) that affected the outcome of the congressional vote on what is called Obamacare. It had to do with a promise - made to secure some necessary votes for the bill itself - to eliminate the use of federal funds for abortions. The upshot of the process was that it is not going to be able to deliver the goods; which suspicious parties in the matter said was going to be the case. The details don't matter; the issue around 'executive orders' - independent of the representatives of The People, in the legislative branch of government - is what matters. Which brings us to

The second story, being about another E.O. that created/creates a 'Rural Council' in the U.S., which curiously has heads of major federal government bodies on it; the Dept. of Homeland Security and so forth and so on and on. The upshot: this is a central planning agency, run out of the executive branch of government (the presidency), that can control all aspects of life in the 'rural' country; including telling farmers what they can grow and what not, what they can use water for and what not, etc etc. In short: It is an application of what is called Agenda 21, wherein the UN can take over centralized control of the world's resources, and regulate people to within an inch of their lives. And to verify that this isn't just 'conspiracy theory', we come to

The third story, which reports that both houses of Congress just passed legislation that allows the Administration (the executive branch of government) to bring the military into the domestic sphere if the president or his minions in that branch of government merely declare someone to be a 'terrorist'. And to indicate how 'liberal' that definition can be, we come to

The fourth and last story, wherein it is reported that anyone who stocks up a minimum of 7 days of food 'illegally' can be considered a potential terrorist - in concert with legislation to make of the American mainland a 'war zone', whereby mere citizens, resisting in various ways the takeover, can become 'enemy combatants', and be carted off to imprisonment (and even outside the country) without due process of law.***

I would like to think that I was making this all up. But I am not.

Our erstwhile Masters are moving stealthily, steadily, consistently now, to set up conditions for (a) an 'incident', in order to (b) invoke wartime laws in the U.S. allowing the executive to declare Martial Law, including the suspending of the Constitution.

What TPTB have been striving for for years. Decades. Even longer. In order to bring the U.S. under the control of their New World Order, and the imposition of a police state, covering the whole world. -

Which, now, drives the civilizational process up to the global level. Which, now, allows for a global response to their best-laid plans. And the moving, now, into the final, Synthesis stage of that process - unbeknownst to them: the enthronement of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Or - short of the final stage: its opposite.

What they have been planning, scheming for. Not realising that they have been used, in the larger scheme of things, to bring the whole exercise to a head.

The exercise in allowing Man free will.

In part for him to see, and learn, what happens when you separate yourself from your Source.

You wander in the wilderness of your making. Trying to use the power of an incipient God without the wisdom to go with it. Until you realise that you are lost. Terribly lost. And decide, then - of your own free will - to return to the house of your Father.

Who has been waiting patiently for your return. And brings out the fatted calf upon that occasion.

These errant souls have had their day in the sun. It's now time for The Return.

And souls like me are here to help expedite that return.

But even I - who understand the purpose for it all - have to shake my head sometimes, at the cruelty, and greed, of such lost souls, and their lack of awareness.

But I, and we, also face our learning edge, in the matter. To wit:

Would we have it any other way?

Would we force souls to be 'good'?

And the answer - after all is said and done?

An understanding No.

A sometimes begrudging No, for the insolence of such wayward souls, and the damage wreaked on other humans, and the Earth (a live being in its own right).

But also the ultimate understanding, that that quality is inside of us as well.

For We Are All One.

And we have promises to keep. And miles to go before we sleep. And miles to go before we sleep.


* because of various signs of the times. Not only the imminent collapse of the western monetary system, but such harbingers of the need for such a collapse as a number of articles in this past Sunday's London Times; among them such headers as: 'Sick bring own nurses into NHS wards' (the UK health system is in dire need of medical attention, as it can't keep up any decent level of cleaning standards & nursing care in its hospitals, from cost-cutting exercises and hubristic training attitudes); 'Drinks firms 'too close' to health bosses' (ie, the control of government oversight groups & committees by the very corporate entities that they are supposed to regulate); 'Investors must rein in bosses' soaring pay' (we all know what that story is about: CEOs are gobbling up huge pay packets while the system is sinking, and us mere peasants are hurting).

** I do not call him President, because there is considerable evidence that he is not, and was never, eligible for that particular office; which is also part of the problem these days, when the 'rule of law' is being subverted left, right and centre.

*** And speaking of food: part of this whole process has been the surreptitious control of the food supply, whereby Monsanto is trying, in cahoots with their buddies in government, to impose its 'terminator genes' on the world populace, whereby farmers will have to buy their seeds from a centralized source, and thus be under the total control of our Overlords.
It's also part and parcel of the move, via the Codex Alimentarius project, to control the food supplement industry, so that people will not be able to have much of an escape from the centrally controlled food sources. This is all part of the Agenda 21 project, for population control, and culling. Getting rid of millions of people, who are 'surplus to requirements' of the NWO. Also known to our erstwhile Masters as 'useless eaters'.

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