Tuesday, 1 November 2011

And the drama continues...

People, people...You still have your eyes so glued to what is going on on the stage of life that you can't see it for what it is; that it is a drama, taking place on a stage. A very real-looking stage, but a stage nevertheless. And you are so caught up in your current parts that you can't see, and feel, that that is all that they are: current parts, in this ongoing drama, taking place on planet Earth. Where people have been killing people, and hurting 'others', long enough. For lack of understanding what the play is all about. Well, it's time to break the spell, and see things clearly for what they are. Including our - seemingly - separate selves.

I have worked up a couple of one-page essays, or blogs, on this subject. The first:

We Are One Another

The main thing we need to look at in our time is who we are in relation to each other. We Are One Another. We are playing parts, over and over again, until we ‘get it right’ - work out our karma towards each other, and then move on. Thus, today’s prince is tomorrow’s pauper, and so on; lifetime after lifetime.

Which brings up the concept of a Plan. Which brings up also the concept of a Purpose.

Consider. Either there is a ‘God’ - something more than Man - or there is not. If there is not, then nothing really matters anyway, and one might as well live exclusively for oneself, independent of the effect of that pursuit on others, as not; for the end of the closed system of life could, then, as easily be seen as that as anything else, a presumed evolutionary advantage in working in cooperation with others, or whatever. If there is, however, then certain things follow. Among them are the above-named qualities: Plan in and Purpose to life. Which gives it ultimate meaning.

We are now faced with this fact, and ultimate decision. My message to humanity:

You are living life as if there were no God - nothing more than Man. This is silly. You are living a lie. We need to start living on this lovely but beleaguered planet as if there were something more than Man. As there is plenty of evidence to attest to. In which case, we can have - make - a major change in how we live our lives. A major change in the form of our society; which we call our ‘economies’. And the key change in that evolutionary process is to do away with money.

At least, money as we have known it; for long enough. For too long, now, considering what is going in our day and age, when we are experiencing, in spades, the truth of the observation that capitalism contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Its ‘internal contradictions,’ in the words and tenets of Karl Marx. Who had a pretty good ‘take’ on the this matter, of economics and social structures. He just didn’t carry his analysis of civilizational development far enough, is all; stopped short of the real capstone to the pyramid of human endeavour.

Which is the kingdom of heaven on Earth. Just waiting in the wings, for us to inherit it.

What will that take? Recognition. Of the time. And of our true, to say higher, selves. Yes, we have, as part of our natures, that of being a ‘clever mammal’. And we are more, much more, than that. As identified nicely in the expression: ‘We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’

I am not happy that people are not living up to their potential. Come on, people. We have work to do, to transform this planet into a Garden of Eden; where we recognise who and what we truly are. Have that knowledge; and act accordingly.


So what do we do now, practically? No. 2:


What now. It’s very simple. ‘It’ - our direction - is based on the premise that life has Purpose and that Purpose is Good. That life has meaning, beyond just in and for itself only. And therein you have the only motive you need for people to share their goods and services with one another, and give of their best in doing so: out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.

Is there any evidence for the validity of this premise? Indeed there is. Not only in the intimations of a spiritual nature over the centuries in individuals’ experiences, but in the highly evidential reports of such as NDEs and OBEs - proving, or at least indicating, that there is a component of Mind separate from the brain - and especially in people’s (including children) experiences of the truth of what is called reincarnation: people’s awarenesses of previous lives, that some part of them has experienced. And thus the proof of Plan in and Purpose to the life experience. There is intrinsically in that phenomenon a Plan; and the Purpose can easily be inferred: for the individuals to grow in consciousness from their experiences, and choices. Ultimately, I would submit, to ‘grow’ back into Oneness; to Unity; the better for the experience. Better in the sense of having experienced its opposite, of autonomy.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. And let’s get to work, to bring a better world into being. A world predicated on the premise that we are all One. Coming back into our basic Oneness from our sojourn in separation. In individuation. In exploring Choice.

In terms of the classic story: the Prodigal Son, returning to the house of his Father. A mighty cause for celebration. And then taking their next steps, together, as a united entity.

And by entering into this New Order of the Ages - which entails, and requires, the giving up of money as it has been known, with its concomitant motivating force of the making of something called a profit - we leave the lower grades of the school of life behind, and head more singlemindedly towards graduation. Which is, after all, the point of the exercise.

Not the whole point. Obviously, part of the point is the experience itself, and the richness of awareness to be gained in the classroom. But at some point in the individuated consciousness that is the present You, that proves to be mere illusion; essentially, a distraction. At which point, of gained consciousness, the only thing that will be of true satisfaction is the returning Home; and the leaving of the realm of play-acting behind.

For the real, essential Thing-in-Itself.

Not the Creation. But the Creator; and Oneness with the All That Is. In a permanent state of Bliss. Where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt.


I read the work of some 'futurists', who seem to be enamoured of the idea of 'immortality' - of material-level longevity. That is not to understand the nature of the exercise. The exercise is to grow in consciousness; and then move on. Not stay stuck in the cloak of skin, that currently houses us. It is simply that in which we currently move and live and have our being. It is our home away from home. Earth herself is our home away from home.

It's time to break the spell, and return to our true home; having done our home work. And thereby having grown back into Unity, from separation.

Been there. Done that. Ultimately unsatisfying. Come on, folks. Let's get with the programme. We've caused ourselves enough pain, to last a lifetime. Or to say: lifetimes. On the wheel of rebirth. It's time to get off it. Not get off on it.

Tempus fugit.

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