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Bioweaponry & the Culling Policy & Process

I suppose I shouldn't react when I have been freshly triggered and incensed - it helps to keep things in perspective, and often a little patience is in order. But when I come across wholesale abuse of the gift of free will - to the point of deliberate killing and maiming of one's fellow humans, and especially under the cover of being members of 'the healing professions'; normally entitled to our respect and trust, as opposed, say, to politicians, who are known to be corrupted, and easily corruptible (he who pays the piper calls the tune, and so forth) - I sometimes lose my cool. As, eg, now.

Briefly, and with some background.

In researching the assassination of JFK - another story; although connected to this one, intriguingly enough - I at one point somewhat recently came across a video documentary about Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend, and their relationship, leading up to that horrendous November day in Dallas. (Yes, I remember precisely where I was, when that news came over the radio, and let us know that all was not what we - many - thought it was, in our country.) The pertinent point here is that she had been involved with a respected cancer researcher, who was being given monies to research cancer, including how to deliberately give people cancer. (Note: this is pre-1963.)

That information tied in with what I had already come across, through the research of Dr Leonard Horowitz (dentist & degree in public health) and as reported in his book 'Emerging Viruses: AIDS And Ebola - Natural, Accidental, or Intentional?' He uncovered the paper trail leading back to major research starting in 1969, paid for apparently by CIA black-bag money, on creating viruses that could be used as bioweapons. The cover story was that this was for defense purposes, in case the Soviets came up with such a weapon before the US, and so 'we' needed to protect ourselves. Yes, also fit nicely with the attitude that had started to be expressed around that time, by the Powers That Be, that the population might well need to be culled - that population especially of the 'useless eaters' that Dr Kissinger, he of that PTB cabal, was reported to have referred to.

So there's a history here of some people - some very powerful people - thinking for some time of ways to do in large segments of the population.

Including the information coming out in the '90s that in some Third World countries, 'they' had given vaccines ostensibly for tetanus to young females, which turned out to have an anti-fertility ingredient in them. (In the late 2000s, as I have reported in a previous blog, I saw a video documentary where the filmmaker was interviewing a former CIA man, who admitted that 'they' had been responsible for that little project. Why? For 'the national interest'. To keep the hordes in particular from Mexico and Central America pouring over the US border, in case of economic collapse. Just far-sighted souls, these our intelligence agents.)

Cut to parallel information. In his 1990 book 'Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality' (subtitled 'The Medical Assault On the American Brain'), Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D made a telling observation: that the pertussis vaccine was the preferred adjuvant for animal studies on allergic encephalomyelitis (p. 159).

Interesting thought.

And now, in our day and age, we have - and which is being put in the current swine flu vaccine - a substance called squalene.

Which was trialed against our troops in the Gulf War, as an ingredient/adjuvant in the anthrax vaccine.

And which seems to be the factor which has caused a myriad of illness and disease conditions thereby.

Now appearing in comparatively astronomical amounts in the swine flu vaccines.

Let's look at this particular matter a little closer.

Squalene is a substance that is found widely present in our bodies, including the central nervous system (CNS). Anything that is in a vaccine, the body will recognize as 'not self', and attack (that's the point of the vax: to trigger the immune system). The immune system, then, will - besides attacking the antigens present in the vaccines & subsequently identified for attack - attack the host body as well. Result: autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus, and MS, and Lou Gehrig's disease - the list goes on.*

A whole host of autoimmune disorders. Caused by vaccines. Which side effects the manufacturers of the vaccines then have come up with drugs to treat.


So venality is abroad in the land.

But there's more.

Squalene is also associated with an anti-fertility effect.

Plus the vaccines have not been tested with the adjuvant present. It is being added closer to the point of delivery. (To extend the vaccines, and thus make them go further, is the story.)

Thus having circumvented any system of oversight.

Plus the manufacturers have been given immunity from prosecution, for any 'untoward' effects, because the governments requested the vaccines on an emergency basis.

For an expected pandemic.

For which there is, and was, no evidence.

But which there may well be created, by the use of the live virus in the nasal form, which will then shed for 21 days, affecting all those coming in contact with those children. And especially alongside the 'normal', seasonal flu vaccine, thus the running of the risk of the A-H1N1 mutating, into a more virulent form.

And notice, the vaccine is especially also being given to pregnant women.

Even though the packets say it has never been tested in pregnant women; so the manufacturers are off the hook.

If things go 'wrong'.

Which there is every indication that they will.

Because that's the point.

All brought to us by our governments.

Which are in cahoots with the PTB behind the whole scenario...

As I indicate: nasty, disgusting stuff.

But i sense a silver lining here.

I sense that it is the last, big push of these people, to enclose humanity in a field of darkness, and try to keep them - us - in a state of subservience to them.

The last throw of the dice, of chance.

Before the Light takes over.

And puts these people - these errant souls - in the shade.

Of a new day dawning on Earth.

For finally, it can hardly get any worse.

And so it's time for The Great Turning; as some enlightened souls have termed it.

'It': Our time. Our place. Our destiny.

What we chose to incarnate at this time for. To be part of the Ascension process, about to unfold, in earnest.

Generated as great Opportunity, from great Crisis.

So really, I, and we, can't be TOO hard on these people, these matter-bound souls.

Because they are playing a major role, in the great Play we have been engaged in, on this lovely planet, here FOR us to play in, and on.

Long suffering, our Gaia. But now to experience humanity turning a corner, in its evolution - our mutual evolution; human and nature.

Going up.

We certainly can hardly go further down, than we have; in our time.

Here, now, to reverse.

So listen to your inner voice. And act accordingly.

It's all on the line.

Separating heaven and earth. As it were. More precisely: Separating those who are still in touch with their transpersonal sides, from those who have lost the plot; and are here just for themselves.

And their elite buddies.


* It's the same with their having put many food proteins in vaccines. Thus all the allergies, including full-blown anaphylaxis, in our day. Clever, these fiends...

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