Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Changing of Seasons

Autumn is in the air - literally, outside my window, where the near tree is alight with leaves of red and orange and russet, like a bonfire. A bonfire of vanities...

It's hard to believe that something so beautiful is a sign of death.

A changing of the seasons...

I have been reading a paper, initially published in 2005, on the subject of adjuvants, wherein the authoress refers to a book by 'an investigative journalist' named Gary Matsumoto. His "new book" - then - "documents the secret human medical experimentation conducted on American citizens by doctors and scientists working for the U.S. military. It is a book about 'betrayal of the most fundamental rules of medical ethics and betrayal of the basic duty of military and civilian leaders to protect the people they govern'." The book is entitled 'Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing our Soldiers and Why GI's are Only the First Victims'. It is about "an experimental unlicensed anthrax vaccine containing" an oil-based adjuvant called squalene. Which "had been known for decades to cause severe autoimmune diseases in laboratory animals."


A little background.

I mentioned in my previous blog the work by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D. in letting the world know about the fact that the pertussis vaccine - the 'P' in DPT - was the preferred adjuvant (at least at that time; his book was published in 1990) in experiments to produce allergic encephalomyelitis in animal studies.

In animal studies...

...laboratory animals...

What I didn't know until recently was the discovery and use of a substance called squalene to accomplish the same result - aka experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE); the animal version of multiple sclerosis (MS).

And a whole range of autoimmune diseases to issue forth from there; to say, from these studies...

At the risk of belabouring the point from my last blog; but to help emphasize it, for its extreme importance, to the story of our time and place: Squalene is a substance found in our bodies. All over; everywhere. To put it in a vaccine - as an 'adjuvant', or immune system stimulator - is to invite and cause the body, in mounting an inflammatory immune reaction to the vaccine and unavoidably all its ingredients, to mount an immune reaction to the squalene in its own host body To put it in an oil-based form is in addition to invite and cause the body to mount an immune reaction to its own oils; either directly or through 'molecular mimicry' - the oil adjuvant resembling the oils/lipids in one's own body.

Squalene - and in oil-based form - is being added to the A-H1N1 swine flu vaccine, being touted in our immediate day and age as a pandemic, needing major, extremely hyped, universal vaccine treatment.


I can hear the conversation now, when the research scientist went to his superiors in the drug company that had hired him, to report on his discovery, in animal tests. A successful research outcome; but with a warning attached:

"Be careful with this stuff. It could maim people, in the wrong hands."

"Thank you, Doctor. Pick up your cheque on the way out. And may I remind you that you are under a commercial-in-confidence agreement with us."

"But - "

"It's in your contract, Doctor. What is not in your contract is that you are about to receive a handsome bonus for your services to our company. That is to indicate how much we value your time and services given to Cures R Us. May you have a good life. That will be all. Goodbye."

Ah, vanity. Thy name is legion...

When some automatic defenders of vaccines on Comment threads on the Internet hit you with reference to 'evidence-based medicine', or 'sound science', ask them:

"Why put in vaccines lipids that are in our bodies, or similar enough to elicit an autoimmune reaction by the process of 'molecular mimicry'? It's as if those vaccines were designed to do that. Any comment? Or on the presence of food proteins in vaccines. One could fairly conclude that they are in there in order to elicit an allergic reaction to those foods - or others via molecular mimicry - and thus a need to develop pharmaceutical products to treat those symptoms. Couldn't one? Isn't that a fair conclusion? If not, tell me: Why not?"

And then ask about the anti-fertility effect of squalene, and the various patented adjuvants based on it, and put in many vaccines now, in the new generation of these wondrous additions to our health and wellbeing. Also known as bioweapons...

Yes yes; the Soviets were experimenting with such weapons in the 1980s (in particular to engineer a designer disease that would attack myelin). But now?

Who's our enemy??

Saddam Hussein is gone.

Al-Qaeda is pretty much a myth. Who's left?

It would appear to be: us.

As the paper (by one Edda West) says:

"The main proponents for the use of squalene in vaccines have been the U.S. Department of Defense and the NIH [National Institutes of Health]. The anti-squalene antibodies in sick American and British military personnel are evidence that military experimentation has caused an unprecedented health catastrophe in tens of thousands of people, onto whom the vaccine was forced and who were denied the right to make an informed decision based on existing scientific knowledge of the dangers of injecting squalene.* 'By adding squalene to their new anthrax vaccine, they did not make a better vaccine; they made a biological weapon,'" she quotes from Matsumoto's book.

A biological weapon being used on the American people, and others around the globe.

In the new generation of vaccines.

Designed for that purpose.

The purpose, ultimately (beyond the astronomical amounts of money being made), of culling our numbers.

And of keeping the survivors under control.

By other substances embedded in them.

Via this wondrous medical modality, for which they will brook no opposition.

No angry autism moms; nobody. To upset their apple cart.

Which we, the people should turn on them, and use as tumbrils, taking them to the guillotine.

Metaphorically speaking.


P.S. Beware Chief Medical Officers touting epidemics, or pandemics. They have a habit of doing that sort of thing, periodically.


Well, for one answer: Follow the money.

But for another: Follow the power.

It's partly to do with money.

It's also to do with, like, vanity.

The vanity of those who would be in the court of the King of the Mountain.

But who are facing their last burst of glorious colour.

In the changing of the seasons upon us.

Upon us. And them.

Whoever can make the cut.

* Some studies have indicated that squalene is not dangerous. It is not, by itself. It can be ingested with no problem. That's not the point. It is when it is injected that it becomes dangerous.
And in minuscule amounts. Even a few molecules of it, introduced in that way, will cause trouble. And they are not putting a few molecules of it in their adjuvants. They are putting massive amounts of it in them.
It's almost as if they want to make darn sure that they get massive reactions out of it, this time. The last few exotic flu scares just not turning out to be fit for purpose...

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