Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

Further on my last blog:

The title of this blog does not refer to the article in last weekend's UK Sunday Times titled 'Brad Pitt leads lads' retreat into man cave', except peripherally. It more directly refers to a Comment article earlier on in the issue, by their regular columnist Rod Liddle, titled 'The bankers haven't learn that greed is good...for nothing'.

I like his take on the current economic situation. Quote:

"Nothing has changed. The economic crisis of last year is still seeing people put out of work - poor people, natch - but the next boom is being feverishly pumped up right now, on the same grounds as before. Nothing has changed - all that stuff about greater regulation, prudence, stability, financial propriety and a cap on extravagant bonuses? Bankers wandering around looking hurt and contrite and wondering if they should maybe open a donkey sanctuary in Suffolk instead of bankrupting the nation?

"You're joking - nobody in the City is taking the slightest notice and they never have. That's all 'neo-socialist claptrap', as Boris Johnson, London's Conservative mayor, eloquently put it. In those clamorous City wine bars the champers is already on ice because it's business as usual - except this time even more so and, remarkably, overseen by the same people who brought us to financial ruin..."

So what's the answer? Real 'reform'?

As long as it's not in the simplistic form of just doing away with money, profit, and all that jazz - ie, merely changing things - thinking to change things - on the form level. Let me be clear about my position on these matters, as stated in earlier blogs.

I am really not naive; let alone hopelessly naive. Either as to how entrenched people are in their current mindset, or as to what they are capable of. My first point of clarity is to acknowledge that 'you' can't eliminate greed, say, merely by eliminating its opportunity for expression. Imposing top-down control of people, as in a communist state, does nothing to change consciousness. Oh, there will be a little cosmetic change. Capping banker bonuses will get their attention; but they will quickly figure a way around the block. Outlawing smoking in all pubs and bars will 'send a message'; but it does nothing to change the underlying factors. That is, top-down change is not permanent change. What does it prove if you don't give 'man' choice? It proves nothing but the power of power. But allowing 'man' free will - that's another matter. That allows growth. Spiritual growth. That is to say, growth in consciousness.

And that is what life is essentially all about: consciousness raising. A consciousness-raising process. Transformation, from a lesser level of consciousness to a higher one.

And that's where we're at now, collectively, on Planet Earth: facing a paradigm shift. Like an electron, moving from a lower orbit to a higher one, with an energy input from the unseen realms to help facilitate the process. Humanity now facing our alchemical hour; resulting in a complete change in form-level characteristics. Just like the transformation of lead into gold.

So that's the kind of 'reform' needed: A re-form.

Will we be up to it?

You bet.

Because it's time. Like a piece of fruit, now ripened, and ready for the picking. The higher of our dual natures coming out, and to the fore.

And the result? The recognition that 'we are one another', in the words of Dr. Arthur Guirdham, a writer not only on health & mental health matters but on the subject of reincarnation. That we have been playing different roles through time, in order to learn from the experiences - to learn, ultimately, that We are One. To learn wholeness.

Butcher, baker, fisherman, thief; persecutor, persecuted; father, mother, daughter, son: We've each played out different roles. To grow in awareness from it all.

And now, with a quantum leap before us, to put that whole level of drama - of lesson learning, of experience, of knowledge gaining - behind us, and move up a notch. To our next stage of evolution; of God expression and experiencing Itself, on a whole new level of form and consciousness. For those lessons and learnings, and knowledge gaining.

And that's how to deal with human qualities like greed. The answer, then, is to leave them behind, as we go exploring on another level of the human experience - NOT further on the same level of the age-old problems.

Einstein is supposed to have said something to this effect. But it doesn't take an Einstein to figure it out.

'It': that the time of mindless role-playing is over. That it's time for the real thing.

At least that's how I see things.

And others do, too.

For the Gathering is taking place.

Ready or not. Boys and girls...


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* Somewhere in her book she quotes one Betty Bethards, healer-medium, thusly;

"Our purpose here on earth is to grow in understanding, in knowledge, and in love."

That about sums it up, I'd say.

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