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Health Care vs. Health Maintenance

For some time, and like many people, I have been signing online petitions, for various worthy causes. It's a reasonable way for letting one's thoughts and feelings be registered. They don't always reflect with total accuracy one's personal preferences; yet they at least draw attention to important issues. One of those for me is the health care reform battle currently going on in the U.S.

I am a staunch supporter of what is called 'a public option', ie, a role for the government in the providing and paying for health care. Does that mean a blanket endorsement of the proposal? No, indeed. I am fully aware of the dangers involved in such a scenario. There is the potential faceless-bureaucracy nature of it. There is the controlling of options for health care. There is the opportunity for major financial ripoff of the system. -

And in that regard, I cite a chilling internet video of a CBS '60 Minutes' segment where the presenter went with a member of the FBI to investigate false-front operations in the south of Florida, whereby out-and-out criminals were milking the Medicare system for all it was worth, or at least, for all they could get their hands on of all it was worth. A sordid story. However, how much different is it from the story of those who are raking in all they can get their hands on from within the system, of health care in America?

Which is really the subject I want to get at in this blog. Because the system itself is corrupted, in its fundamentals. Which is what we REALLY need to look at.

And which is helped considerably by another video on the internet, a one-hour documentary titled 'Money Driven Medicine'. It highlights the inherent moral 'contradictions' in a system built on the premise of making money on illness; and the more illness, the more money to be made.

Hospitals competing with each other for customers, in a major duplication of equipment. (The latter of which of course is good for the economy. Like more and more drugs, for more and more conditions.) The focus of attention moved from care to treatment, in the business - the big business - of medicine. The creation of massive industrial health complexes, where businessmen manage the businesses; responsible for higher quarterly earnings, and the general generating of revenue as the bottom line. So that illness is good for the overall economy, not just the income of the medical practitioners as individuals. Health care as a growth industry, to invest in for savvy stockholders -

Average Joe and Jill: Didn't it ever occur to you that there had to be something intrinsically 'off' when a huge amount of your GDP is due to people being sick? That the sicker people are, the better, economically speaking? Needing more and more expensive drugs, and treatments, and so forth, to drive the process? having taken on a life of its own, so to speak?

This is the inevitable result of having a healthcare system with a profit motivation driving it.

I don't know about you, but I really don't like the idea of people profiting from illness and grief and despair, and the more the merrier.

It would be worse if there WEREN"T this sector of society?

That's the argument the allopathic medical profession would like the public to believe: that there is, really, no option to their approach to medicine.

Well: Not so.

And that option is growing, as more and more medical practitioners realize the inherent flaw in their profession, and begin looking at such alternatives/complements to allopathic medicine as naturopathy, and homeopathy, and herbalism, and Chinese/other Traditional medicine, and Energetic/holistic medicine, and so forth and so on. That is, alternatives that are more committed to prevention than treatment, for trying to get at the root of the condition, not just concentrating on symptom relief.

Health 'Maintenance' organizations. Where the 'maintenance' has MEANT: Come back for more...

'Managed care: Let US be your health care Manager for life. See what all WE can provide you with..."

We need to change this equation. And the only way that that is going to happen is a change in the fundamental equation; whereby people are motivated by service in life. Not 'money'. Not a device to keep people hooked perpetually in debt to a machine run by selfish, arrogant people who need YOU to keep quiet, and in your place, or they will fire you, or worse.

Am I talking communism here?

No. That's just another form of the statism that has been running the show on Earth for far too long now. And is the sort of thing that would kick in under an Obama-administration form of health care, where the people in power have a political inclination to want to control people - in all areas of society. And thus, a major part of the fear and uneasiness in people over a health care reform plan from that source: because it appears to be merely a part of a larger, unwanted agenda.

And I wouldn't support that sort of 'public option' either.

But I support a new look at the whole system. The system, of health care. And of the social order in general.

And to that extent, a 'public option' is the way to go.

Into the future.

Where we're going for health. Not care. As a first line of defence. And only then, should 'care' kick in.

Just not with a big Money sign attached to it.

All of which we were warned about centuries ago; effectively, when the Chinese sage known to us as Lao-Tzu observed: The more rules and laws, the more thieves and robbers.

And which observation I have adapted to our time, in this particular 'reading'/subject area of its inherent truth, as: The more hospitals and doctors, the more illness and disease.

And boy, do we have a lot of all that, in our day and - modern? - age.

Think about it. And join the (r)evolution.


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