Thursday, 1 October 2009

The New Paradigm

For whatever reason, I have been impressed to make a comment here, now, on this beginning of a new day in the UK, on the advent of 'a new paradigm' - of a moneyless system of exchange on our planet; on the move out of the training-wheels stage of society, of interest-bearing money and fractional reserve banking and all that lower-stage stuff, up to a new stage of development on Earth.

Why do I feel that we can make the leap to a higher way of being together on this planet? Because it's that time. Because the energy of transformation - in part occasioned by Necessity, with the near-collapse and still potential collapse of the international economic system as it is - is upon us, causing that leap, like an electron moving to a higher orbit, resulting in a change of form on the form level. The alchemy, if you will, of transmuting lead into gold.

We have been leaden on this planet long enough. It's time to inherit our higher potential. Our next higher potential, that is to say, from where we are, have managed to attain. And there's even a higher potential beyond that. But first steps up first.

How do we do it, practically speaking?

The template is already in place. The template of what is called local exchange trading systems (LETS); scrip issues; Time Dollars, and so forth. Schemes to recreate community, only this time on the global level as well - all of us, together, as One. One Planet. One Humanity. One Destiny.

Good work is already being done in this regard, of seeding this level of consciousness. Two excellent books on this theme are 'The End of Money and the Future of Civilization' by Thomas H. Greco, Jr., and 'Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth' by David C. Korten. Who in that book summarizes the matter - the matter right before us; in our time - beautifully:

"We humans have made enormous progress in our technological mastery, but we fall far short in our mastery of ourselves and the potential of our human consciousness. Failing to identify the true source of our happiness and well-being, we worship at the altar of money to the neglect of the altar of life. failing to distinguish between money and real wealth, we embrace illusion as reality, and enslavement to the institutions of Wall Street as liberty.

"The implosion of the Wall Street phantom-wealth economy exposes how effective we can be in creating cultures and institutions that cultivate and celebrate the most pathological possibilities of our human nature. Let the ugliness that the implosion has revealed serve as an inspiration to finally get it right.

"Our defining gift as humans is our power to choose, including our power to choose our collective future. It is a git that comes with a corresponding moral responsibility to use that power in ways that work to the benefit of all people and the whole of life.

"It is within our means to replace cultures and institutions that celebrate and reward the pathologies of our lower human nature with cultures and institutions that celebrate and reward the capacities of our higher nature. We can turn as a species from perfecting our capacity for exclusionary competition to perfecting our capacity for inclusionary cooperation. We can share the good news that the healthy potential of our human nature yearns for liberation from the cultural stories and institutional reward systems that have long denied and suppressed it..."


And if we don't "get it right"?....

That is a vision too gross to contemplate.

So I won't.

And I hope you won't, either.

Rather, will join increasing others in our next step up as a species; liberating ourselves from old forms, and identifying ourselves with our higher, rather than lower, potential.

The latter is always there, of course. Free will being what it is.

And what makes us what we are. As the children of a loving Good.

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