Wednesday, 22 June 2011

And the Signs Continue...

Checking out a blog on the Before It's News e-newsletter site on the close-run matter of nuclear power plants in Nebraska going offline in a nearly rather calamitous way from the flooding of The Missouri, I noticed a link to another story, about something called VIPR. This is an extension of the airport TSA action into local communities all over the country, in a manner eerily reminiscent of the brownshirt SA in the rise of Hitler, and the softening-up of the populace to become good little citizens of Nazi Germany, cowed into behaving themselves. The article was written by one M. Ruppert, who would be the Mike Ruppert, of 'Crossing the Rubicon' fame.

I commend it to your attention. Here, I just want to share my incensed thought, before calling it a night, and facing a troubled sleep:

[link to:
['Obama's Sturmabteilung; Coming To a Location Near You' - 22/6 M. Ruppert]


Posted by Anonymous 23 June 00:13

"Thank you for this clear, cogent heads-up, Mike.

"The only reason they are getting away with this basically unconstitutional activity is because the U.S. has been put on a war footing. The War on Terror. Funny, that. Bin Laden having been visited in hospital by the local CIA field agent, and the underwear bomber having been helped onto the plane by an intelligence agent, and so on and on. The War on Terror, in short, is a cover, for the destruction of the Constitution - of the United States itself, as it has been. To be turned into merely a region of the PTB's vaunted New World Order. And so these TSA agents are 'out there' for one reason, and one reason only.


"Conditioning of the herd...

"A rising up of the herd - excuse me; The People - is overdue.

"And don't look to your congressional representatives to do the job for you. They are part of the problem.

"And this upwising (not a misprint) will have to happen soon. Not in November 2012. Because the PTB are already moving their forces into place, to cut off The People at the pass.

"The pass of the United States from a Republic to Empire.

"Coming to a town near you. As Mike points out.

"The answer?

"The short-term answer is to support your Local Police against their co-option by the feds.

"The long-term answer?

"Ah. Well. That's another blog.

"First things first.

"Meaning: Education. Knowledge. And the creation of a sense of community, standing against just such vipers as have already started infesting our local communities.

"VIPR. Clever.

"Perhaps a bit too clever.

"With people starting to wake up now to the danger, by the sheer arrogance of its presentation.

"Keep it coming, Mike. You're right on it."

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