Saturday, 18 June 2011

There's Gold And Then There's Gold...

Title of article on conservative byte, 16/6:

'Tidal Wave of Gold Demand Coming: WGC' (World Gold Council)

India and China are going to increase their percentage of gold holdings, as the world economic outlook looks bleaker and bleaker, and the system creakier and creakier. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain...and the keystone, the U.S., so hopelessly in debt that it can't possibly come out from under the load, without defaulting, and throwing the whole global system into chaos.

Sounds terrible; right?

Well. Not necessarily.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

Part of my answer to this current dilemma, as a comment to the above article:

"I trust people are beginning to understand that as more and more people 'go to gold' they will still be at the mercy of the PTB because the PTB, who have instigated this collapse of the world's economic system, are already there, having staked out their position long ago. So 'sound money' isn't the answer: the PTB will still control that, too.

"To paraphrase FDR: When something happens in the political and financial realms, you can bet that somebody planned it that way.

"Why would they jeopardize their own wealth? Because they are playing a longer game. They have known for years that the one thing that is standing in the way of their New World Order is America, with its Constitution. And that the only way to get rid of the Constitution, and merge the U.S. into their global [police-state] system, is to create conditions for Martial Law to be declared and imposed - because of 'a state of national emergency' - and massive powers to be delegated to the executive. And it doesn't matter to them whether that erstwhile dictator is from the 'right' or the 'left', because they control both sides of the nominal two-party system.

"So what's the answer?, if not gold??

"The answer is what they would also like to impose: electronic money. But just not the e-money that they want. They still want an interest-bearing money system, because that puts The People in perpetual debt to the money barons, ie, the perpetrators of this whole charade.

"It is time for the money changers to be sent packing from the temple of life on Earth, and The People uniting in a system based on Love, not profit; circulating goods and services, and giving of their best to one another, out of the crowning motive for human interaction: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. In a New World Order, all right. Just not the one planned by the little gods on the planet. Who have actually been doing God's work, 'His wonders to perform' - taking humanity so far into great Crisis that it has allowed great Opportunity. The Opportunity to move above the level of the problem, onto the level of the solution.

"The only solution possible. Well, there is chaos and violence and destruction possible, yes; involution into the animal part of our nature. That's free will for you. But the only viable solution, now, is to go neither left nor right, but Up. And on a planetary level.

"So thank you, PTB, for driving the historical process to a globalized level - a state of Synthesis, in hegelian terms. The People will take over now, thank you very much. And create a higher level of civilization than ever heretofore, for being worldwide, now. On dear old Planet Earth, sorely needing us to get our act together, and stop fouling our abundant nest.

"One Planet - One Humanity - One Destiny. That's the ticket to the future. The true, higher-road future. Not the dystopian future of Orwell's '1984' scenario. That's such a pitiful approximation of our human potential. Thank you, no thank you, that one. I for one will take the road less traveled by, And meet you on the Mountain Top. Or not. Your choice."

What am I talking about. I'm talking about a system similar to a LETS system, where the 'money' is simply a medium of exchange; a balancing of credits and debits. Where we give service to each other out of Love; out of the gratitude that I referred to above. And if we do - when we do - all else will be added unto us...

Why will people move into this new paradigm, this higher level of consciousness?

Because it's time to. Because we have pushed ourselves up to the limits of the current level of consciousness; and can either collapse terribly into chaos, or evolve.

And the key element that will help us evolve to that higher level of consciousness is the understanding of the truth about reincarnation. That we have been playing parts - now prince, now pauper; now male, now female - to learn lessons. To grow in consciousness from the life experience. To gain wisdom And now it's time to leave the role-playing behind - step mindfully off the stage - and engage in the real thing.

Which is the awareness that We Are All One.

And it is time to head back to that Unity of Being that is our real state of being.

Not these separate selves, that have become too fastened on the drama, on the Play, to realise what it is, and has been.

For long enough now.

Time now for the real thing.

Which is living in the awareness that life is an illusion.

Is a school. And the purpose is to graduate.

Join the procession.

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