Monday, 20 June 2011

Obama the Congress Whisperer

...gently, gently lulling Congress with sweet reasonableness. Nothing to see here, folks. Keep moving. Pass right on by.,,

I hadn't realised fully just how bad it has gotten in America with the Obama administration, in cahoots with Congress, robbing the American people of their country. The latest, in truth, outrage: the Obama administration's ignoring of even the advice of its Department of Justice in the matter of acting unilaterally in engaging in the 'hostilities' in Libya. (The legal situation seems to turn on the varying definitions of 'hostilities'. Authorizing the firing of drone missiles, that kill people, doesn't seem to amount to engaging in 'hostilities' in the considered opinion of the Obama administration. Building, one can note, on the forays into the 'unitary executive' territory engaged in by his predecessor; and thus snapping yet another constitutional chain on the executive's power.)

I happened to come across, in a seemingly minor notation, a link - just one among many - on the e-newsletter site of 19/6 to a blog at the Weekly Standard e-newspaper, by one Adam J. White. Entitled 'President Obama Rejects Justice Department's War Powers Interpretation', it was a cogent take on the subject. Gently worded, it nevertheless made my blood boil. My comment to the author (there was no Comments thread to the article itself):

"First of all, thank you, Mr. White, for a reasoned and reasonable approach to this subject.

"Now may I ask when the lawyers of this nation are going to call a spade a spade en masse, and let Mr. Obama, and the nation, know in no uncertain terms that he has stepped beyond the bounds of the Constitution, and must be taken to court to show cause; or at the least, be tried in the court of public opinion?

"Or have we learned nothing from history?

"I, and I am sure others, await your mutual call on this exceedingly important constitutional matter. Or the Republic will descend into Empire on your head."

Their collective heads, I meant; but I wanted him to feel some personal heat, in helping to take this serious matter further. The public can't be expected to know all the ins and outs of such legal matters; with his valuable take on the matter, his understanding of it, he had a duty to help promote the information, beyond just a blog - one among many that day, to be forgotten easily by the average citizen, who needs informed help to keep up with such issues, and have them kept with 'legs' in the public forum.

And yes, such 'interested parties' as the Tea Party needed to do their job in the constitutional matter, too.

I hope they help in this particular issue, beyond just the 'minor' link they gave the story.

A story that I then followed up on by checking out another link to the subject, at the Weekly Standard's site. This was to an article (17/6) on the NPR (National Public Radio) site, by two legal scholars. My response on the site to that take on this matter:

'Weekly Standard: Did Founders Create War Powers?'
by Benjamin Kleinermann & Vincent Philip Munoz

"Stan Stanfield (kibitzer) wrote:

"A thoughtful piece, Mssrs Kleinermann and Munoz. Now will you raise your scholarly voices in opposition to this administration's arrogant attitude in opting for the role of a unitary executive? Another word for which is emperor??
20 June 2011 11:41:52 BDT"

Interpreting law constantly to its own benefit - and getting away with it, with a supine Congress not discharging its constitutional duty to be a check and balance against just such a usurpation of power??

Congress MUST act, and rein - and reign - Obama in. Or lose their legitimacy. And thus leave it to The People to do the job in a direct fashion.

Affairs are now soul size...

,,,calling for extreme measures. The man calling himself Obama needs to be called on his very apparent usurpation of power, initially in gaining the presidential position itself deceitfully, and since then in that seat of power, consolidating the 'unitary executive' trappings largely put in place under his immediate predecessor (as part of the New World Order scenario the global PTB are pushing). There needs to be a march on Washington of The People, and a setting to rights of the situation: the man calling himself Obama forced to depart the office; Congress dissolved, for not doing its job, of properly vetting that person for that particular office, with its higher standard of citizenship than just citizenship itself, and for rolling over obediently as the executive has continued to consolidate that power; the Supreme Court dissolved as well, for not allowing The People 'standing' in a court of law to pursue the many questions regarding their president's eligibility; and elections to be held 'in a time certain', say 3 months.

And I will act as the Art. II Sect. 1 Officer to oversee all that activity, if The People so choose.

And then return to my retirement to my home in the country; specifically, in a spiritual community in the north of Scotland.

Which is the guarantee that I will not in turn take dictatorial powers, in the interregnum: because I am a firm supporter of the American Constitution, and it does not allow for dual citizenship of the Republic's president.

A fact which has been sorely abused in the instance.

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