Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Troubled Sleep...

...and the new day dawns on the deliverance of an email warning about the slow, stealthy steps being taken to ensnare America into something called the UN Small Arms Treaty. This is a measure ostensibly designed to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals; but its effect will be to make ALL firearms subject to international law, and thus to international control. That is to say: control by the UN.

A few points.

(1) Who guards the guards.

(2) 'I thought you were a c.o. [conscientious objector, post-Korean Armistice period], and are against war and weaponry. Why are you signing petitions to the U.S. government demanding the right of U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms?'
Because, in the current reality - level of general consciousness - the reality is that people have every right to defend their person, family and property; and have every reason to do so in particular in the particular current reality, when measures are being put in place by the erstwhile Controllers, the Powers That Be, to fasten their New World Order on the people of the planet, by any means necessary.
The end - to them - justifying the means.
The battle cry of tyrants down through the ages.*
And so they can't afford to let the populace fight back. Have the means to fight back. Even to try to fight back. Messy business, pacification...
..and America stands, like a bulwark, in their way. With its constitutional rights secured to The People.
So the Constitution needs to go.
And one way to accomplish that end-in-effect is to get the Congress to sign off on a treaty compromising the spirit of the Second Amendment.** Because treaties have terrific clout; take precedence over domestic law.
And especially with the creation of a condition of 'national emergency'. Which also lays the groundwork for a declaration of Martial Law, and the country thus locked down. The whole thing insidiously put in place by the country having been put on a war footing.
The War On Terror.
Which was promulgated by the PTB in the first place.
Because...(all together now...)
Thus, the PTB need to take down the U.S. as a sovereign body. The better to eat you with, my dear...
And so I support the right of The People to keep and bear arms, in self-defense. And to protect their country from being taken over by tyrants.
Tyrants from without. And from within.
(Shades of Taylor Caldwell's novel about Cicero, and his times...)

* Including more than just 'political' tyrants. It's the same cry as raised by, eg, medical monopolists, who, eg, want to make vaccines mandatory on the whole herd - excuse me; populace. In order to achieve their vaunted goal of 'herd immunity'. Conveniently ignoring evidences - and growing - of terrible side effects from the vaccines. Because - all together now: The end justifies the means.

** Do U.S. citizens really understand their Constitution?? The Bill of Rights is just a statement of examples of rights remaining to 'the States, or the people', in the new federal contract; where the newly established-to-be federal government was only granted those powers that were specifically mentioned in the contract. Its powers were limited and delegated. "Few and defined,' in the words of the Father of the Constitution, James Madison. Not unlimited except as specifically denied by the Constitution.
It may be a subtle difference. But it is a world of difference, in effect. And has been proven, in the years since the Constitution's inception.

(3) The thing is, there can - will - come a time when humanity does away with weapons. Because we will be living with truth. The truth of our core being. As 'spiritual beings having a human experience'. And so the need for such as weapons will disappear, organically.
Especially with the elimination of money, as currently defined, and our human civilization structured by, and with.
Because we will be living with the motive of, in a word, Love.
Sharing our best with one another out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.
And so people will be contributing their labor and efforts out of that incentive.
Not the primitive incentive of 'making money'.
And especially not with interest-bearing money. Which creation has caused humanity to lose sight of its true origin. And purpose.
The latter of which is to grow in consciousness, in order to fulfil our spiritual potential - as divine sparks of our Source - ultimately to become One with All That Is.

The latter concept may be difficult for some, in their current consciousness, to fathom. But bear with the process...

A process which throws up some amusing moments along the way. As recently, when a talk-show host in Australia, in interviewing the Dalai Lama, tried a joke on him, by telling him the one about the Buddhist monk who went into a pizza parlor to place an order, and said to the man behind the counter, 'Make me one with everything.'
And the talk-show host waited. And waited. And waited...for the Dalai Lama to get it.
Which, in the end, he didn't.
But hey.
Maybe the real 'joke' is: he didn't have to.

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