Thursday, 23 August 2012

An Open Letter to Charles Eisenstein

Dear Charles,

Recently I came across, somewhere on the www (and isn't that an interesting concept; with discrete bits of information captured in it, to be put together and make a larger whole out it all), a radio interview of you, talking about your concept of 'sacred economics'.  I see that you still think in terms of 'money', even in the context of 'community'.  I'm presuming that you are referring to a debt-free form of it, to say as well, non-interest-bearing money; where the motive incentivizing humans to produce and exchange goods and services is to create community, not to 'make money' per se, which is properly a means, not an end itself (the latter being what opting for interest-bearing money made of it, and its accumulation, rather than its constant circulation).  So that what would be ideal would be a form of money - a facilitator of exchange - somewhat like a LETS electronic credits-and-debits exchange, just writ larger, to a global scale.  

Electronic money, of course, not to be trusted in the current climate and paradigm, where some people want power over others - to compel them to be the way their keepers want them to be; primarily, as nice, docile sheep, to be sheared and culled at the will of the 'state', whether that be in the hands of socialists or fascists, in their respective NWO scenarios, of Total Control.  Let me cut to the chase here, as I encourage you to go a little deeper into your concept of a 'sacred economics' space.  Because it's time now for 'something completely different', in our human affairs; and a form of mere secular humanism is just not going to cut it, for not having the whole picture of life included in its 'take' on things.

I recall that you responded favorably, a number of months ago, to my call for the need now for an update of the Golden Rule for our time and place; to wit: 'As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself.'  Meant literally.  Because - as considerable evidence attests to, in our day and (new) age, of the truth of the 'mechanism' of reincarnation - We Are One Another.  And, in the larger truth embedded in that concept: We Are One.  With, logically, a Purpose. For you can't have a Plan without a Purpose; and the spiritual mechanism of reincarnation obviously, er, 'embodies' a Plan.  And that can easily be inferred to be a Plan of consciousness evolution, which comes from an individuated soul experiencing life from & in  all of its facets - now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female (or somewhere in between); now of one race or religion or nationality, now another; now a leader, now a follower; now an upright citizen, now a criminal - in order to: what?  Obviously: in order to grow from the experiences.  To expand in consciousness.  And since We Are All One, each of us and the One expands in consciousness, through that experience of Itself.  Which brings us to the possible Purpose of the process.  Being that.  But also, I would submit, being engaged in the unfolding of the quality of Love.  The fundamental energy of the whole shebang: the Love of the Creator for Its Creation.  And the reciprocal thereof. 

Which brings us to the motivating factor for the New Society, of the New Age we are engaged in entering as we speak.  Wherein the old motivation factor for human activity, of the profit motive, gives way now to the sort of 'sacred space' that you envision.  Wherein we do things - share goods and services with one another; and give of our best in the process - out of the 'new, improved' motive.  And not just the motive of 'creating community', however laudable that idea is.  But out of a higher motive.  Indeed, the highest motive there could ever be: 

out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of in a word: Love.  

And loving ourselves in the process  For We Are All One.  And All IS One.

We need, in short, to move out of a mere humanistic take on, vision of, life - however high-consciousness it may be - and 'go for gold'.  The real gold, and goal:  

The Golden Age.  Of long embedment in our human-family consciousness.  That vision, that sense, that feeling, helping us move towards it.  

Towards, now: our day in the sun.

To say, this generation's day.   In the Sun of this New Day.

And for the Earth as well.

As we ascend to a new level of reality.  Having earned our wings; so to speak, and as we speak.  

See you in that new dimension.  What is known, in esoteric circles (and increasingly in exoteric ones) as the 5th Dimension.  Coming - this year; according to the cosmological reality that we are embedded in as well (in the context of the spiritual principle of As Above, So Below) - to the planet very near you.

In fact, the one right under your feet.

Your current feet.  Walking you towards the symbolical goal of Jerusalem.  Where we are - humanity is - going to experience a Jubilee.  

And so much for money, as it has been known.  For long enough.  And almost - almost - too long. 

With warm regards, Charles, for how you have helped prepare Humanity for this Event of the Aeons,

'Stan' Stanfield 

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