Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Some Thoughts Recently About (the) US

I title this blog this way, to draw attention to the fact/idea that I'm not just talking about the United States, but about US - Humanity, as a whole.  Sovereign souls (not just sovereign citizens of a particular nation; as opposed to subjects of a monarchy or theocracy or oligarchy or other dictatorial regime), with free will as our birthright, as souls.  Not just servile tenders of our material Masters' estates.

And so, to a couple of Comments that I have made recently, on different blog sites, with my dander up. The first, to a blog on World Net Daily, about a politician who 'put his foot in it' on an issue, that is not the real, most apposite aspect of that issue that should be being addressed by the American public.  In  my opinion; as someone more concerned about the rule of law in America than personal aspects of the subject addressed:

WND: 'Akin Not Far Off Base In Rape Comment'  - by Jane M. Orient, M.D.   8/27

A conservative web site, and a conservative political party, shouldn't be wasting their time on such distractions.  The real political issue here is that the federal government should never have been given a role in the issue of abortion - and THAT'S where the national conservative position should be aimed at: the repeal of Roe v. Wade.  The subject of abortion is a state issue in the (federal) form of government that the United States embodies - should be.  It is beyond the parameters of  the powers invested in the federal government, which are LIMITED and DELEGATED - "few and defined," in the words of the Father of the Constitution, James Madison.  To allow it to become a federal issue is to buy into the position of the liberals, that the Constitution is "a living document".  Of course it is.  It covers all manner of issues of the day; and if you want to change it, there is a clear protocol by which to do so.
Wake up, conservatives.  You're being had by people who want to make of the Constitution "just a damn piece of paper" - and that goes for people on both sides of the current political aisle.  And whether they want a socialistic New World Order or a fascistic one, they should be opposed strenuously by anybody who presumes to call themselves conservative.
If 'conservative' is the new liberal (with the Democrat Party having moved so far left, and political nature apparently abhorring a vacuum), maybe true conservatives should jettison the term, and call themselves, more accurately, constitutionalists.  Because that is what the debate is getting down to: the U.S.form of government as it has been historically, i.e., under the rule of law, or the form to be changed, to one under the rule of men.
I know which one I prefer.  Having read history.  And agreeing with the Founding Fathers.  Who were not just a bunch of pretty wigged faces.    [They fought a revolution; remember??]      

And then this contribution to 'the debate'; late last night:

American Thinker: 'The Birther Issue Comes Up in Debate' - Jack Cashill - 8/27

Terry Gain
With respect, I don't like Cashill's script at all. Romney should simply say he accepts that Obama was born in HA ( even if, like me, he has no idea where Obama was born) but he should say that it's incredible that both Obama and his wife have stated he was born in Kenya. It's weird why Obama would do that, but no less weird than his approach to budgets and the economy.
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kibitzer3   [8/28]
This is all so silly, and aggravating. Romney should say that "even if Mr. Obama WAS born in Hawaii - which we don't know, because the BC he posted on the Internet has been proven to be a forgery; and why is that, Mr., er, President? - just being born in the country doesn't make a person a "natural born citizen", which is the specific citizen-type requirement for the office, which requires having been born of two citizen parents" - and let's get this issue OUT THERE.

The Constitution is dangling by a thread, because the Republicans have allowed themselves to be castrated by the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals' 'ridicule your opponents' offensive. Come ON, people. Grow a pair. Time's a'wasting. The Republic has been just about shot down, from both sides of the current political aisle.

It's time for a change, all right REAL change. And that means in the Republican Party, too. As the Democrat Party moves to the Left, its main opposition in America should become an outright constitutionalist party. Before we lose it forever, to s.o.b.'s on BOTH sides of the aisle. Which is becoming an artificial barrier as we speak.

Sigh...I suppose I shouldn't let myself get so carried away, on current political issues; since we're facing a major 'revolution', and going up, to a higher level of consciousness, for both Humanity and Gaia - this 'unit of celestial consciousness' (as the Earth has been well and truly described) that has been our home away from Home, and given us such a bounteous and beautiful place to 'strut and fret our hour upon the stage, and then be heard no more', until our next go 'round, opportunity to 'set things right', in the reincarnational clearing-of-karma and consciousness-raising process that we have been involved in - that we agreed to.  But I get so tired, at the level of inattention to detail, the wandering of our eye from the ball, that humanity engages in - and even now; so close to Ascension out of the theater, the ball park that we have been given to clean up our act - gain the degrees of awareness that we need to in order to ascend...

Come on, folks.  We can do better than this.  I'm counting on you to do better than this...

And then it's another day.  And I'll calm down.  And trust the process...

But there's always going to be that little wiggle in there; that little concern, about US.  If enough of US are going to make it.  To make the cut.  To use another theater, and sporting, metaphor......

Let's go, team.  Let's GO.

Let go.  To go.  

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