Sunday, 19 August 2012

Just For The Record

I know I was going to get to a report on My (First) Year in Manhattan next - to demonstrate how I have been present in the life experience right along with everybody else, during my current sojourn here - but circumstances have intervened, and I want to speak to the mounting economic crisis situation in the country and the world.  A word of background to that situation first.

Within the last couple of days, some level of the U.S. judicial branch of government has ruled that a person's money in a bank or other financial institution does not belong to them, that if the institution uses their money as collateral for some speculative venture - which the court system has allowed it to do - which in the event doesn't pan out, that person's money is forfeit.  There was also the recent court ruling that the CEO of an investment company which lost a huge amount of money couldn't be held liable for that loss, did not do anything wrong, because 'intent' would be difficult to prove - because, in effect, 'that's business'.  And it is that sort of 'business' that is sounding the death knell of the capitalist system as it has become - as it has been allowed to become, by a citizenry that wasn't paying close enough attention to how they were being fleeced by addicts.  Gangsters.  Mobsters.  All this, in conjunction with the fact that China is baling out on financing the U.S.'s debt, and going into gold.  And the next financier of the U.S. debt, Japan, has economic troubles of its own.  Plus the growing crisis in the EU...all of this is leading to a collapse scenario.

Which is a good thing.  Because things had to get worse before they could get better.

Not to say that it will all be a rosy picture.  The U.S. government has already begun laying the groundwork for people control, in case of some 'national emergency'.  There were recent reports, e.g., of huge amounts of ammunition being prepared by the 'people controllers'; plus of x-ray machines to scan automobiles; plus, of course, the drones that have quietly been put in place, that could easily have weaponry attached to them - as is going on in other parts of the world (and the U.S. president allowed to have a 'kill list', including of U.S. citizens whom he deems as 'terrorists', a definition of which is pliable, and has been applied, for example, even to staunch believers in the Constitution).1  Let's cut to the chase here: this scenario, of crisis/collapse, has been in the plans for a while - the plans of people, enamored of power, who want to fasten a New World Order on the people of the world; from either the Right or the Left.  The one from the Left being associated with the idea of a planetary Islamic Caliphate; which could explain why the man who calls himself Barack Obama - who was in fact not eligible to run for the office of the presidency, but obviously has friends in high places - chose to be installed with his middle name.  The name, Hussein, being part of the Islamic tradition where children who are in line possibly to qualify as the Twelfth Imam - the Mahdi - are required to carry that name, or that of Hassan, as these were the names of the two sons of Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed.2  Barack Hussein Obama seems to fancy himself as just such a personage.

But on to the positive aspect of this scenario playing itself out on the stage of the human drama.  Which is where humanity can get to, once that collective moves beyond the consciousness limits of the drama - and all of its features, of food shortages and riots and such - and recognizes, really recognizes, who we are, and why we're here.   The big questions about Life, now to be answered unequivocally.

Those answers?  That we are the children - light sparks - of a loving God, in Whom we live and move and have our being.  For a reason: the reason of learning lessons, and growing therefrom.  Realizing, that our free will comes with a price.  And we are now about to pay that price.  Which is to 'get' - really 'get' - what can happen when we lose the Vision.3  And in that understanding, freely choose to return to the home of our Father, in the biblical terms of the story of the Prodigal Son.

If we do so, now, we can avoid all the negative aspects of the scenario we are confronted with.  If we don't, we will just have to lose our way, once again, in the desert of our making, and try, yet once again, on another turn of the spiral, to make our way Home.

I choose not to; that is, to engage in delay.

Join me.  In the move, now, up to a higher level of consciousness.  Into a New Age.  A Golden Age.

'The Great Turning,' as it has been called by some.  Which, by any other name, would smell as sweet.

As we now release money, as a feature of a lesser order of consciousness.  And move into an era of Abundance.  Brought about by a different motive than the one - of profit - that has brought us to this stage of impasse.  The new, higher Era to be brought about by our being motivated to share goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of a higher motive.  Out of the highest one there is, and could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a word: Love.

The choice is clear.  And very, very stark, now.

To choose the way of the Light.

Or the way of the Dark.  

Your choice.

Choose wisely.  

As we now move beyond our various religions and socio-econo-political ideologies, which have been part of the paradigm of duality and separation that has characterized human life up 'til now - in recorded history - and move into the New Paradigm of our Oneness, as facets of the One True God, the All That Is, and start experiencing life more abundantly, in purer, more true alignment with our Essence.  In a time now when all that has been hidden will be revealed, in the Light of this New Day dawning for all humankind.

Join me, and millions - billions? - of others, as we leave the illusory realm of separation and duality behind and Ascend to another, higher plane of existence as One holy Being.  For we, in larger Truth and Fact - beyond the stage of life as it has been, where we have been playing out various parts, in lifetimes after lifetimes, in order to raise our consciousnesses through those interactions - are all One.

We have been One Another, through the application of the evolutionary mechanism of what we have called reincarnation (with its attendant Law of Karma); of which there is plenty of proof in our day.  And now, because of 'internal' and 'external' factors -  personal development, in relation to cosmological conditions; connecting As Above with So Below - we are, or at least have the opportunity, to leave the level of duality behind, and blend that illusory reality into its greater reality, that We are One.  Have been growing each other, in the schoolroom terms of 'other'.  And now have the opportunity to relate to one another in an update of the old Golden Rule, for our time and place.  That is to say, of considering - realizing - that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves.

Literally.  For we are all One. And All IS One.  As we approach our human and cosmological Day of At-One-Ment.

So: Going up?

See you there.  



1 Which is the only thing that has stood between the rule of law and the rule of men.  The latter of which lends itself to the rise of tyrants.  Which is happening in the U.S. as we speak.
     The man calling himself Barack Hussein Obama  is becoming a law unto himself.  This is the very sort of thing that the Founding Fathers did their best to keep from happening, in the form of government that they bequeathed to the fledgling American nation - a constitutional republic, with a federal form of government; all of which was to act as a brake against too much power becoming centralized over the people.  The individual was to be the main focus of the new nation of America.  Not the state, in whatever form that might take, of either royalty or theocracy or oligarchy or pure 'democracy' - the latter of which form of government the Founders, keen students of history, were particularly leery of, for its capacity to be manipulated by demagogues.  Thus the importance of a constitution, clearly spelling out the various rights and powers of the various political players.
     As for this 'spelling out' of the contract between the States and the new, federal level of government: Words have meanings.  For particularly pertinent example, one of the requirements for the office of the presidency - that the person be a 'natural born citizen', i.e., not just any kind of citizen - had a very clear meaning to the Founders: that that person, who was going to become as well the commander in chief of the military forces of the new nation,  must not have dual loyalties or allegiances, i.e., that he must be born of two U.S. citizen parents.  That requirement has never been changed, constitutionally.  If you want to change the terms of a contract, you must have the assent of both parties to that contract.  That assent has not yet been obtained in this matter.  It is not good enough to play the liberals' game of trying to make of the Constitution 'a living document', subject only to the whim of judicial interpretation.  The law in America is the Constitution, and laws passed in alignment with and in the spirit of its terms - as interpreted by the various judicial levels, and ultimately in appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Who may not make determinations based simply on their personal political proclivities.  If they do - if it does - then that is another form of tyranny over The People, and must not be allowed to stand.  Full stop.
     And thus, part of the crisis we are facing in the U.S., and the world, today.

2 Thanks to Stephen Pidgeon in his 'The Obama Error' for this information.

3 Without which 'the people perish', as the People of The Book have read, and been warned.                 

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