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Republican & Other Eunuchs

This blog opens with comments under a World Net Daily article headed 'Savage: Republican 'Eunuchs' Avoiding Big Issues' by radio talk show host Michael Savage (8/30); as an indication of how difficult I am finding it to let Obama's purloining of the American presidency go.  I am incensed at that business, and at his successful passing it off.  Do the American people think so little of their form of government that they don't understand the ramifications of the successful undercutting of the Constitution??  Apparently so.  Sigh......

Poor Fella, My Country.

(If you had been one of the Founders, or their wives, you would know what I mean.  Or someone on the other side, helping them get the nascent constitutional Republic off the ground...
     and N.B.:  I am 'kibitzer3'.  Or 'kibitzer2' on other sites.  Just observing what's going on in the country, and occasionally lobbing in a comment on the passing scene.)


  • jhep3304
    Flamethrowers and Drone attacks may win military battles but elections are won by winning the hearts and minds of electors.

  • Even the military needs an Officer in Charge to direct the assault and ya don't get to be an Officer in Charge until you convince someone that you have what it takes.
    I'm not a Romney fan but the electorate rejected the rantings of Paul and Guingrich.  If there is any chance to get the Obamaites out of office it's not going to be accomplished by scaring off the Independents and the Democrats who are dis-enchanted. Those of us old enough to remember (and voted for) Goldwater saw and are still experiencing the disaster that came about because his opponents made the crazed warhawk label stick.  I'm not willing to go down that road again just to hear "tough talk".  I'll take my chances with tough actions once in office.

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  • noavatar32.png
    "Those of us old enough to remember (and voted for) Goldwater saw and are still experiencing the disaster that came about because his opponents made the crazed warhawk label stick."  And this is precisely the point, jhep: The conservatives - who are the ones who are supposed to have learned things from history - should have learned a lesson from that debacle, about the control of 'the high ground' of the media.  It's all a page out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, about attacking your opponents not by the facts (whereby you could easily lose the 'debate') but by ridicule.  The Right should have been ready to anticipate such tactics, and have responses ready and overwhelmingly so.  If the Left's MSM tries that tactic, thousands if not millions of responses should be immediately forthcoming; to the stations/papers themselves, and to letters to the editor sites, talk show hosts, Internet bloggers, etc etc etc.  There is nothing wrong with a Ron Paul, e.g., telling it like it is; he just needs to be backed up immediately by an alert citizenry, without whom we lose our freedoms.

  • The RNC was a joke; a hollow, castrated shell of a political party's statement to the Public.  It stood for Motherhood and Apple Pie.  This is not how you alert & wake up the citizenry to the terrible dangers of the moment.  "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."  Thomas Jefferson had it right; and especially for our day, when it is all on the line for the American Republic.  Wake up, Citizenry.  You have been co-opted, by experts in the field of 'public relations'.  Aka propaganda.  And it is all your fault, for thinking to 'let George do it' far too long.  He has done it, all right.  To you; and to our country, while you slept with your beer in hand and the TV on nearly 24/7.         

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There was a reply to my comment:

Dolphieness wrote, in response to kibitzer3: [8/31]
So your solution is to vote 3rd party, write-in or not vote. 

When we lose - due to non-thinkers like yourself - and are plunged into a dictatorship pushing Marxism - we will be happy to let you crumble with the others.

Anyone who is voting as you are talking - are cultists who do not see the bigger picture.  They do not know history. They do not comprehend that the President is for ALL of the USA  ... not just the left or right .......... BO forgot that point when he catered to the extreme left.

We need exactly what is happening at this point in time.  Next election or two - we could veer more right to re-balance the damage the left has done *IF* this incoming administration does not fix it.

What we need to focus on is filling congress with conservatives.  We need to give the President tools to get things done.  We need to get rid of traitor Reid and the other corrupt sell outs.

But - no... let's play the loser game like you want and keep BO in office. That is a great solution.   I will not vote 3rd candidate and the majority of voters out there will not either.  That guy you mention is an unknown quantity to the majority of us. 

But - go ahead and create the Perot effect... then when you want to whine about the consequences - step over with the left as you will have sold us out as much as they have. 

I tried to get back on to that thread for a Reply, but for whatever reason, the site wouldn't let me access it in its archives. (It may have been me; I'm not very expert at this sort of thing.)   If I could have gotten back in there, I would have responded in somewhat the following manner:

"You, and the public, need to think in terms of a larger scenario: It all hinges on The People calling BHO and the Democrat Party on his ineligibility; hinges , that is to say, on a particularly significant constitutional crime having been committed.

"Justice needs to be served in this matter.  Since it is not happening through the judicial branch of government -  for whatever all reasons - a final, game-changing recourse (before violent revolution) is for The People to Assemble, in non-violent civil disobedience, in Washington, D.C. - led by Oathkeepers and (unarmed) Militia and Article Twoers and Tenth Amendmenters and Second Amendmenters and Tea Partiers and those Occupy Movement people who understand what is really going down, and just your average Citizen, mad as hell and not going to take it anymore; and spelling each other in the ranks of The Assembled, until the Usurper vacates the office, for - at the very least - the posting on the Internet of a fraudulent document, that he and his coterie tried to palm off on the American people, and treating them like country bumpkins in the process, too stupid to tell the difference.   That forgery crime alone - which is not a minor one, is, in fact, a felony - disbars him from the office.  So -  out he must go.

"And the Democrat Party itself is rendered a criminal entity (it's called a RICO offense), for being a party to the crime.  And so too is the Republican Party, for obviously colluding with the Democrat Party in the cover-up, and in this whole sorry mess, and constitutional crisis.  Indeed, the sitting Congress itself needs to be dissolved, by The People, Assembled, at the same time, a) for being an accessory to and after the fact of the constitutional crime, and b) for not engaging in their constitutional responsibility, when the Executive goes rogue; it being Congress's constitutional job to call the Executive on his criminality, and moral turpitude.  That sin of omission put the ball back into the court of The People, who are, of course, the Congress's Masters.*  

"And with the dissolution of the sitting Congress by The People, they should appoint an Officer OF The People (this is all constitutionally allowed for), to call for elections within a time certain (which could be the ones already scheduled for November), and hold the Executive office in the interim; duly authorized by The People to clean out the Executive branch of the federal government of all those individuals in it who are the placemen and -women of the very corporations and other bodies that they are supposed to be regulating.  It being housecleaning time in the Republic of the United States of America.

"Before we all realize, wake up to the fact that we have just been playing parts, in a drama of our making; are not 'us' and 'them' but one another - just exchanging roles, in life after life, until we get rounded enough in our consciousnesses to move up the spiritual pathway towards our Higher Selves.  Which is now going to happen en masse.  Because it's time to leave the play-acting behind, and move up into a higher level of consciousness, more in resonance with 'the real thing': our Oneness with our Creator.

"All of this, to allow now for that wrapping-up, of the preliminary stages of our individual, and collective, development.  As we move - in perfect timing - now with Gaia, our lovely home away from Home, into a stage of Ascension. 

"The real stage we are on.  To say: in.  And in it up to our eyeballs, as it were.  For it is happening this year, in earthly time - is happening as we speak. 

"Welcome to the last stages of our long, long journey, in 3D; going now for Gold."

I might have said this.   

However, I'll - we'll - never know, now.

We will never know a lot of things.  Because our karma is being released, through divine Grace, as we call it a wrap, and head for - or at least, closer to -



* We needn't be involving the Judicial branch of the federal government at this point; unless it can be proven that the Supreme Court failed in its duty to honor legal challenges to the eligibility status of BHO.  I
      would assume it would be up to the several States to get involved in judicial questions at their level of responsibility.            


P.S.  And as a sort of footnote to this blog; this, from another article on WND, this one of today  (8l/31), titled 'Scalia Flummoxed About Natural Born Citizenship' by Larry Klayman; who, I understand, is trying to bring one of the several 'eligibility' claims to court.  His blog told about a chance encounter he had with Justice Scalia, in which Klayman asked him :what he believed to be the definition of 'natural born citizen' (without asking him to render an opinion on whether Obama was eligible to be president under that requirement of office).  As Klayman reports:"Looking like a deer in the headlights and stuttering sheepishly, Justice Scalia responded, 'I don't know.  Isn't a natural born citizen a person born in this country?'"  Klayman seemed to lose heart at this 'attitude' of one of the most conservative Supreme Court Justices.  Hence the background to some of the commentary below (reminder: I am kibitzer3):

  • kibitzer3
  • I like your basic article, Larry, but you are jumping to conclusions.  Just because Scalia evidenced non-understanding of the meaning of the term doesn't mean that he wouldn't be open to a well-developed argument on the subject.  
  • It's not time for revolution. Yet.
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  • 0 minutes ago

  • Are you kidding?  "That means born in the United States to two American citizen parents."-   what? Nowhere is there any reason to come to that conclusion.  Not only do you not provide any evidence for your argument,  there isn't any evidence anywhere of what you say. That makes you a liar.  Now when I'lI see the name Larry Klayman, I'll recognize it as a reference to a dishonest person.
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  • 42 minutes agp

  • avatar32_1.jpg
  • genie
  •  So, when Justice Waites referenced NBC as being someone born here of parents who are citizens in  MINOR v. HAPPERSETT, 88 U.S. 162 (1874) he was just pulling that out of his backside?
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  • 10 minutes ago
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  • tom1020
  •  Read the case. It doesn't define an NBC at all, it only implies that one or the other (native birth or citizen parents ) are a prerequisite.
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  • 1 minute ago
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  • noavatar32.png
  • kibitzer3
  • You are misquoting the decision, and I presume - because of your stance - on purpose.  We're talking the natural born category, not native born.  Besides, judicial investigators like Leo Donofrio and Mario Apuzzo have demonstrated in spades the understanding of the term at the time of its inclusion in the Constitution of the new Republic.  There is also the letter to G. Washington by John Jay asking him to make sure that the term got into the document being discussed at the C. Convention, as a PARTICULAR requirement for that PARTICULAR federal office, said person also to be the Commander in Chief of the new republic's military forces.  They all wanted to make damn sure that any candidate for that PARTICULAR office never had DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Are you lacking in intelligence, or are you just a troll?      


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