Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Plan & The Path

I am finally getting around to reading ex-Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's book 'Officer's Oath' from the beginning (I have already done a little glancing through the appendices), and I had to stop and put the book down almost immediately, at the point where Terry reports Obama's 27 April 2011 press conference speech to the American people - on the occasion of his administration releasing a copy of his purported long-form birth certificate - which Terry was watching in the common area of his cellblock.  A fellow prisoner, who knew what he was there for, alerted him to the press conference clip that was being shown.  He watched as the man in the position of his former Commander in Chief announced to the American public:

"As many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today about the site of my birth..."

I had to stop right there, and collect myself.

Barack Hussein Obama - or at least, the man who is now calling himself that - is no dummy.  He knows precisely what the issue is.  And the issue - the real issue; forget the distractions involved in this mess of a situation - is his parentage.  Not where he was born.  He is a former lawyer and constitutional-law lecturer.

He knows.  And he is pretending, to the American people, that he doesn't.

It all has caused me to call him the Usurper in chief.  Perhaps I should add to his bona fides the title of The Great Pretender.  But that might belittle the matter a bit, in making a bit of fun at it.

It is no laughing matter.

The man has usurped the office of the presidency of the United States of America.

Arguably the most powerful office in the world.

And he is getting away with it.

And he has somehow convinced some very spiritual people - at least, people who think of themselves as very spiritual, and spiritual-minded - that he is 'the real deal'.  A very spiritual being.  Here, to help us - from that very powerful position - move into a higher state of being on planet Earth.  Into something that has been called the NewAge.  Or The Great Turning.  Or The Golden Age.  By whatever name, a time on planet Earth when humanity ascends to a higher level of consciousness; out of Third dimension - where we have been stuck for so long; learning lessons, but still, in essence, stuck - seamlessly through a Fourth dimension (which is more strictly of an emotional 'nature') to Fifth dimension consciousness.

A time of great celebration. Not only amongst ourselves.  But amongst our galaxy partners.  And amongst the 'celestial' beings - souls who have already advanced to higher levels, on The Path that we are all on - who are praising us for our accomplishment.  At least, for getting here.  On its threshold.  The threshold of that accomplishment.

That we haven't quite reached yet. And for some reason, seems to be continuing to be put off.

Over and over.

'A time certain' gets announced, in these spiritual circles.  And the time comes; and then passes.

And then another.

Curious, that.

For whatever reason, that, I hope I know what it is.

I hope I know, that it is because we are not there yet.

Have not reached the necessary consciousness yet, to break through into that new, higher level of consciousness that we are on the verge of.  So close to, now, that we can taste it, as it were.

And what is it that is keeping it just beyond our reach?  that elusive goal, that we have worked so hard for, over so many lifetimes??

I hope that it is because we haven't learned, quite yet, to appreciate fully the importance of Justice.

A terrible wrong has been committed.  It must be set right, before we can proceed.

I hope - I hope - that what is going on, in this business of constant delays, regarding a mass arrest (or 'containment') of dark energy forces, and a state of Disclosure about humanity's galactic partners, is that we are going nowhere until the matter of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president of the United States is cleared up.  And 'nowhere' can then become 'now here'.

An injustice has been committed.  It needs to be rectified; and Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's name and honor cleared, and reinstated.

He had every reason to question the eligibility of his Commander in Chief, because there was serious question regarding the matter.  He had every reason to, because of the chain of command.

And more: he had every responsibility to.

Because had taken an oath.

First, to the Constitution.

And then - only then - to the office.

Not the person.

The specific point at which the American government was hijacked - by people of ulterior intent - was when the Congress of the time convened to verify the Electoral College vote in January 2009, and the then-Vice President Dick Cheney, in his role as President of the Senate, failed to ask if there were any objections to the Electoral College's vote.

So this has been a bipartisan takeover.

Everybody - every body; every body of society - has been in on it.

Except for a large segment of The People.  Who have not been fooled, by the 'pig-in-a-poke' nonsense that TPTB have tried to pull over the eyes of the public.

The Powers That Be, and the mainstream media.  Their major partners in this crime.

As Dean Haskins says, in the back section of Lt. Col. Lakin's book: "That anomaly alone [i.e., Dick Cheney's role in this caper] should have alerted the media that all was not right, but the media had long before cast their lot with the new president."  Which is a subject in itself.  Involving the CIA; who, years before, had signaled their role in all this sort of thing, when the head honcho of the CIA was quoted as saying, in a meeting with some of his subordinates, something to the effect that "We will know that our infiltration of the media is complete when all that the public believes they know is what we want them to know."  And the fact that I have been unable to locate that precise quote on the Internet is a telling indictment of the point.

But not to be sidetracked here, at this point.

Just to conclude.  And I'll just speak for myself, here; to TPTB:

In trying to get the U.S. citizenry to ignore the question of Obama's eligibility - indeed, the whole question of his murky background, and who ALL have been involved in putting him in that pivotal position that he is occupying at this crucial time of life on this planet  - you are trying to get me to accept an injustice.

And I won't have it.

Because it is not in my nature to.

As it is not in the nature to do of any soul dedicated to, and in support of, the Light.

Not the Dark. Which is trying to fend off - with every weapon in its arsenal - the coming of the Light  as we speak.

Including these picayune, but so far, amazingly successful, weapons like ridicule.

One of Saul Alinsky's key Rules for Radicals.

Employ them while you can, if you must.

Before your day is over.

In the light of a new Sun - and a new Earth - for a new stage in life ON Earth.

One which does away with such inferior qualities as injustice.

Qualities associated with humanity's past.  Not its future.  In its New Era.

Which, by any other name, would smell as sweet.

And which will.  Once we get beyond the stench of corruption that is blocking the way, of its signaling - announcing - The Event.

To end all such Events.  On this level, of The Path.  Which continues on.  And on.  And on.

And waits, patiently, for stragglers.

Because it is not only made of justice.

It is made of Love.

Which is sorely stretched, sometimes.

Like now.

P.S.  To be perfectly clear: The man needs to acknowledge to the American people that he has deceived them.  Then, and only then, can we proceed.
     The saving grace in this whole thing of course being if the man confesses to his deceit, and apologizes to the American people for it, and puts himself to the test of their mercy.  The test being theirs as well: for their knowing that they, to varying degrees, had a hand in their deception as well.



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