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A New Age - Or Not?

[The following is just  taken from a 'chain letter' connection on email with some ex-members of the Findhorn Foundation.  It is self-explanatory; and rather pertinent to the subjects I have been recently been blogging on.  N.B.  I have cleaned it up a touch, from its originally being just off the top of my head.]

Thanks for this, Doug.  A serious look at the matter.  

My take is that it is both/and: It is tied to the As above, AND it encompasses the So below.  Meaning, that a major Shift is in the works cosmologically, and our personal relationship with it depends on our personal development.  There will be a major transformation of consciousness - what is being called moving from 3D through a short 4D stage (i.,e. an astral-level stage) to 5D - and we will go with it or not (at this time), depending on our 'homework'.  Whether all God's chillun will make it or not ultimately, depends on your source.  Some sources say that we fractals of the All That Is will all make it to the next stage of soul development, sooner or later; some say that some fractals have so abused their free will that they will, after a last chance for acknowledging the Light, and failing that hurdle, be taken to a Central Sun and transmuted.  I personally don't know which of those camps is closest to the ultimate Source truth in this matter.

All I know, personally, about any of this, is that I didn't choose to incarnate at this time - this major window of Opportunity - to waste my time; that I have had intimations in my life of the scenario as pointed out by many sources these days, i.e., of portals of energy opening up, and connections with both Galactics and Celestials (with Disclosure upcoming), and things coming to a head in life as we have known it.  And that's good enough for me, to support a major transformation of consciousness - and, consequently, form - on the planet.  Including the collapse of the western monetary system - i.e. to say, of interest-bearing money - and its partner, the profit motive, with the latter being replaced* by a higher motive for human interaction with Itself.  By the highest motive there could ever be: to share goods and services with one another (and give of our best in the process) out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.  And thus, anchoring an update of the Golden Rule; which could be stated thusly: 'As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself.'  Literally.  For We Are All One.  And All IS One.

It's based on the global awareness now - the solid information/evidence available in our time - of the truth of reincarnation; and therefore, that We Are One Another (just playing parts, in 3D; to learn lessons, and rub off the rough edges of our psyches).  And, taking that truth one step further: that We Are One.  And it's now time to recognize that - to step off the (3D) stage, and move into the real thing, i.e., a state of being closer to our real Selves.

And that's why there were/are places like Findhorn.  And that's why the mere cosmetic stuff - the 'glamor' - can, indeed, die out.  Because anything that isn't of the highest, just goes into the compost heap.

Of course, what I have just shared can be looked at, by some, as worthy of that trip as well.  But I'm not putting it out as anything other than my truth.  Whether it's the truth, remains to be seen.  

Check back in with me by the winter solstice...    


* the former being replaced with a simple credit-debit system, like a glorified LETS system.  But make no mistake: interest-bearing money - i.e., money as debt - is over.  Finished.  Done with.  And good riddance.  It has been our - the human community's - undoing.  But that's another subject.

Subject: the new age
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 18:46:18 -0500

Here is Encyclopedia Brittanica's take on it, with prominence given to David Spangler:
“In 1970 American theosophist David Spangler moved to the Findhorn Foundation, where he developed the fundamental idea of the New Age movement. He believed that the release of new waves of spiritual energy, signaled by certain astrological changes (e.g., the movement of the Earth into a new cycle known as the Age of Aquarius), had initiated the coming of the New Age. He further suggested that people use this new energy to make manifest the New Age. Spangler’s view was in stark contrast to that of Bailey and her followers, who believed that the new era would arrive independent of human actions. Spangler’s perspective demanded an active response and shifted the responsibility for the coming of the New Age to those who believed in it..."
"...The New Age movement united a body of diverse believers with two simple ideas. First, it predicted that a New Age of heightened spiritual consciousness and international peace would arrive and bring an end to racism, poverty, sickness, hunger, and war. This social transformation would result from the massive spiritual awakening of the general population during the next generation. Second, individuals could obtain a foretaste of the New Age through their own spiritual transformation. Initial changes would put the believer on the sadhana, a new path of continual growth and transformation..."
"...By the end of the 1980s, the New Age movement had lost its momentum. Although primarily a religious movement, it was derided for its acceptance of unscientific ideas and practices (especially its advocacy of crystals and channeling).  Then Spangler, Los Angeles publisher Jeremy Tarcher, and the editors of several leading New Age periodicals announced that although they still adhered to the goals of personal transformation, they no longer believed in the coming New Age.  By the mid-1990s, it was evident that the movement was dying, and New Agers in Europe began to speak of the move from “New Age to Next Stage.” 

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