Saturday, 22 September 2012

Next Steps For Humanity...

...Starting With America

Wars and rumors of wars…

Come on, folks.  You can do better than this.  We can do better than this.  For I am with you in 'this' as well.  Being 'involved in mankind'.  But my heart is not singing so well, these days.  In particular, for what is going on in American politics.  And within that subject area, in particular for what is going on in regards to the eligibility - to say, the lack thereof - of Barack Hussein Obama for the office of the presidency. 

This is a major constitutional issue, as to who is eligible to be Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, and who is not.  A dual citizen at birth simply is not.  The requirement for such a person to hold that particular office - and that particular office only, of all the federal offices - is to be a "natural born Citizen"; the definition of which, at the time of its inclusion into the very body of the Constitution - the law of the land1 - was to be the child of parents who were U.S. citizens.  And that definition has never been changed, legally.  

It is still there, in the Constitution, in black and white.  To say: in the law of the land.  For the new 'land' - the new nation; the new Republic - to be governed by the rule of law.

Not by the rule of men.

To argue for the rule of men - for arbitrary law - is to argue for the rule of the most powerful, when the rule of law, conversely, is to protect you from the rule of the most powerful.  From the law of the jungle.  Is to protect your rights, codified by your rule of law, in the constitution that you come up with - as amendable - to live your lives by.

There is something of major importance going on here, ladies and gentlemen, beyond just the passing pageantry of history (which has its own level of importance): the question of whether you are going to be able to progress - of whether you are ready to progress - or whether you are going to be left behind, for a little more seasoning, in third dimensional experience; to learn some spiritual fundamentals.  One of which is that two wrongs don't make a right.

I have kept a close eye on the Internet as regards this matter, of Obama's eligibility, and the arguments used back and forth.  As it becomes clearer and clearer that the so-called 'birthers'  have made their case2 - except yet in a court of law, where 'they' have been denied justice in the matter, due in the largest part to technicalities (and in others, due to a clear and outrageous misreading of the definition of 'natural born' citizenship; to the extent of pure audacity, and obvious corruption) - the opposition forces -  i.e., the revolutionary forces; now fighting off the counter-revolution reaction - have begun to resort to the pure last-ditch defense of: 'So what.'  That is to say: the defense of 'I command the high ground of public opinion.  What are you going to do about it.'  Or - one step short of civil war3 - 'their' argument has come down to a (presumed) question of 'precedent'.  And here, we come to the 'two wrongs/not a right' issue: the issue of the presidency of Chester Arthur. 

Chester Arthur - president from 1881 to '85 - came into the office from the vice presidency.  That Arthur was a British subject at birth was concealed from the public (his father was not naturalized until nearly 14 years after Arthur's birth).  The argument now is starting to be used to justify Obama's eligibility from the precedent set by Chester Arthur's case.  Bad try.  His ineligibility was not known.  

Obama's is; and in spades.4

So how is this confrontation going to end up.  

It can end up badly.  Very, very ugly.  Or it can up with us being on the side of 'the better angels of our natures' (to quote Abraham Lincoln, originally, and Barack Obama, recently).  To say:

We have a choice.  We can have a scenario where the two major political parties come before a  (legitimate) court of law on RICO statutes - for having engaged in conspiracy to break the law.  And have BHO come before a similar court of law on the same sorts of charges (fraudulent ID documents, e.g.).  And the same with all those individuals from previous administrations who have engaged in the same sorts of activities.  Which, e.g., led to the atrocity of 9/11, and all the 'wrongs' that proceeded from that one; and the conspiracy which led to the JFK assassination.  And…and...  

Or, we can have a series of Truth & Reconciliation hearings, to learn what all has taken place behind the scenes of daily life.  And thus learn what happens, not only when you don't pay attention, in a form of government where The People rule.  Are supposed to rule.  So, not only then; but what happens when you lose your vision, in and about life.  Without which, the people perish; in the words of The Book.  So: we can learn our final lessons that way.  And then move on.  Up, in frequency/vibration, for those who are ready to go up.  Or back, for those who need a little more seasoning in 3D.

Thus, America can lead the world into a cleansing experience of Truth-telling.  And that way, she can - after all - fulfill her potential, as the way-shower into a new, higher level of being for all humankind.

I know which scenario I choose for us.  And I hope that you will join me in it.  

In, to say, the end of the Play.  And the beginning of our next steps; off the stage of Illusion, and into the Real Thing, beyond the matrix in which we have spent enough time; honing, not our parts.  But our souls. 


P.S.  And when I say or allude to things like, 'Without a vision the people perish', that doesn't mean that I am a Christian, or a believer in The Book.  There's a lot in that source that is not of 'the highest', to put it charitably.  But there is some wisdom in there; and so I take from it what feels right and valuable, and let the rest go. 
     For example, reference to reincarnation seems largely to have been edited out of that record.  Whereas, there is plenty of evidence in our day and age of the truth of that concept: that we are just playing parts in a drama of our making.  So, once you realize that, wake up to the fact that you are just playing parts in a drama, why would you continue to engage in it?  Wouldn't you begin to wonder, What's behind the curtain, as it were; what's on the other side of the stage?? Wonder, what it's all about really???
     I 'get' that part of the reluctance to move on is 'the unknown'.  You know the drama.  But a moment of 'stop and think' should clear that reluctance, to move on, up.  Consider.  Since there is such a thing as reincarnation - a Plan - that means that there is a larger reality of which the reincarnation part - the drama on a stage - is just a part.  And therefore, the whole has to be considerably more than the part.  It's a good bet, then, to leave the part-playing behind, and go for the Real Thing.  Especially with a Plan indicating a Purpose.  And I assure you, that the Purpose is not for souls to stay embedded in the parts they play, for that purpose.
     The Purpose, I would submit, is to learn to Love.  Wholeheartedly.  Unconditionally.
     Like our Creator.
     Becoming like unto our Creator.
     So, come on.  Let's move on.  We will all be glad that you did; in the long run.  For we are all - obviously - in this together; on some level.  On a fundamental level.
     And that's why, if someone doesn't make the grade at this time, and has to continue to stay in the school of dualistic life, they will get another chance to graduate.  For, we are all of a piece ('a piece of the continent, a part of the main' in the words of John Donne) fundamentally; and will, ultimately, all return Home.
     The Home from which we all came.   
     All.  Of Us.
     Those currently in and of the Light.
     AND those currently in and of the Dark.
     Just playing their parts.
     For ultimate Reason.



1 "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof…shall be the supreme Law of the Land…"  (emphasis mine)  Art. VI, para. 2.
     Nothing about arbitrary interpretations of the law in that.  Contrary to what some law school students seem to have been taught, these benighted days; wherein some part-playing souls seem to want the personal socio-political proclivities of the Judges to reign supreme over We the People.  
     A test, perhaps.  And one that we seem to have failed - and are failing - miserably. 

2 although not even that camp (of 'Where's the birth certificate?'); rather, the camp of those who argue that it doesn't even matter where the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama was born: the fact that his father was a non-citizen itself renders him ineligible for that particular office.

3 for which the Obama administration would seem to be preparing.  Why else all this military movement going on, and ordering of major amounts of ammunition, and Executive Orders with the Executive commanding total - totalitarian - power over all food supplies, and water supplies, and power supplies…In case of 'national emergency,' yes.  And who declares a state of 'national emergency'?  And for what reason…
     Could the reason be for the implementation of the New World Order planned for us by our erstwhile Keepers?  That prison camp for a once sovereign people??  
     The true once, and future, King???……

4 This business of applying the perverted principle of two wrongs making a right is also reflected in this instance in the position by some Obama apologists, I have noted on Comments threads on the Internet, who have argued thusly about the election of George W. Bush in at the least the 2000 elections; saying that he stole that election, and where were all these people making a fuss about Obama's election then?  Or even invoking the documented irregularities in the 2004 presidential election - what about that, Republicans??  And you're going to make a fuss about a lil' ol'  word??? Leaving aside the little matter of both sides of the political aisle being involved in voting irregularities over the years - and, unfortunately, the tendency still going on - one wonders at the audacity of the argument.  It is, clearly, no argument.  Citing irregularities in other elections as some sort of justification for the ineligibility of a candidate to run for that particular office in the first place - for overthrowing the Constitution and, with it, the very rule of law; without which, anything goes  - is, well, childish.
     Come on, folks.  As I say: We can do better than this.            

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