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This Is How We Fix The World

On David Wilcock's website (divinecosmos.com), under his latest blog, in the last few days in its thread of Comments, someone posted the site of a person who calls herself HopeGirl.  It is a site for looking at the practicalities of the New Era (or New Paradigm; or New Age; or The Great Turning; or The Great Transformation - all names for the same thing: our time in space and time).  After presenting her readership with an excellent (in my opinion) overview of the background to where we are at on planet Earth (which she calls 'While You Were Asleep: The Story of the 2012 Revolution'), she then provides an outline for people to fill in who have developed a studied opinion as to where we go from here.  How would you fill in her questionnaire??   This was my response:

'This Is How We Fix The World'  by HopeGirl   (my submission: 18 September)

Name: kibitzer3
Email: s.stanfield@hotmail.com

1a) Goal / End Result: 

Goal: To align our individual and collective lives with the Love and Will of The Most High. 

The End Result is to share goods and services with one another - and give of our best in the process - out of a higher motive than the profit motive. Indeed, out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning. Out of, in a word: Love.

1b) Contingencies: 

Getting clear on Motive - on The Vision - makes all potential contingencies fall into place, in service to that goal. So a Contingency factor is for all humanity to wake up to the reality of being the sons and daughters (while we are still in the 3D polarity paradigm) of our mutual Source. 

1c) Milestones:

The first milestone is the elimination of money - at least, as it has been known (for too long now). (Hopegirl: You are operating under a false premise. The financial system as it is has to be released, for The New to be able to manifest. It does not exist within the current system: it replaces it. Doing things for profit is rendered obsolete in the era of The Great Awakening.) So there go the dual training wheels of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking. They have had their day. It is time now for the total New. 

The second milestone is the creation of a system of credits & debits (outwith the now-obsolete interest-bearing system) for services rendered to The System; similar to the LETS systems already in place, only taken up to the global level - where humanity is now at, in awareness; just not yet in total consciousness.

2a) Goal / End Result: 

Goal: To embody Ascension. 

The End Result is to accomplish Ascension, to a higher level of being/consciousness than we are at presently, in 3D; and to do it WITH Gaia, our beloved host Being.

2b) Contingencies: 

The step-by-step process for the accomplishment of our End Result is, first, to educate & awaken our brothers and sisters to the evidences for the reality of reincarnation as an integral part of the Plan of Life - that We Are, fundamentally, One Another; and then, taking one step further in awareness from that premise, that We Are One. Divine sparks - fractals - of One Holy Being. Involved in awakening, and making our way back, to Unity. So that As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - literally.

2c) Milestones: 

The 'large achievement' would be for us to experience ourselves AS sons and daughters of One Holy Being; on our way to the next 'large achievement', that of accomplishment of Unity - the Purpose of the whole exercise in Creative living: to make our way back to our birthright, of Oneness. 

3) Alternative Question: 

The more that people wake up to the considerable thinking and writing that has gone on in relation to our historical place in time, they will realize that we are verging on a place of no-time - a move out of the Matrix that we have been embedded in, and up to a higher level of reality; beginning to truly test our spiritual wings, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - and now at the end of that stage of our unfolding.


And just because it's of a piece with this sort of sharing - i.e., on Where We're At -  below is a response that I made ON that thread at David's site:

Kibitzer September 15

Patrick @ Sept. 13:

Thanks for the heads-up re: the Obama admin appealing the U.S. District Court's ruling re: provisions in the NDAA legislation that BHO signed into law quietly on the last day of the year. A poster on that site noted that that is a sort of formality, in order for the ruling (and appeal) to get to the Supreme Court to have national significance. But it highlights the general tenor of the BHO admin, which does not bode well for the American people - at least those who want the country/Republic to remain under the rule of law - the Constitution - and not fall under the 'rule of men'; as happened in Germany under 'I am the law' Adolph Hitler. And David W. (based on my reading of a lot of his material) is falling into a bit of a trap on this BHO business. Someone needs to tell him:

'David, with all due respect, you really need to know the fact that BHO is not a Constitutionally legal president; and if your response is to say - like some have to this issue - 'Oh well - but he's doing a good job' - you would become part of the problem.

'If the Constitution goes, so does the rule of law. And that will allow tyrants of either the Right OR the Left to take control of the U.S., and impose a police state on The People. Thank you, no thanks. There is a higher level of socio-econo-political evolution to get to than the current facedown between a NWO of the Right - roughly speaking, the Bush/Rockefeller camp - and a NWO of the Left - roughly speaking, the Obama/Soros camp. (It's the same perps at the top of the pyramid of power; but that's another matter.)

Neither of them is integrating the crucial piece to the picture: the piece of Spirit. To say, the spiritual component of our essence, and of the whole point to the process of life. Which is our spiritual unfolding; as sons and daughters (currently, in the 3D polarity paradigm) of a loving Creator; our Source; the All That Is. Not as serfs of material-level (erstwhile) Masters.

'Help us get there - to the next level up in the historical process unfolding: to the TRUE Synthesis. The Great Transformation. The New Paradigm. The New Age; by whatever name, it would smell as sweet. Not of corruption.'

David is accepting the perspective of many 'spiritual' types these days, in thinking that Obama is a high-spiritual being. He may well be. But at this point in time, he is acting out a role on the side of the Dark, not the Light. And we should be very careful of falling under his spell.

It may be a truism, but it's no less valid: Two wrongs don't make a right. An ineligible person in the presidential seat, AND a supporter of the Patriot Act & the NDAA 'indefinite detention' clause?? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Or at least a discerning little.

And on this subject, of the Dark Forces - and as we grow nearer to major action in this whole regard -  I would just like to point out the need for caution in dealing with 'the Cabal', i.e., with those individuals whom we may feel deserve our contempt and vengeance, as the truth outs of what all they have been up to, for a long, long time.  Remember to consider what the major quality is behind the whole life experience thing; which, in a word, is Love.  For, if if the dark-forces 'they' hadn't provided the anvil, we wouldn't be able now to beat our swords into plowshares; knowing what we know now about our various potentials.  They deserve credit, for playing their parts, in the unfolding drama, that has brought us to the end of the Play, and the beginning of the Real Thing - that is to say as well, that has brought us to the end of Time as we have known it: to its end for the bulk of humanity, moving up now in consciousness out of the 3rd dimension of duality & limitation into a realm/dimension of no-time; approaching closer to the 'land' - the ultimate goal of the entire exercise - of Unity. 
And we each have undoubtedly played such a role ourselves, in the panorama of the passing Play that we have been involved in - to learn lessons, and be each other's students and teachers, as we have had had our rough edges filed down, and our consciousnesses raised, in the process of purification that we have been involved in; tempering us, for just such an occasion as this: our imminent Ascension.
Or actually: for this very occasion. The next, major step on our Journey home.    

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