Sunday, 9 September 2012

Unrealized Expectations

Yesterday I was asked by Amazon to submit a review of a book that I recently bought from/through them - 'The Obama Error,' by Stephen Pidgeon - which I did; and in doing so, found that it brought up a whole train of thought for me.  A not particularly pleasant one.  It had to do with America, and where this country is at.  Which is at a major crossroads.

Upon returning recently to my home country after living many years abroad, I found some positive aspects to the life going on here, and some not so positive.  The positive mostly has to do with the cheerfulness of the people, even under adversity.  There is a good feeling in and about the country, still.  And I take heart from that.  The 'sunny American disposition' at work and play.  The not-so positive takes many forms.  I won't go into most of those here - they have to do with the brainwashing of the American public in terms of their diet, and health matters in general, for example.  (How long is it going to take the American public to wake up to the scam of fluoridation, for further example??  That was going on long before I left - in 1976; and before leaving, helped fight a delaying battle against it in L.A. - and it is STILL going on; even with all the good work that many are doing to alert the public to its dangers.  Wake the hell UP, folks.  Not only is it cutting you off from your better health - in the form in which it is being administered to you, it is a poison, after all.  But it is also cutting you off from your connection with your spiritual 'side', in its deleterious effect on the pineal gland.  More on which, another time.)  But I do want to pick up on one of those brainwashing aspects of it in particular.  That has to do with the phenomenon of Barack Hussein Obama ascending to the illustrious office of the American presidency - the most powerful office in the world.

Over in the UK, I was glad to hear of a major challenge to the (dis)likes of the W. Bush administration.  It seemed, from my perspective - residing outside of the belly of the beast, as it were - that the country I haves a passion for was being taken over by fascists - the definition of which is a government consisting of a major nexus between the corporate world and the government, in a harsh, control-imposed, do-as-you're told way.  Those kinds of people, e.g., were responsible - obviously; for those who had eyes to see - for 9/11,1 and its results, the so-called PATRIOT Act, and so forth: the country being prepared for police-state takeover - walking zombie-like right into the trap, whereby 'they' - TPTB; the Illuminati; the purveyors of a New World Order; call them what you will - were making the world safe for Halliburton.  Something needed to happen, to upset that scenario; and along came a half-black, half-white American - a perfect symbol of the, or at least a, newAmerica. And he even preached (a bit mesmerically; but still, desperate times require, sometime, desperate measures - measures that one might not normally approve of, for their people-controlling aspects) the gospel of Hope and Change.  A Change out of the direction in which the country was going?  I didn't vote for the man - voted for a staunch constitutionalist; to help get the country back on track, in alignment with its founding impulses, which it had departed from many years ago, IMHO - but I could certainly appreciate, and relate to, the message.

And then - after the election - I began to find out more about that man.  And got deeply disturbed about what I was beginning to find out.

Starting with his ineligibility for the office in the first place.  That particular office; which was also to be that of the Commander in Chief of the military forces of the nation.  The presidential qualification, of being a 'natural born citizen' - as opposed to just a 'citizen' - making sure that the holder of that office did not have dual loyalties or allegiances, because of being required by the Constitution to having been born of two American citizen parents.

Which this man wasn't.

At least insofar as the public could ascertain.  Since there was so much question about his birth certificate...and that whole scenario unwinds the way it has.  But I want to emphasize, here, another aspect to this story.   The aspect of how so many 'spiritual' people are being sold on Obama's presumed high spiritual roots; how he is a highly spiritual soul, come to help lead the whole world into its new era, of a Golden Age, aka Ascension.

Really?  This man, with his terribly checkered background??

I'll cut to the chase here (the chase for The Truth).  I find it hard to believe that something of high Light can come out of something so low down dark as Barack Hussein Obama's murky background.  From a Communist Party mentor who may well have been as well his real birth father, to mysterious time early on spent in Pakistan and points East (including, possibly, Russia),2 to his days in Chicago putting Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' into action, to a forged Selective Service document and wonky Social Security number(s), to his various name changes over the years; not to mention the obviously fraudulent COLBs and LFBC - his background has all the hallmarks of a forged identity.

Who is this man?  The American people don't really know.  He has come out of nowhere and pulled off the heist of all times: the purloining of the American presidency.  Right in front of the eyes of an adoring American audience.

Amazing sleight of hand.  Worthy of the best of the trade.  The trade of deception.

America - the American Republic; hard earned by the sacrifices of many men and women over the years - deserves better than this.

And I don't see that they will get it from the Republican Party.  The Republicans are almost as culpable in this heist as the Democrats, for not being a proper 'honorable opposition'.3

Corruption, they name is politics in America today.  Not a fitting epitaph, in the demise of the American Republic.

Or maybe - just maybe - it is.

And what a tragedy that would be.  

Talk about unrealized expectations...

...and talk, also, about how even the very elect will be the latter days.

That is to say: In our time.



1 Anybody who doesn't realize that there is something terribly wrong with the official 9/11 story just hasn't done their homework about that atrocity, and its cover-up.  Check out Scholars for 9/11 Truth; Pilots for 9/11 Truth; Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth; Dr. Judy Wood.  The list goes on.
     You have no excuse for your ignorance on the subject.  You have had plenty of opportunity to avail yourself of the facts.  So don't act surprised, if the boom lowers, and it lands right on your head.  

2 and the intriguing story, told by an American businessman - name of Tom Fife - about a conversation he had in Moscow in 1992 with a staunch Communist woman who told him about a half-black man name of Barack who was going to become president of the United States, and lead it into communism, so how do you like them apples?  or Russian words to the effect.
     I, for one, don't.  But keep reading.  (And Google the Tom Fife story, and read it - feel it - for yourself.)    

3 They obviously had their quid pro quo in mind, when they did a deal with the honchos of the Democrat Party to overlook the little matter of Obama's ineligibility.
     Both political parties need to be up before the magistrates on RICO charges.
     In fact, the whole sitting Congress needs to be dissolved, by The People - for having been an accessory to and after the fact of the constitutional crime having been committed; and for not doing their constitutional duty, for being a check on the Executive branch of government - and at least some of its members hauled up before the magistrates as well, for obvious acts of criminality in this matter.
     In an ideal world...                  

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