Sunday, 30 September 2012

The New

I have said, in an earlier blog, 'Come on, folks.  You can do better than this.  We can do better than this.  (For I too am involved in mankind.)'1  So what would "better" look like, practically speaking, I hear you ask?  (Go on.  Ask it.  Humor me.  If only for the sake of a blog, just on the other side of a full moon, in the last quadrant of a major year of Reckoning, on, and for, fair Gaia.)  

Okay.  Fair enough.  So let's look at it.

First of all, we must understand clearly that we have a new world to win.  Totally new.  Fundamentally new.  It may well not look like the world of nations as we know them today.  But a word of caution right up front; since the American Constitution is under attack as we speak.  It may well give way, to a New Look in the world of tomorrow.  But be very conscious of what you do.  To say: Don't give up something of value until you have something of at least equal value to replace it with.  And replacing the Constitution merely with the rule of men is not a very good idea - unless you can trust those 'men' to come from the very highest.2

And speaking of.

What sort of world do I envision, on the other side of the Great Divide (coming up, very shortly now)?

First and foremost: It will be a world where people don't do things 'for the money'.  They do things for the service to the society - the social order - of conscious, aware beings just like themselves - sparks, fractals of the Divine, on their joyful way back to Unity, Oneness with the All That Is.  And we will have the benefit of knowing that it will work, because we will have the benefit of being with totally likeminded beings - for we will have passed a test to get there.  In order to even be there, we will have had to be on a certain level of vibration.

All is made up of vibration.  "In the beginning was the Word."  And we in that New World will have had to have been of a certain vibratory level, of consciousness, to cross the river of Life to that side.3

If you approach life out of the consciousness of wanting to get something for nothing - forget it.  The higher realms are not for you.  But if you approach it out of a willing heart - out of a desire to be a vital part of such an enterprise - then it will work, for you, and everybody else thus committed to the welfare of all - of The One.

And that's why what I am talking about - The New World - is not 'communism', per se.  Is not of 'a hive Mind'.  In it, everything is held 'in common' - because everything is God, and God is everything - but without the proper consciousness, you will need rules, and laws, and a big state; perhaps talking softly, but carrying a big stick.

And that's why I am so unalterably opposed to the sort of system that the man who these days calls  himself Barack Hussein Obama4 is trying to call Americans to - and to which too many Americans are lending themselves to its siren call: because he is/they are trying to create a New Order - their version of a New World Order5 - without the proper consciousness for it to 'take' in, and thrive in. 

And that consciousness requires the elimination of money - of the interest-bearing money system, and its motivating force of the concept of profit - and its replacement with, at first, a simple credit--and-debit system, and Love as the motivating force that keeps things circulating6.

Things, that are going to change in their natures to a large extent anyway.  Like - very fundamentally, this one: energy.  We are now going to tap into the energy of the universe, for all of our energy needs.  We swim in a sea of energy.  All it takes is the know-how to tap into it.

Which we now have.7  

So, we are involved in a game-changer time.  So, people will do things out of the love of doing them, and sharing them with their brothers and sisters - with themselves, in essence,  Since We Are All One, beneath the roles we have been playing, for aeons of time.  Now to end.

The roles.

And Time itself.

For those who are ready to ascend; out of the 3rd dimension classroom, in which we have been learning our lessons.  And into an equivalent of graduate school.  

Of which there are grades.  And grades.  And grades…

For, growing - learning, and integrating, and unfolding - is the equivalent of infinite.

And that's the sort of consciousness with which The New can be:

In awe of, and appreciation to - in deep respect, humility, and, perhaps above all, in gratitude, for being able to share such magnificence with -  the All That Is.  That Ever Was.  And That Always Will Be.

And those who are not ready to graduate from the 3D classroom?

They will just have to go to another such classroom.

For, the one that has been provided us Humans by Gaia - for a long, basically lovely time; as to its holding space, the theater on whose stage we have played out our parts in the human drama - is dissolving with Gaia's ascension, too.  As Gaia joins its Solar system in Its graduation, too.  

As I sayi: A major time…

So: Come on, folks.  You can do better than this.  We can do better than this.  For we are involved in mankind.  And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls.

It tolls for Thee.      


P.S.  There's more to all this, of course.  Including how, after the Ascension process itself, we no longer have the same needs as we have had in 3D, of food, e.g.  At some point in the process - moving clearly up into 5D itself - that need falls by the wayside, for we will be purely in our light bodies, then.  Up until that 'time' - that no-time by then - we will go through stages, where, on the initial levels, we can utilize replicators, to make food out of 'thin air', so to speak.  Out of the energy field.  Out of light.
     But first things first. 
     And I mean that literally.  To say:
     the consciousness comes first.  And then:
     'All else will be added unto' us.

P.P.S.  And I might be wrong in all this.
     But I like to think that I am right.
     Because it's the world that I would prefer to live in.
     How about you. 



1 "And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls." - John Donne.

2 As one of the Founding Fathers said (James Madison; also known as the Father of the Constitution); to paraphrase: 'If men were angels, we would not need the likes of constitutions.'   Anything less than that kind of consciousness is liable to lead you into a dark night of despotism.  
     Absent the consciousness of the likes of angels, trying to live without clear rules - of rights and powers - is an invitation to disaster.  It is the sort of thing that the Germans experienced when Hitler said: "I am the law."  And Stalin echoed him, over in communist Russia.  And Genghis Khan before them.  And.  And…
     P.S.  Madison's exact words were: "If men were angels, no government would be necessary.  If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary."
     This country's Founding Fathers were giant souls, ladies and gentlemen of this era in the nation's life; raised up at that time for a divine purpose, in the establishing of this nation, on its way to being governed ultimately by a higher order of being - on its way as a beacon of light for the whole world to be governed thusly; not by tyrants of any kind.  Respect what they vouchsafed us - what they had to say, and did.  Better than you are doing at present.

3 We will be known - 'made' - by our auras. 

4 He has gone through a number of name changes.  Plus the crucial questions about his birth certificate; and his Social Security number(s); and the falsification of his Selective Service registration; and his passport file.  And.  And…
     Why did you buy a pig in a poke for your president, America?  What has happened to you, over the years, that you have lost your sense of discernment??  And will you get it back???…  

5 with the fascists - who are really the ones in control - having their version as well; just waiting in the wings, for a Crisis to bring it into being…
     Give it up, both of you, on the Far Left and on the Far Right.  Things have changed.  The Time has changed.  Didn't you notice???
     We are talking, here, too, about otherworldly beings, having been Controllers on Planet Earth for a long, long time.  Their time now coming to a close.  So, they are to be considered very dangerous, in the last throes of their power over Human.
     But there is nothing more powerful than the Light of the All That Is; shining brilliantly into this space particularly at this, our ascension time.  So all is well. 
      Rejoice, Human.
      Do not fear.
     All.  Is.  Well.

6 I am here to help you understand - really get - that the key to the future is no longer to let the moneychangers run life. Is to replace Force with Love.
     And it's not an option anyway. 

7 Thanks, in part, to Galactics.  But that's a whole 'nother story.  
     We also have our own homegrown systems.  So we can give ourselves credit as well, in this area of human activity, and initiative, and enterprise.

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