Saturday, 7 June 2014

An Affirmation


I want
The darkness to dissipate
                        the Light
To prevail
And us to return
Home, again

         or at least
As many of us
As can manage the Return -
               to say
    the vibrational exodus -
At this time.

So be It.

And speaking of 'it':
I want
What God wants
And that's it.

And God wants
What is best
For Us All.

                To say
I want to fulfill
My purpose in being here
At this time
In our long climb out
Of Time
And into
The Whole of It All.

And that is all.

As Thou art That
And That art Thou.

And speaking of
Who is what:
         Now that Obama
Has raised the ante
Of history -
                   to say, of
The historical process -
            to the level of
The imperial presidency
Of America, I
Can now enter
The equation.
And all is Done

except for those
Who don't make it this time
Of a lack of integrity
In their makeup.

Too bad they can't drink
The full cup
This time around.
           But that is
The Law.
And I affirm
That which Is.

And this is my country
                and nobody
Has a right to take it
Away from me.
So I will now inherit it
Any more damage is done
To it
Than has already been done
By both the Left
And the Right

In the play
That has been going on
For some time

To test us

for the leap
in consciousness
that is about
to take place.

Hold fast.
     It's going to be
An exhilarating ride


at the end

Of a major Era.

A Night

To remember

and mark well

For the future

that is already


in the Eternal


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