Sunday, 8 June 2014

As Things Heat Up...

…To Turning Point

Sunday.  The day of a New Day dawning for humanity.  For all of humanity.  Those of the Dark as well.  Since some - most? - of them are just playing parts, in the Drama that has been going on since time immemorial.  To 'catch our consciences'.  To say: to grow us.  In the field of valor that is the Illusion of 3D life - of duality, and separation, from our Source.

Finished.  At last.

But there is still some homework to be done.  And 'home' work, only in a relative sense…

As things heat up to boiling point - as they are, with such 'signs of the times' now as the Obama administration/illegal regime cutting off the ability of gun dealers to have customers access their sites to pay them electronically1 - it would behoove us to look at things from a positive point of view, and let the doomsayers have their day in the new sun, without giving them much energy (which only feeds them).  Before we can get to the ultimate stage of our New Age - of individual 'free energy' devices, and replicators for all our needs, and space and dimension travel, and such - we need to set things right.  Consider:

* All illegal aliens need to return to their home countries.  The New will not, cannot be built on a rickety, to say corrupt, foundation.  
     As I say: Things need to be set right first.2  And that includes

* Health measures.  Fluoridation - out.  (It's a scam; long story.)  Various additives in our food supplies - out.  Vaccines (especially the particularly deadly vaccines, engineered for that very purpose) - out.  Drugs with dangerous side effects - out.  Holistic, energetic medicine - in.  Making money no longer the object of the exercise.  
     And speaking of money:

* a) All so-called 'Prosperity Funds' released.  
   b) The dual 'training wheels' of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking - out, on our way to a moneyless system of exchange.  The whole enterprise operating, not on 'the profit motive,' but on spiritual principles.3  The main one in this context: People sharing goods and services with one another - and giving of their best in the process - out of a superior motive.  Out of the highest motive that there could possibly ever be: 
     out of gratitude to their Creator for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word: Love.  

But aren't religions just a belief system?

Yes.  Religions are.  But I'm not talking about religions.  I'm talking about hard Truth.  Enough of which is now in - from overwhelming evidences of the truth of reincarnation, and, therefore, of the operation of a/the Law of Karma,4 to the hard sciences, such as physics (and in particular in that genre, quantum physics) - to give us the basis for a/the New Era.  And which will be enhanced by visits from our galactic neighbors; as we prepare as well to sail those new seas, with America as the flagship of the fleet of Gaian nations to do so, if not the Chosen One.                    

In the meantime, do NOT give up your weapons of self-defense, for reasons of 'national security' or any other rationale or excuse.  They are what is keeping this country from being hijacked totally by the forces that wish to turn it into a mere region5 of their vaunted New World Order, of Total Control over the populace, of both the U.S.A. (the last defender of the concept of self governance/individual rights, as sovereigns in our own right) and the world.

To take it into a long dark night of the soul.  Under the pirate flag of Force.

As opposed to the true, fundamental flag, of - as I say; in a word: Love.

In true alignment with the whole Purpose of our Creator, in giving us the opportunity - as creators in the making/in our own right - to go exploring, in a creation of our own.

And to learn from our mistakes.  

And to prove that we have learned our lessons.  By our actions, now, at this Turning Point, in time and space.  To guide by a new star. 

The star of our higher natures.

Not of our lower, anymore.   

That Day is Done.  Finished.  As I say: At last.  



1 And how long from this hard-to swallow to their final spring of cutting off patriots' ability to access their own bank accounts, either electronically or over the counter?,  because of the standard excuse for such highhanded activity, of being for reasons of 'national security,' in the lexicon of a rogue federal government, that no longer recognizes the limitations of the Constitution - to say, the rule of law - on its actions??  Said government being governed by not only a Usurper, but a Despot, who has announced, in effect if not in precise words, that, quote, 'I am the law'.
     And I am not talking about Germany here, in the '30's, when Hitler rose to such power as to utter such outrageous words - and got away with it.  By a suitably cowed citizenry; to say, cattleized.
     The only person who should be able to get away with saying that he - or she - is 'the law' is someone who is standing for, and embodying, the real law.  The law of our Creator.  The Law of the Light.  Not of the Dark; which depends on coercion - Force - for its working-out.  More on which, see coming up in the main body of this blog.  

2 As for their children born in this country: They follow the citizenship of their fathers.  Their fathers should have thought about this, when they chose to enter this country illegally.  People need to take responsibility for their own actions.  And learn to.
     Now, I grant that many illegal aliens were seduced into that way of coming here by the siren song of those pernicious ideologues who came up with the idea of 'anchor babies' - and that needs to be set right as well.  (The idea is fallacious.  Only children born here and under the jurisdiction of this country and its states are born (native) citizens.  Illegal aliens are under the jurisdiction of - to say, are citizens of - their home countries.)  So, Love needs to enter this equation, as we deal with such anomalies.  But Love needs to be balanced out with Truth.  
     And sometimes, Truth can cut, like a sword.   

3 The fundamental one being a spiritually evolutionary advance on the Golden Rule; to say: 'As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself - literally.  For, We Are All One.  And All IS One.'

4 The Christian religion, as is true of some other religions, is in error on this point.  I won't speculate on the reason(s) for that error.  But it is a fundamental one; and the religion needs to be rejected on that basis alone.
     This was one of the basic reasons why I 'read my way out of' the religion of my birth.  I was born in the 'Mormon' Church, aka the LDS Church.  And it had/has some excellent spiritual tenets. (Among them: the concepts of a) free moral agency, and b) 'There must needs be opposition in all things' - polarity/duality, in this classroom, where Choice is the main subject.)  But it - as all other Christian religions - falls at this fundamental hurdle.  They are all, simply, man-made institutions.    
     There is a lot of wisdom in the Bible.  But also a lot of error.  I can't speak for other religions.  But basically, we need a clean slate, to progress from this point in our spiritual evolution.
     Which evolutionary energy is pressing on us as we speak; to move out of the tension between the thesis and the antithesis stages of the process, which tension is coming to a head, and rapidly now.   Forcing us into the Synthesis - the last - stage, of marrying the 'right' of the two - i.e., the aspects of each aligned with Truth.    

5  and a suitably subdued one at that; not 'exceptional' in any way, except in its capitulation to the Dark forces who have had a covetous eye on it since its founding, for its being of the Light, and in a special, destiny-filled way: of leading humanity out into the Light of a New Day, someday.  This Day.

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