Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I was just on the verge of cutting the Imposter a little slack when I found out about a little more of the despotic activity that he has been engaged in.

The first attitude came about last night when I came across a report in my emails of a propagandic attack on him.  Apparently engaged in by elements of the Secret Government that was put in place under the Bush W. administration, for the return to power of the NeoCons - after Obama and the Democrats/Marxists did a lifting job, of preparing the way for the Cabal's inheritance of a 'total state' - it consisted of taking some remarks that Obama made in a prepared speech at a meeting in Belgium and splicing them together, in a video, in such a way as to make it look and sound as though he were saying something of a derogatory nature about 'people,' who need to be subjects of someone or something, as in a New World Order, when actually he said just the opposite, took the 'traditional' point of view of Americans and America, in honoring the individual, as opposed to people being mere subjects of 'the state'.  I had never heard him say such a thing, and was impressed that he considered, and even extolled, such a fundamental fact of life.  And then the true nature of this con artist came out, and in spades, with actions speaking louder than words.

It came about when I read today an article in the May issue of Whistleblower magazine.  Titled 'A Lawless President And A Sleeping Congress,' subtitled 'Obama's breathtaking violations of the Constitution are met, mostly, with yawns' by former judge Andrew Napolitano, it is a litany of the brazenly dictatorial things that the Usurper has been engaged in, and how Congress has failed in its constitutional duty to hold him in check, by the Constitution's rule of law.1

Item.  "Obama bombed Libya without a declaration of war from Congress.  This arguably brought down the Gadhafi government, which led to the current state of lawlessness there, which produced the environment in which our ambassador was murdered in Benghazi in 2012 and established a dangerous precedent because Congress remained officially silent."

Item.  "He has told the 11 million illegal immigrants who are here and subject to deportation that if they comply with a new set of rules they will not be deported.  The constitutional problem is that the president wrote those rules.  Only Congress can craft such rules [my emphasis], and by the [de facto] president's doing so, he has schooled [such illegal] immigrants in how to avoid compliance with federal law."

Item.  "The [de facto] president has used drones to kill Americans, but claims he has done so lawfully because he complied with secret rules that he crafted.  Under the Constitution, if the president wants someone dead, he must afford the person due process or ask Congress to declare war on the country housing the person.  No worries, he says - he has followed the secret rules the he wrote to govern himself when deciding whom to kill." [my emphasis]

Item.  "One recent assault on the Constitution consisted (until it was canceled due to public alarm) of a plan by the Department of Homeland Security to effectively follow us as we drive on public roads by photographing the license plate of all motor vehicles.  This, too, was formulated without congressional approval or constitutional authority."2  

"And while all of these things are going on," Napolitano continues, "Congress largely sits as a potted plant…"  Just so.  And he wraps up his article thusly:

"These are dangerous times because this is a lawless presidency and a pliant Congress.  The [de facto] president's willingness to violate the Constitution publicly calls into question his fitness for office.  And the deafening silence from Capitol Hill manifests a spineless refusal to preserve constitutional government.

"The whole purpose of dividing and separating governmental powers is the preservation of personal liberty by preventing the accumulation of too much poster in one branch or, heaven forbid, in one person.  Whoever permits this to take place lacks fidelity to the Constitution, is unworthy of holding governmental power in a free society and should be removed from office."  [my emphases]

And that's why not only Obama must go.  But the sitting Congress.  For not abiding by the rule of law.

It is, then, the end of the exercise.  Obama - out.  Not only for ruling in a dictatorial fashion.  But because he was not eligible for that office in the first place.  And the sitting Congress - out.  Not only for not doing their constitutional duty in this imperial-presidency hijack of the federal government going on.  But because the nation's Congress (and both major political parties) colluded in the sitting of this illegal candidate for that office in the first place.

And on this disappointing - but apparently necessary - note,3 The Drama ends.

And I will take over now.  To guide us - America, and, via this particular ship of state (chosen for this purpose), the world - to our highest destination.        

For, this is my country.  And I will not have this low-consciousness sort of thing going on in my country.

We have better things to be about, now.

We have a New World to co-create.

It's time -  and nearly past - to get to it.

Before one aspect of the historical process that humanity has been engaged in, in getting here, tilts us over into disaster.4

We are walking a fine line, between the Scylla of socialism and the Charybdis of fascism.        

Steady as she goes.

And along that line (so to speak), and further on the 'voting' subject of my last blog:

I did as I said I would - refused to vote in the elections today in my state - and will continue to refuse to do so until the whole voting process is cleaned up.  If refusing to vote just allows 'the opposition' to waltz into power from the way you want it to be, then that's what it takes, for an educational time.  But I for one will not be compromised.  I operate my life by a strict standard; by absolute standards.

If things 'as they are' - to say, in this process we are still embedded in - are going to continue a little while longer: for state elections, you can do in your state whatever you choose to do in this regard.  (Although your state's citizens are also citizens of the United States; and I could get bolshie about this.)  But for federal elections, you will clean up your act.  I will not tolerate your running a shoddy ship.

As I say:  This is my country.

Hands off.  Or all hands on deck, as we weather the storm we are about to enter.

Your choice.      

And you will have to choose.  It is that stark of a situation, now.

The Light.

Or the Dark.

No Gray any longer.  Because

we are at the end of the line.  Going, neither to the 'Left' nor to the 'Right'.

But Up.

It is a time for celebration.

But also, for Completion.

Planetary.  And personal.

Here, at our long-awaited destination.



1 Which means he could in reality be a sort of devil's advocate; just playing a part, and a vital part at that, here at The Play's completion.  But we have to take things at their face value, for now. 

2 This illegal initiative is in partnership with the NSA's wholesale recording of all our emails and texts and phone calls and monitoring of our activity online.  There is no constitutional power for the executive branch to do this.  It is gross in more ways than one. 
     I will not live in, or allow, a police state.  Got that, NSA??  Do you want me to repeat it, for further clarity's sake???

3 As these things go…by way of theses, and antitheses, and momentary syntheses, which become - until the process is totally completed - the theses of the next stage of historical development.
     Now at an overall end.  Having come to the end of the line.  Meaning, that we move into either a global government of the Dark.  Or of the Light.
     And the Light, in the end, wins.
     Because we live in a universe of Light.
     And Love.
     The Love of the Creator for Its Creation.  And loving Us enough to give us free will.  To choose to return to the Whole at the end of our adventure in the testing land of illusion.  Or not.
     Our choice.

4 America could tilt over into civil war, as part of the potential of the unfolding spiritual evolutionary process.
     It is part of our tuning in to our better natures to see that that potential doesn't eventuate into reality.        At least, the reality of the Illusion; thus, a relative reality.
     Illusion, because, in real 'reality,' there is no separation from our Creator.  No Duality.
     We Are All One.  Facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, of the All That Is.
     Blessed be Our Name.

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