Monday, 1 October 2012

The U.S. Presidential Elections:

Romney Vs. Obama & Christianity Vs. Islam Vs. - ??

In reading the comments on the Comments thread of an Internet article about Mitt Romney I came across a criticism of him in relation to his 'Mormon' faith, in which the poster, an obvious doctrinaire Christian (or else just a troll, trying to have a political effect on the conversation), took him and his religion to task for believing that man could become as gods in our own right.  But there is nothing inherently wrong with that belief.  Else what's a heaven for?

Eternal adoration of our Source??  But you can have both, you know; it's not an either/or proposition.  They are not mutually exclusive conditions.  And in fact, the former - becoming as God - can be said to be a direct facet of the latter.

But I don't want to get bogged down here with the details of what is called 'life after death' (which is only the death, or rather the dissolution, of the human body, in 3rd dimensional 'reality', you understand; is not the death of the activating energy source, what we call the soul).  Rather, I want to look at this pending presidential election in the light of the religious perspectives of the two major candidates.  I will summarize, to make this blog brief - make it a blog, rather than an essay.

About the only substantive difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney that I can see - apart from the fact that the former would give a lot of federal tax money to the poor (creating a welfare class mentality amongst them) and the latter would give a lot of federal tax money to business types (creating a welfare class mentality amongst them); for which, a pox on both their houses* - is that in any major showdown between Israel and the Muslim world, BO would take the side of - put the U.S. on the side of - the Muslims and MR would take the side of - put the U.S. on the side of - Israel.

And for that, I would echo the parenthetical comment I just made in that paragraph; to wit: a pox on both their houses. 

What would I do?? I hear you ask, indignantly.

I'm glad you asked that.   It helps me fill out this blog, with some substantive stuff of my own.  So; the answer to your question is:

I would do neither.

I would help ring in a new paradigm.  

The new paradigm, for humanity, now.

For, it's time for humanity to leave the 3D drama behind - move out of the matrix in which we have been embedded for long enough (for too long, to my liking) - and go up to a higher level of consciousness, where we don't play out those kinds of conscious-developing exercises, but own a greater degree of our individuated consciousnesses, on our individuated ways back to Unity with the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Always Will Be (as far as we can know) - our Source.  Praise be our Creator's name, by whatever name we assign to The Eternal, and way we think of the Ground of our Being; the All-Encompassing; the Most High; the Supreme Being.  Take your pick, of ways to comprehend and relate to your understanding of our mutual divine Source.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.   

So, so much for our current differences; in this matter, and other matters, of The Play we have been engaged in; this human drama of our making - and the making of some unenlightened beings, whose control we are now going to move out from under, in our move now into the light of a new day.  Which process, and processing, most of us will move up from.  And some, unfortunately, will move back from; unable to handle the greater Light.  They will have their day.  But they will not stop the rest of us now from having ours - our Ascension, in the light of the new Sun, with which we will now be traveling, at least for some period of time-space (no longer 3D space-time), in our journey of eternal progression.    

It is the light of a New Day, dawning.  And with the new Light, comes new DNA.  Or to say, the additional DNA that we have been deprived of, during the 'pre-historical' time on this lovely planet - Gaia; our luxurious home away from Home.  With which we are about to ascend to a higher, more fulfilling, more fitting level for her as well; as this whole Solar system - as a Whole, in Its own right - is granted a more complete helping of Abundance in the grand cosmological and interdimensional scheme of things, in the Mind of the Most High.

Join in the fun, and joy, of that reward for our efforts, in uncovering more of the fulness of our potential.  Yes, after all: our potential of becoming as God  - as gods in our own right.  Gods in the making.  Moving from the Part to the Whole in Itself.

What the whole thing - the whole drama; the whole exercise; the whole splitting of the One into Parts in order to become One again, to have earned becoming One again - is all about.  

In order to seed the quality of Love into creations of Our Own. 

Oh - and as for the pending elections:

they are of the old.

It's time for The New.      


P.S.  Potential conflict of interest disclosure:

     I have been a 'Mormon' in my life - was born into that church.  I read my way out of it, ultimately.  But then, I'm not a believer in the doctrinaire Christian religion anyway; and a particularly good source of information in that regard, in my opinion - certainly not the only such source - is the book 'The Christ Conspiracy: The  Greatest Story Ever Sold' by a woman who calls herself Acharya S. 
      If one is interested in this sort of thing.  That is to say, in its essence: truth seeking.    



* The People can decide what to do with their income, thank you very much.  Not their erstwhile masters.  The message: Serfs' up.
     But to continue: 

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