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One For The Ages

Capitol Hill Outsider: 'It's Still Amnesty! by J.D. Longstreet - Feb. 2  (posted under, titled 'Dems Are Going To Get Their 11 Million New Voters.  It Makes No Difference What You Think!')  
the immigration reform proposed by the Senate & Obama is "utterly ridiculous" in handing citizenry to illegal aliens.  
My comment:

Well spotted, J.D. 

The answer is to build a fire under the state governors and legislators to get them to clean up the voting rolls and procedures, including establishing voter photo ID requirements and eliminating the electronic voting machines, and re-establishing a paper trail for voting.  At the very least, needing to keep people from voting ‘early and often’ – to say, closing the door to perhaps the most corrupt practice going, that of early voting without proper safeguards.

As it is, the country has descended into the same circle of hell as many third world countries with their corrupt voting practices.  If you can’t trust your voting to be honest, democracy is a sham, and it is not worth pretending otherwise.  Disgusting stuff.  I’m ashamed for my country, and its promise and potential, as a shining example for the world, to move away from authoritarian control, by Church or Royalty or Despot, and have a constitutional republic truly in working order.  What we have today is a disgrace.  Best to not vote at all, and vote with our feet to boycott elections until they are cleaned up.    


Plus this, from WND: 'Savage: Rubio Backers 'Secretly Working For Hillary' ' - Kathy Shaidle - Feb. 1 

    • Speak2Truth testplot 3 hours ago  [Feb. 2]

    • Whenever Americans give an inch to Democrats, things get progressively worse.

    • And Marco Rubio can't legally be President. Like Obama, his parents were not both US Citizens when he was born. Therefore, he is not a Natural Born Citizen according to the law.

    • You know, that law that was applied by the Senate in 2008 to resolve John McCain is a Natural Born Citizen because he was born to American Citizens under US Jurisdiction.
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      • Stan Stanfield Speak2Truth 5 minutes ago

      • Technically, it was never made clear whether he was born on the U.S. Naval base - and therefore "under US jurisdiction" - or whether he was born in the town hospital. As I understand it, the definition of NBC has to do with both jus sanguinis - born of the blood - and jus soli - born of the soil.

      • Of the two categories, the most critical one is jus sanguinis. If the candidate doesn't qualify under that proscription, the other doesn't matter. It's the 'dual loyalties' question that is the key issue.

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  • zonable NeoKong 12 hours ago

  • Kalifornification will eventually be ceded back to Mexico. And why not? The invaders are now almost 50% of the population. And it is a Blue State, so illegals obviously are able to vote.

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    • Stan Stanfield zonable a few seconds ago

    • Careful about giving up on the United States of America so easily.

    • A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed on its behalf. Plus the Left would love nothing more than to eliminate it, and therefore the Constitution with it.

    • The answer is not to give up on it. The answer is the old saying: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    • ===

This latter commenting brings up the issue of The Taking of America 1 2 3.  To which I will reply, briefly: I am personally not in favor of 'giving up and letting the Hispanics/Mexicans take over the Southwestern states on demographic bases to go with their political basis, of 'Reconquista' by 'La Raza' for re-establishing of 'Aztlan' under the 'Mexica Movement'.  

Time moves on.  Should the Israelis be ceded the whole of Palestinian territory just because their ancestors used to live in that area?*  And with an even stronger claim on the land than just sentiment: purportedly their God gave it to them…the point being: Where do you draw the line in this sort of attempting to rectify the past.  Peoples have migrated all over the planet from time immemorial.  No.  This is actually a ploy on the part of the far Left to take over the U.S. (and eliminate its Constitution; the big stumbling block to their plans ) and make the country part of their vaunted New World Order; as a region perhaps titled the same as the fascists wanted to remake it into, called the North American Union, with total assimilation between Mexico, America and Canada.  
I am personally not interested in such well-laid plans winning the day.  I am, rather, interested in seeing America lead the world into a true New Age.   The New Age.  

With a spiritual basis.  Not a political, or racial, one.

Rather, one for the ages.



* although there is question over that; in that many of the Israelis are descended not from the original Hebrew Tribes but from Khazaria in Mid-Europe; these descendants aka Ashkenazim. 
Perhaps the Khazars themselves were descended from one or more of The Lost Ten Tribes.  But as I indicate: What difference does it make now.  

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