Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Vision For The Future

First of all, to clarify some lessons for the present social situation; and as follow-on, and wrapping up, from just-previous comments I have made on the subject.

1) In a truly healthy society, no one should be rewarded for sitting on their bum, being paid by the taxpayers to do so, that involuntary handout enabling them to do so.  There are plenty of jobs in any society that need looking after.  I understand that a lot of this sort of thing has been phased out, by the Left arguing that such jobs - keeping the cities clean, or being bussed out to the farming countryside for agricultural work, say - are demeaning.  Excuse me?  What is more demeaning than robbing a human being of his or her sense of personal integrity??

And speaking of the females involved; and as for single moms, staying home with their young children: They should never have been allowed to have babies on the taxpayers' dime.  Helping a family in temporary need of financial assistance is one thing.  Creating a dependency class/way of life is quite another.

I recognize that they have been seduced into this activity, by the government's promises of financial assistance in their child(ren)'s growing-up years, and the offering of various.'freebies'.  But that practice needs to stop.  (Speaking of demeaning...)

Now, it can be argued, in a facile way - in a show of a sort of chutzpah - that such inducements are 'healthy', and of a 'positive' nature, in furthering the free will causes of life: that life is all about making, and giving people, moral choices.  And that 'take' on the matter has a bit of a legitimate point to it.  But when the moral atmosphere has become so perverted and polluted, so tainted as to cause the near-financial collapse of the nation,1 it has gone too far, and needs to be a) reined back; and even better: b) reset.


Which I am here to help do.  In calling for:

1) a Jubilee on debt; and

2) a drawing of the line on such welfare problems as have been going on for long enough.2

The States, of course, can set their own policies; America being - still - a federal republic, having such a form of government.  But federal policy needs to change, and no longer support such a social order.

If I have my way.

The moral bottom line: Living on someone else's income, without their express permission, is theft.  Charity - giving, of one's free will - is a virtue.  Theft, besides being a vice, is a crime.

The federal government needs to cease, as of now, running, and being, a criminal enterprise (in many ways).

And that goes for any mandated use of the taxpayers' income; including for what is often euphemistically called 'defense'.  We need now to work for a world at peace with itself.  Until we - collectively, worldwide - get there, nations still have the need for, and right of, self-defense.  But that expenditure should be on the same basis as America making temporary financial assistance to and for its citizens; to say: on a voluntary (and well-monitored) basis.

People could indicate what percentage of their federal tax that they want to go to what federal program. And the States could choose to do likewise, if they so chose.  Their call, for their individual needs.

And so forth; in returning, or at least, getting to a more fair state of being, than what America has developed into, for some time now.

Now.  Having learned those lessons...

Is this all beginning to sound too confusing??

I have a better idea anyway:

2) The elimination of money altogether.  And the substitute creation of a social structure along the lines of what Jacque Frescoe and Roxanne Meadows have pioneered, with the establishment of a 'resource-based economy'.3

I will let their material speak for itself.  (  But I will say one thing here, in conclusion.

Some people have rejected these ideas, of a veritable paradise on Earth based on goodwill, and mere 'reason', as utopian, not taking into account 'human nature'.  Jacque has - effectively, in my opinion - dealt with this question, of 'human nature', by pointing out how so much of it has been developed by the life circumstances - by the environment; and therefore, is subject to change, is not a 'given' in its own right.  However, a weakness in their philosophical argument - again; in my opinion - is that it does not take into account the whole of the 'human nature' picture.

That Man is, as well  as a dominant species of mammal, hardwired for 'survival of the fittest' responses, 'a spiritual being having a human experience'.

And it is the incontrovertible recognition of that additional factor that will take their idea out of the realm of 'blue sky thinking,' and make it more tangible.

The recognition that can come, now - beyond anything available to previous generations - from the likes of all of the Near Death Experiences that people have reported on, in extremely credible and detailed ways, in books, and videos, and so forth; and the various studies that have been done in this area, because of this wealth of material coming out in our day and age.

Our day and new age.

Our Golden Age.

Just waiting for us to step into it.

By way of our free will.

For, once we get - really get - that 'we are all God's children' - literally; and come back for many goes at a bite of the apple of 3D life, and therefore have been playing, and exchanging, parts, in a drama of our making, with a purpose: that being to grow, in knowledge and wisdom, from the experiences - we can never go back to the old ways of being.  Of being separate, in our various nationalities, and races, and religions, and cultures.

In knowing - really knowing; now with evidence - that We Are One.

Aspects - fractals; points of view - of One Holy Being.

And that we have work to do.

To get back to a state of Unity with our sacred Root.

And it is that Root, for us to grow from, that will cause us to flower, in ways that we have only begun to dream of.

And so, we can now move to a moneyless society, based on a higher motive than the age-old one of 'profit' (which is only a concept; not a law of physics, or sociological determinator).  Sharing our goods and services with one another - and giving of our best in the process - out of the highest motive that we could ever have: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

Out of, in a word: Love.

Which is what makes all such things - as individuals; as societies; as planetary communities - grow.


To the Light.      



1 as has been the point of the Left, in its application, for years now, of what is called the Cloward-Piven Strategy: a Marxist sociological scheme to crash the capitalist system - bankrupt it in trying to support an intentionally growing welfare class -  in order to establish socialism on its ruins.  And so much for the subject of 'morality'; and for a healthy debate on that subject itself.  

2 Although there has been a value in such moves bringing societal things to a head, beyond what the purveyors of such tactics have intended.  For more on which, read on.
     (And which is in the same vein as giving thanks to those arrogant and greedy bankers who have played their parts so well in creating the calamitous conditions for the need for a new societal paradigm; with people at the bottom of the pile AND at the TOP of the pile having caved in to the gimmee mentality.  And thus showing what happens when The People lose the prime vision about life.  But, as I say...)

3 And, independently of them, Peter Joseph with his Zeitgeist Movement, along the same lines.

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