Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Don't Get Me Started...

A propos of the Super Bowl, and the theme of 'Monday morning quarterbacking', I have been reading some articles analyzing the November presidential election, and have some observations to make - on it, and on them.

 First of all, and for accuracy's sake: We don't really know who in point of fact won the presidential election.  There was so much reported fraud (people voting more than once; questionable citizenship qualification, beyond just 'resident'; the deliberate blocking of military absentee ballots; the electronic machines switching votes; intimidation of poll observers; some precincts reporting 'over energy input,' in the form of a larger percentage of votes than registered voters; and similarly obviously wonky figures in some areas with not a single vote cast for Romney*) that what was reported could well have been but the tip of a very big iceberg - big enough in its swing-state areas to have swung the election.  So, chicanery and general fraud could well have won that day, and so the outcome could well have had nothing to do with varying political 'principles'.

And along that line, a second observation: Who is more caring for people - someone who helps create the conditions for more and better jobs, and thus for a healthy and vibrant middle class; or someone who makes people dependent on the state for their sustenance, and who creates that mentality within them??

And by 'the state' I mean, of course, the taxpayers.  Who may well get angry, and legitimately so, at their hard-earned income going to support people 'on the dole' - on the handout from the confiscatory state.  The 'haves' being required, at the point of the government's gun, to support the 'have nots'.

Well; I say: No more.

The life experience is not properly about learning to be irresponsible.  It is properly about learning to be responsible.  To take responsibility for one's actions.  And to know - to say, to learn - that actions have consequences.

That is the heart and soul of the lesson.

P.S.  Does this mean that I want the election to be re-run?  No.  It's over.  It's now time to move on.  And to move on in a big way.


That's enough about a thought for the day.  It's just that I get so peeved when people pervert the life experience - pervert the very purpose of the life experience.  Which is to learn fundamental lessons about taking responsibility for one's own actions.  And how can you do that, if you succumb to the siren song of those who would have you rely on 'the state' for your well-being?  To rely on power outside of yourself??  You, who are a god in the making; after your Creator, Who loves you, and wants that best for you???...

It's time to get back to basics.  Because we need to learn those basics, in order to progress from here.

A progress which is facing us, "in a big way," as we speak.



*  How likely is that??  Blacks and Hispanics have individual minds; they are not a part of a hive mentality.  You only get that sort of thing - or at least, report - in totalitarian countries.
     And I say 'report', in particular because of the observation made by Stalin many years ago, to the effect that 'it doesn't matter who you vote for, what matters is who counts the votes'.

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