Monday, 11 February 2013

King For A Day


"My fellow citizens.  Not 'subjects'.  Citizens, of the Realm:

"First, I want to thank now-former Congressman Ron Paul for elucidating the founding principles of this nation so well, and for standing for them so well.  Principles such as self-reliance, and personal responsibility, and most of all, individual liberty.

"You did well, son; he said, who is two years older than this grand old man of current American politics."

[The Citizens present for this Proclamation-reading chuckle, even without cue cards.  And even without any audience prompters in sight at all. Strange…there was beginning to be a bit of a sense of nakedness in the air, as the King For A Day continued:]

"Next.  I want to admonish the practitioners in the modern allopathic medical profession, for failing to honor one of its founding principles: to First, Do No Harm, in the matter of vaccinations especially; and for failing to be proper scientists and members of their caring profession, in not monitoring properly all the results of their handiwork in that regard.  All of those results.

"Medicine is - was - an honorable profession.  These modern practitioners of the trade have brought it into ill repute.  And especially as part of the medical-pharmaceutical complex that has grown up, lo Frankenstinian-monster proportions, over the years.  And more on that  anon; with especial regard to its complete embodiment, as the medical-pharmaceutical-government complex, that is and has been haunting our current sick-industry culture with its malefic presence.

"I could go on, in admonishments; in particular of all the damage that has been wrought in the name of profit.  

'"For what does it profit a man, to win the whole world, and lose his soul.'"

[Some chuckles; but also, some unease developing.  The King For A Day was beginning to cut a bit too close to the bone for some in the audience.  He was taking the - much promoted 'new and improved' - Reality Show concept a bit too seriously…]

"But I will cut to the chase, as it were, and proclaim the end of money.

"At least, money as we have known it: a debt creator.  Through the instrument of what we humans have called interest.  Which will henceforth be no more; as we move up to a higher way of being, and level of consciousness, on this lovely planet that is itself moving up in the same way: to a higher level, higher reflection of its, and our, potential."

[Some in the audience are beginning to get restless, and look around, a bit embarrassed, at their neighbors.  But some of them were listening.  Even, apparently, intently…]

"For, all of creation is involved in evolution, to higher forms, reflections, expressions of the divinity within.

"For us humans, that takes the form of moving up out of third dimensional consciousness, quickly through a fourth dimensional level, marked by emotional detritus - the so-called Astral level - to fifth dimensional consciousness, and awareness.  Where 'neither moth nor dust doth corrupt'  - that is to say, where things of the 3D matrix, of illusory reality - a construct; a simulation - that we have been embedded in; and can even be said to have been incarcerated in - no longer exist."

[Some in the audience begin looking around them, with a different 'take' on what was going on; for having heard recently of just such a scientific concept of the universe: that it was like a computer simulation, with an underlying latticework of pixels.  What was going on here? they began to wonder.] 

"Including'" [the King For A Day was going on] "lower forms of emotions.  So, that baggage - of such as fear, and anger, and lust, and pride, and dishonesty, and oneupmanship - is left behind, as though in ballast bags, as we - and in order to - soar, now, where even the sky is no longer the limit.

"How do we live without money?  Ah; that is indeed the question.  And the answer, simply, is: Beautifully.  Fruitfully. Abundantly. 

"The more detailed answer, is because we will have released the concept of profit as our motivator, and will live in communion."

[Oh oh, some in the audience thought.  He's a damn communist.  Here it comes!  But he went smoothly right on:]

"With one another.   With Gaia, our home for the journey; for a time.

"And each with our higher Selves.  And all with our highest Self.  Which is our Creator; of which we, to say our individual souls, are fractals; points of view; pieces of the Continent, parts of the Main, in the words of the philosopher poet, in describing - trying to describe -  our relationship with each other and with our Source.  From which we came; and to which we are in the process of returning."

[The crowd is now eerily quiet.  Having sussed that this was no longer a Reality Show.  But the real thing.  Of, the real thing.]

"And more quickly now, as we face our ascension to this new, higher level of our being that we are already in the process of inheriting.  

"A realm where we will share goods and services with one another - and give of our beast in the process - out of a higher motive than the age-old but no longer appropriate one of profit.  Out of the highest motive there could ever be: out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning.

"Out of, in a word: Love.

"And in that kingdom, not so incidentally, there is no strife, or poverty, or pollution; for in it we move up to a higher level of being, literally.  With free energy devices, and food replicators - 'manufacturing' food out of the latent energy of the Source Field; to say, out  of Light - and such.  

"And advancing quickly from that level of facility with our more rarified environment to a state and stage of not even needing food any longer, for living exclusively, then, in our Light bodies.

"In the Day when I Am - and You Are - a King."

[The audience was quiet.

[Nothing more needed to be said.  Or done.

IThe work was complete.]


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