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Memories Are Made Of This

Speaking of "governors and state legislators',  as I did in my last blog, the theme is picked up in this one, for further elaboration.  First of all, I'll let a comment that I just made on an e-newsletter site speak for itself.

This was to an article at Natural News titled 'USDA school lunch reform rules are a complete hoax: here's the proof' by Mike Adams (host of that site) on Feb. 2.  His article opened: "With huge fanfare and an overdose of propaganda, the U.S. government is announcing it's going to reform school lunches and vending machines to eliminate junk beverages like sodas..."  My comment:

Stan Stanfield · Top Commenter · Stanford University
I agree with the general tenor of this article, in drawing attention to the dangers of HFCS and aspartame, and GMOs, and sugar itself - but I just don't understand one thing: How did the federal government ever get away with claiming jurisdiction [over] what goes on in public schools, as regards lunch items or anything else? Its role is to regulate interstate commerce. Unless these products should be taken off the interstate market en toto because of their scientifically/governmentally declared health hazard, these sorts of decisions are outwith the federal government's regulatory power. 

What happened in this country while I was away for some 30 years - did the socialists take over, and replace the federal form of government with a centralized form? Where is state and local government in these sorts of things? The states need to get off their behinds and claim their 10th Amendment rights back - and the people need to stop kowtowing to the federal government, and tell that behemoth to Butt Out of their affairs. These sorts of decisions are up to the parents and their local boards of education, and local and state regulations. The same with selling raw certified milk intrastate. But don't get me started on the larger picture......


And ah, the memory kicks in...

It's 1969, and I have just returned to California after a half-year stint working in a resort complex in the north of Idaho (Sun Valley, if you want to know the detail).  I had been living in Southern California for many years, working at various jobs while I got on with my life as - in a nutshell - a 'seeker of truth';1 and the day came when I just couldn't take 'it' any longer - the noise of a big city, and the people living their little lives, for the most part oblivious to the fact that they were very God - oblivious to it, with their noses so close to the grindstone of daily life that they simply couldn't see it, cognize it, get it.  So I leapt at the opportunity provided me at that very 'moment', as it were, to become a foreman of a 'building maintenance' crew at the resort which I knew to be deep in the mountains of northern Idaho; country that I knew a little about, from having lived there - or at least, on its edges - in  small town for a very short tine as a child.  We moved there - my older brother and I, with our mother and her new husband (whatever those terms meant; I didn't have a clue, including the one of a 'mother')2 - when I was half-way through my first year of elementary school, in the capital city of the state (called Boise; the town we moved to was called Payette), and stayed until the end of my second year of school, when we moved to Southern California.   (Or, as it was still known by then, southern California - a geographical designation, not the state of mind that it has become.)

Towards the end of that summer season I had gotten spiritually restless - not understanding why things weren't happening on the planet, dammit - and quit the job to go do some more detailed research into the Mormon religion, handily from there just down south in Utah.  I had been born into that church, but never really 'took' with it until some years after I had gotten involved in my investigations into various religions, and 'spirituality' in general.  There were aspects of the Church that made sense to me, but some that didn't.3  So off I went, to the library 'stacks' at Brigham Young University (in my town of birth, interestingly enough, to me), for some serious reading, in Ph.D theses and such, into the founding years and aspects of the Church, and Joseph Smith's story; and then from there, back up north to Salt Lake City, where I took a cheap hotel room near the main City Library (and a historical society's reading material) and continued my investigations.  It was there and then - in the dead of a very cold winter starting - that I read my way out of the Mormon Church.4

I returned to my former job at Sun Valley briefly for its main, winter season, but was still restless, and decided to move on; which decision took me ultimately5 to the East Bay Area of northern California, where for some time I gave a hand in the raising of my brother's family.  He had died in an accident just previously to this time period, and had left a family of five children (the last just having been born), with no income to speak of (he had been a bit of a dreamer, with an entrepreneurial desire to make a movie about the Mormon religion; which dream he had been struggling with financially at the time of his death).  I felt some responsibility, as I had lived with him and his wife for some years prior to this; my brother having helped me out when I returned to  California from my quixotic trip across the country 'to see the president,' and with no prospects for next steps.  So I was close to the family; and gave a hand in their upbringing - taking them for Saturday afternoon outings, and so forth - until first, my sister-in-law remarried; and secondly, I had a rendezvous with the government of my day. And here we come to my memory.

When I moved to that area I found a job with a small furniture manufacturer, which made a nice line of commercial and residential furnishings.  I started in the fabric section - marrying up our line of fabrics (or those ordered in by the customers) with the orders - and ended up as assistant manager of the whole operation.  It was in the latter category that I came up against my Nemesis.

A quick word of explanation.  All of my reading, in the political arena besides the spiritual one (for me to know what was going on on the planet in my time, and leading up to this time) had led me to understand that there was a powerful Cabal of people - made up of leading individuals and families mainly in the corporate and banking scenes - who were intent on running the world, for their interests, and in their 'name'.  (A particularly telling source about all this is the book 'Tragedy and Hope' by Prof. Carroll Quigley; also the well-researched books by Antony C. Sutton.)  Their goal was to establish a world people-control system they called the New World Order.

It was my goal to stop them.  Because their vision for the planet was a merely materialistic one.

Mine was a spiritual one.

The spiritual one.

And it did not countenance a takeover of America for their version of the future planetary society.

The main stumbling block to which was this nation - this federal republic - and its Constitution.

And so they had set out, years previously, to subvert the Constitution, and attempt to turn it to their interests.  The initial stage of which was to centralize as much power as possible in the federal - central  - government.  And thus entereth into the picture I am drawing here: OSHA.

For Occupational Safety and Health Act, or Administration.  A bit of new federal legislation which was subverting the federal republic form of government that was the American one, and making a step-by-step excuse for total takeover of all aspects of life from that center.

This was now in 1972.  Under a 'conservative' president, Nixon.  Go figure.

I was doing my job one fine day when I opened the mail and found a notice that I, as asst. manager, was to put up on the wall of our work premises, from the named Administration.  Listing a bunch of H&S steps that we were thenceforth to inculcate in our business.

And it was going to be my job to see that they were carried out.

I tried to find out what the hell was going on, why such measures weren't a matter between our management and the union that the work force had representing them, or between our company and the government of the state in which we were operating.  Where did the federal government get its authority to hand down such a thing??

The nearest I could find out was that the federal legislation had something to do with the 'commerce clause' of the Constitution, i.e., that the federal government had the power, and responsibility, to, quote, "regulate" interstate commerce.  But what did that have to do with regulating working conditions on the premises of said businesses??

Apparently the rationale being used by the apologists for this takeover of the federal form of government was that the working conditions in a business dealing with interstate commerce could affect the cost of said commerce items, and, ergo...

It didn't matter.  I wasn't interested in their sophistic rationales.  There was no way I was going to be a party to such highhanded crap.

So I quit.  Left a note for the owners of the business explaining why I had done so, and warning them in it about the takeover that was going on, that was going to affect their business.

And ended up getting rid of all of my worldly belongings, and writing a letter to the Oakland Tribune about what I was about to do, and did it.  Which was to throw a brick through the window of the local IRS office, in protest of my tax money being used for such nefarious purposes.6

So, I had my say.  And here we are, all these years later, with the federal government still at it.

Under a liberal government, this time.

Plus ca change...

Only, more than just a 'liberal' government.  This one means business.

Big business.

Just of a different kind, than the one of the fascists.

To the Public, I say, and warn:

Go neither to the Left nor to the Right.

But Up.

It is there that you will find your utopia.

Not in people control measures.

Not, to say, via Force.

Only through Love.

The Love of the Creator for His/Her creation.

And vice versa.

Please.  If you learn nothing else this time around:

Learn this one.            


1 which time period and inclination included a (mostly) walk across the continent, "to see the president and draw to his attention that the way to end all our aches and ills is to do away with money.
     "If, after considering the matter thoroughly, you agree," I went on, in a letter to the editor of the various newspaper offices that I came across on my way," and wish to raise your single voice also, I suggest you write a letter saying so to Mr. Kennedy".
     (In the event, I delivered my message - to a Secret Service-type fellow at a side gate to the White House, which was as far as they let me get - and turned around and made my far-less-liesurely way back to California, where I picked back up the thread of my life, almost as if nothing had happened.  I say, almost.  Everything had changed, for me.  I couldn't go back to the way I had been before: a simple, quiet citizen, totally subservient to the state, and way of being around me.
     I was now a citizen - an inhabitant - of my own state, of being.  Subservient to one, or anything.
     It was just me and God against the world's way of being.)  

2 My brother and I had been living with an older couple - who took care of such kids as us for a living -                   while our mother, having divorced our father when I was still in diapers, went to secretarial school.
     I of course knew nothing of any of this until years later.  I lived in a big house with an old couple and my brother, and occasional other kids passing through, for various periods of time, and that was it.  Oh - and it was beside a large park, with a swing pit, and which was flooded periodically with warm water, which I would walk in, in my orange bathing suit; which color was one of the first words that I ever learned.  And for some reason would, for many years, confuse with 'green'.  Which was perhaps because of the association with the grass.
     Now let's see.  One of these is 'orange,' and one of these is 'green'.  Now which way does that go...

3  Not to go into all that here; but just briefly, to say that they believed in a pre-existence of the soul, but didn't believe in reincarnation.  Why not??  The one without the other didn't make sense to me; since, though we are very gods - gods in the making; after our Creator, of which we are sparks, fractals of the same Essence - while we are encased in matter, and living at this material level/density of being, we cannot create souls - as we would be able to do once we had finished our education and could become as our Creator Father/Mother God; so, children are just a gift - teachers and pupils - for a time and season, as part of the human curriculum.
     The answer to the/my question, Why not, was obviously because 'Christians don't believe in reincarnation'.  A shame.  That belief is keeping them from the truth.

4 Too long a story to go into here.

5 To say, after a brief stop-off back in Salt Lake City, to get my bearings for my next steps.  In my earlier stay in the city I had come across a rightwing bookshop, full of interesting material, on what was going on in the country and on the planet of a political nature,* which included information on the mind-control/socialist techniques of teaching reading in our public schools.  As my eldest nephew was just starting school at the time, I decided to investigate that angle; and it was this that gave me my 'cue' for my next steps.
     I wanted to see if he was being brainwashed, and if so, how they were doing it in this time and place.

     * an outreach activity of the John Birch Society; whose (well-researched) material I was already familiar with, from my time in Southern California

6 My protest was also about something else that had come up at that historical time, which was the straw that broke my proverbial camel's back.  That had to do with the federal government wanting to impose draconian controls on the strengths of various food supplements that the public could purchase OTC, and even the types of substances available.  The intended strength for vitamin C, e.g., was laughably minuscule - about what one could get from a single orange.
     The government didn't want people to be treating themselves for health issues, you see.  They should go to their doctors for that sort of thing.  Allopathic doctors; who don't know about such mundane things as nutrition.  That's for the dietician to take care of.  Their job is to prescribe drugs for ailments...and so forth.  You get the idea.
     It was becoming an autocratic world.  (Wonderful for the corporate elite behind it; and the erstwhile people contollers.)
     And I wasn't going to have anything more to do with it.  
     It was not my world.
     To hell with it.


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