Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Bridge Too Far

A word of clarification about the end of The Process, and where we are at.  For we still have a ways to go yet.

For one aspect: Until money is no longer seen as something to be made (and grown), but simply to be used, we still have steps to take, in our consciousness.  But, having uncovered Truth as that with which to operate our lives by, we are (will be, shortly) no longer taking steps up the mountain, as part of the unfolding process that we have been engaged in in getting to the peak of our 3D experience.  We are simply moving further onto what has proved to be a plateau; with 'money' considered - becoming - as simply a means (of exchange).  Not an end in itself.  

And anyway, what need is there for money as it has come to be known, in an 'environment' - more like a stage of accomplishment -  of the likes of what are called free energy devices, and replicators?  Of simply manifesting - out of the very stuff of the universe - all that we need?  Out of, in a word: Love??  The 'stuff' in which we live and move and have our being.   Having been given - been bequeathed - all that we 'truly' need,by our Source.  Just having needed to solve the puzzle of how to get to it. Of gaining access to it.  By - as I have said before, in these blog pages, this journal - operating our lives out of Love.  Not Force.

You can't get into the goody box by trying to force your way into it.  You have to tune into it; and become One with it.

The answer, to the whole conundrum, is: resonance.  You must be that which you would wish there to be.  And then, you will draw it to you, in harmonic response.

Now.  Here comes the hard part.  Of this missive  And our process.  Call it the 'tough love' part.

I need to clarify something from my last blog.  In it I referred to the "conundrum" of the children of illegal aliens born in this country, as we start to set things right, in preparation for the change in paradigms that is upon us - in America, and for the world as a whole.  Here in this country, we have a major problem with this 'illegal aliens' business.  But it has led, in a way, to an even larger problem, than just in and of itself.  First, in that larger context, is the problem - as I say - of their children born in this country.  The illegal aliens themselves should, by rights, return to their nations of origin.  They are not the responsibility of the United States of America.  The U.S. can't take in, by the back door, the side doors, and through the windows, the 'economic refugees' of the world.  The country has a front door.  Use it - con su permiso - or lose it.  But then, there's the problem of their children born here.  And it is a problem.  For them, and for the nation; and especially for the nation's taxpayers, upon whom no one has a right to impose themselves illegally.  So: What to do.  Major headache.  I proposed, in my blog, that it could be dealt with in the move out of the old paradigm anyway, for humanity, and new forms for living on the planet to develop therefrom.  And I called it 'not so much trying to make two wrongs make a right' because of that factor, of major Change afoot anyway, and the need to get on with the process.  But there is - as I say - a larger factor in play here, in relation to this particular issue.  And it is too large - too important - to be overlooked,  It has to do with this business in general of illegality, and the pressure for amnesty growing out of it.  

To back up a bit.  I really don't 'get' how the dedicated nation-wreckers - on both the Left and the Right - thought they could get away with their heist of the country via their heist of the American presidency.  I can only assume that they figured that life in the country had gotten so compromised, with the particular likes of illegal aliens here by the millions - and with, between their econo-political camps, near-total control of the mainstream media in the country (not to mention the control in the two main political parties themselves) - that one more act of illegality would cause no insurmountable problem, if it even gained enough notice, by the cattle, even to get any degree of traction whatsoever.  If so, I can only stand in awe of the degree of the chutzpah of these dark-force players in the drama unfolding.  

For, it is one thing to help people (prospective voters) slip into the country illegally, and quietly start a residency here, keeping a low profile.  And quite another to help plan for an illegal candidate to run for - and get elected to, without a whistle being blown on the heist - the presidency of the nation.  

The American Republic.  That these dark-force players planned, then, on turning into something more in keeping with their vision for it.  Like, say, an Empire. 

With an Emperor.

Being above the law.

For he is the law.

Like, say:


Sweet revenge, for the (largely Zionist) Jews involved in this caper.  And a wondrous opportunity, for those bankers-industrialist types involved in their little scheme, who want to run the world their way.  From the top.  With the orchestrated collusion of the masses.

Or not.  

Macht nichts, to them.  Go along with the game.  Or perish.

Now that you are so well surveilled, that TPTB can almost - almost - taste their victory.

Sad lot, really.  For they have the idea, of a globalized world.  Just don't have a clue how the thing works.   

To pull this commentary together.

The whole point of the exercise of the constitutional Framers writing into the federal contract the need for the candidate for the office of the presidency to be more than just a U.S. citizen, but a "natural born" citizen, was to make sure - as far as they could - that no one held the office of the presidency - and that specific federal office only, in particular for that person being as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - who had conflicting loyalties or allegiances. 

Like a dual citizen.

Like, say:


So the person, to qualify to run for the presidential office, needed -

to be born on the soil (or its equivalent)

of U.S. citizen parents.


No dual citizens, or naturalized citizens, allowed to run for, or hold, that office.1

Got that?

No dual loyalties or allegiances to muddy those particular waters.

And please don't try to argue that, in the case of Obama, it's 'too late now'.  That compromise with the truth of the matter doesn't wash with me.

Nor, I hope, with enough patriots of the American republic to dismiss that 'pragmatic' argument out of hand.  For, it's 'too big a deal' to just let it go.  

And that's why I wanted to clarify my comment about the issue of the children born on American soil to illegal aliens not being primarily a matter of 'trying to make two wrongs make a right' if their deportation is stayed because we are about to enter a new paradigm anyway, where nation-states evolve into a more efficient form of organization.2  The wrongs being committed - and being considered to be committed, in the wake of this illegal alien business - have become too big to ignore, since they affect the very presidency of the nation.

What am I talking about?  I am saying that I draw the line at such an extremely major issue as the specter of someone being qualified to run for the office of the presidency of the U.S. whose parents snuck into the country, as 'undocumented workers,' and then got U.S. citizenship under some amnesty program promoted by a 'liberal' Congress and a presidential officeholder who was illegal himself.3 

That definitely would quality for the definition, and category, of trying to have two wrongs make a right.  

And is a perfect example of the sort of consciousness that will not qualify one for moving up into the new paradigm awaiting us.4  

In order for us to close out The Drama and move on, we need to demonstrate that we have the mentality, the degree of consciousness, to inherit the kingdom that awaits us.  Old forms - like interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking - will be left behind, as we take our preliminary steps onto the stairway to the heavens.  And that Event will take the appropriate consciousness to unlock that doorway.  

Duplicity - connivance - outright fraud - need not apply. 

So.  The wrongs that have been committed, under less than stellar thinking, need to be acknowledged, and set to rights.  As best they can.  Before we can proceed into the new paradigm.  No one gets into the precincts of heaven by storming the entrance gate (or perimeter).  The key to open the door is to have the appropriate consciousness.  Otherwise, one's further progress can't, and won't, happen.  Being a time when the gate naturally swings wide open.   Without any force applied to it at all.   

As I said earlier:

It's a matter of resonance.  



1 The office of the vice presidency was added later, by constitutional amendment, to require of it this natural-born-citizen qualification, since that person might assume the presidency.  (It has happened before in the nation's history that someone was elevated to the office of the presidency by reason of this loophole who was not eligible (and the error not caught).  Hey - the Framers couldn't think of everything.
     Including how the Constitution would be kicked around so terribly, by sophisticated shysters.  They did their best. The rest was up to the preceding generations.  Like ours.  To set things right, if they started getting set wrong.)

2 Just as the city-states of old inexorably gave way to the nation-states of the modern era.    

3 Besides the spectacle of someone running for the office whose parents broke the law in coming into this country, whose job, if elected, it would be in part to enforce the law.
     Or even if only one of the lawbreaking parents got U.S. citizenship.  Not far-fetched an example of wrong-mindedness winning the day (at the least initially; before patriots got on the job).  Because if the requirement to have two U.S. citizen parents has already been breached, in the case of the current officeholder, can the avalanche of corrupt thinking be far behind??
     See the problem, once people practice to deceive???
     Another maxim: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

4 Such a scenario may never come to a reality (particularly because of the change in paradigms looming just ahead).  But it's the idea that is at fault anyway.  
     The idea of doing something duplicitous.
     The consciousness with which such activities is being infused.


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