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The New Paradigm

I spoke the last time about 'the new paradigm,' and 'timelines'.  A word of clarification about both topics.

Everything is a matter of resonance.  'In the beginning was the Word' is not a bad description of life and the universe.1  As our scientists are beginning to discover/uncover, the universe - matter - is made up of an underlying geometrical form, which 'breathes' shapes, emanations from that underlying essence.  They are, then, an illusion; an illusory reality.  They are, then, fungible; malleable.  That is why sometimes the illusion seems to give way to chaos.  It is not chaos.  It is simply the way things are, in a projection: images on the screen of 'life' as we know it, have experienced it for eons of time; over and over again, working out our karma, and lessons.  For spiritual growth.  In our return to the One, our Source; the wiser for the experience of Choice, in the lower-resonance realm of Duality.  This blog is to clarify that that experience is not as fixed as it appears to be, and has appeared to be, in our passage through it, in repeated incarnations - reincarnations.


Time is an illusion; a feature/aspect of the projection, the 'shapes on the cave wall,' thrown by the Light.  Therefore, Time is malleable, too.  There is only the eternal Now in the true reality, existing far above - in frequency - the level, the matrix of the 3D Drama that we have created in this matrix.  But the episode this week of David Wilcock's weekly half-hour series on Gaiam TV, called 'Wisdom Teachings,' reminded me of something.

A little background.

Recently, one of the Ascension websites that I monitor has been dealing with a dilemma: the dilemma of two different stories of the past from two different sources of supposed discarnates coming through two different channelers that they have a long experience with, and trust.  One source, claiming to be a somewhat recent young man by the name of Matthew - who has claimed to have been a reincarnation of St. Matthew - has said recently that Jesus did not die on the cross; that he, as (St.) Matthew, was there, knew him, had conversations with him - in a manner that is different from the New Testament's story about their relationship, and goings-on at that time2 - and knows that Jesus and Mary Magdalene, his wife, ended up leaving the Palestinian area and going purportedly to India.  This story - although matching other reports, from researchers, that Jesus, surviving the crucifixion, ended up going to India (where he was known as Issa/Isha) - does not match the story from another of their favorite channelers, who claims to channel a number of sources, one of which is purportedly Jesus himself, and who, when coming through somewhat recently, said that he did die on the cross.3      

Cynics and doubters, I'm sure, who monitor these sorts of web sites, have been having a right good time of it, chuckling at the quandary in this discussion for 'true believers'.  For they can't both be right.  One of them has to be wrong.  Right?

Hold on.

That's an assumption.

That there is but one 'reality'.  In a realm of illusion…

My point:

It could be a matter of both-and.    

In a realm where there could be more than one timeline.

And our experience of this phantasmic 'life' being based on our primary resonance, aka consciousness.

Which doesn't rule out the possibility of other timelines.

That's why one could go back in 'time' and alter the past.  Because

 it's all an illusion anyway.

An illusory experience, that can result in different illusory outcomes, based on alternative choices.


What the whole exercise is all about.

To help us exercise our wings.

Before we fly into the higher realms, frequencies, vibrations.

And inherit more of our true selves.

As the facets, fractals, aspects, points of view of our loving Prime Creator.

Hallowed be

The Name.

And we are about to experience a closer relationship with that All That Is.  Because

it's that time.

Of the Awakening from

The Dream.  And the Return to

the true Reality.


P.S. Do I believe in this 'channelling' sort of thing?  I have an open mind.  There are more things in heaven and earth, etc.  But also: 'By their fruits, ye shall know them.'  Many a person has been led astray by false 'voices'/messages.  It's a matter of discrimination.  To learn such.  How?
     By 'practicing the presence'.  Cultivating a connection with your highest-most inner Self.  And living your life accordingly.  You will learn, from that exercise, how to discriminate between what comes to you from a lower level - so-called intuition, and 'guidance,' and such - and what is not of the highest.
     Practice the presence.
     It's precisely what we're here for, anyway.  To learn how.  And do.  



1 The Bible has much in it to be seriously questioned, on both the historical and content levels.  (As to the latter: a god of violence?  Doesn't compute.  Just an 'ancient astronaut' leader at work and play;  a la Zechariah Sitchin's books.)  But it also has some good thoughts in it.  I take from it what works for me, and leave the rest.
     Some of the biblical 'critics' who have published valuable background material, to my way of thinking, in my search for Truth:
     Tony Bushby; Ralph Ellis; Barbara G. Walker; D.M. Murdock/Acharya S.  Also Peter Joseph and his Zeitgeist Movement videos.  All, indicating an astrotheological aspect to this whole thing, of previous 'saviors' and such  Important stuff  If one is interested in Truth.  Not just belief.

2 We need to understand more clearly than we apparently do that 'the gospels' were all written years after the supposed fact, and have gone through numerous hands in their travels down to our times, with various anonymous sources doing their thing with them.  And also, that there were other 'gospels;' with the Roman Church, in liaison with the Roman secular authorities, doing the picking and choosing, with their material interests in mind as well.  Simply put:
     The Bible should NOT be taken as the literal word of God.  It has human fingerprints all over it.  

3 And then there's the take on the matter  of researcher Ralph Ellis, who claims to have uncovered the real Jesus, as a prince and then king of a nearby realm, who, in wanting to take over the then-vacant leadership of the Roman Empire for 'higher' purposes, led Jewish forces in the Revolt that led to the Roman crushing of it and the Temple in the 68-70 CE time period, was crucified for it, but survived the crucifixion, and ended up being exiled to Britain (Brith-ain, the land of the Covenant). and there becoming who history knows - thinks it knows - as King Arthur ('the Egyptian').  See esp. 'Jesus - King of Edessa'.  Fascinating stuff.
     And: Who knows.
     We will all know; at some point, in No-time.  When The Play is over, and we take stock.  Of the whole thing.  And of our roles in it.
     That's roles.  As in, plural.
     Having played many parts.
     In order to learn lessons from them all.
     For, it all has been for a Purpose.
     And that Purpose can be summarized simply.  As:
     Know Thyself.
     As a Child - fractal - of The One.
     Standing in Your own Power.
     Which is the Power of Love.
     The Essence behind the whole Exercise.

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