Monday, 27 January 2014

Between The Lines

I'm reading a book about the life of Patton.  There's a war going on in our time, too; and a big one, too. A major one.  And in fact, The Big One: Moving from the level of the 'problem' - the process; the long, arduous path, between the spiral stages of 'thesis' and 'antithesis' to, now, the ultimate Synthesis, aka the 'solution' -  to Perfection.

The End Game is upon us.  Just waiting to be recognized as such.  By those who are ready to move Up.  And inherit our higher expression.  Individually; and collectively.


from Tea Party C.C.: 'Sorry Obama! Harvard Study Finds One Thing Holding Kids Back, And It's NOT 'Income Inequality'' - posted by Linda Hahn, admin - Jan. 26 (orig. posted at
(the one common factor: single parent families, living in poverty.)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago  [Jan. 26)

The Cloward-Piven Strategy at work: Create a welfare class of dependency-minded people and then point to massive income inequalities as patently unfair, or 'racist,' or whatever works in the given situation; driving the system to collapse, financially and socially, in order to be replaced by the 'more fair system' of socialism - the enthronement (the attempted enthronement, that is) of Equality over Liberty.  
Watch this study be spun by the Left: 'Unfair…such kids are just as deserving of opportunity as other kids…mean-hearted…the Nasty Party...' etc.  When the preliminary answer is connected with the fact that We the People should never have been seduced in the first place into going along with the Left's tactic of, in effect, paying single females to have babies.  No female should be having children that she can't take care of properly, i.e., by bringing them into a poverty-dependency situation.  Falling on hard times is one thing, and thus Temporary Assistance programs.  But not assistance/the taxpayers' money to have more babies; and thus create the welfare class that the [far] Left is using as a battering ram to try to bring down the capitalist, free-enterprise edifice.
The overturning of that cynical tactic is, as I said, "the preliminary answer".  The full answer to the matter is to go neither to the Left nor to the Right.  But Up.  Onto a higher level of being, where we live truer to our real selves, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' and run our human society on Love.  Not Force; the Force of the big-stick state, whipping people into shape as its chattel.  But that's another subject.  For now, the response should be to say to the statist Left what we need to say to the statist Right as well (remembering that the so-called Patriot Act came into being under Bush Jr., and thus we are being assaulted by both the socialists and the fascists; with the same cabal of Dark Powers at the top of the pyramid of power): No more playing your games of conquest.  We have a more important thing to be about.  And that, in its essence, is the establishment of the kingdom of Heaven; i.e., one based on Love.  
Coming to a theatre of operations near you.  In fact, VERY near you.  In point of very fact………                


P.S. As for the biography about Patton ('Patton: Blood, Guts, And Prayer' by Michael Keane): if not a consummate leader of men, at least a) close, and b) a very successful one.  
     That war…and its outcomes…...
     A lot of good men gave a lot, including their all, during WWII to save democracy and its concept from those who would be overlords of men.  This is not a time to let either the socialist or the fascist statists 'take the high ground,' win out in the process.  It is a time to take the process up a notch, to its fruition, in a higher dimension of consciousness than the one we all too casually inhabit now.  
     We have work to do.  To include the proper paying of homage to those who paved the way to this culminating moment in time - and actually, those on both sides of the Drama that occupied the center stage for its time; to prove a point: that people must learn to govern themselves.  Or they will be governed by those who would take away their free will. 
     The most important gift of all, in the 3D duality process to learn that very thing.
     We seem to be a little slow on the uptake on that lesson.  Take the current casualness about the specifics of the Constitution going on in the U.S., regarding the powers of the president, and who can be the president.  You will learn to live by the rule of law - that is to say, live with high consciousness; with honesty and integrity, not deceit - of you will not progress.  It is that simple.  Because progress - spiritual progress, that is - is based on living with, and by, honor, and Truth.  Which is pretty much the same thing.   
     Look closely at your calculus, and that of your chosen leaders.  Any person who believes that the end justifies the means ('By Any Means Necessary;' 'Whatever It Takes') cannot be considered to be able to govern without a rule of law to act as a check on him or her, and their potential arbitrary rule, with despotic behavior; however well-intended.  To paraphrase a couple of America's Founding Fathers: If men were angels, we wouldn't need to bind them down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution.   
     We are about to leave the likes of the Constitution behind.  For those who can make the cut.  Because
     it's that time.


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