Monday, 20 January 2014

Another Day...

Another day, another 'dollar' to another worthy cause, trying to stand in the way of the socialist takeover of America, under the sinuously guiding hand of a man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama, although no one knows who he is, really.  And not just because the birth certificate that he has tendered to the American people as his bona fides is fraudulent.  Just like himself.1

The man is more than just an impostor, and a usurper of the presidency of the United States.  He is the snare of the fowler.2  

So, we are now down to it: the final stage of the long, long trail awinding; the final scene of The Play, that humanity has been engaged in, arduously, in order "to catch the conscience of" us all.  We are now on the threshold of Change, alright.  Just not the kind that the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama has dreamt of, and that his handlers - caught up in the same throes of giddy power that The Fowler (who or whatever that is precisely) has promised them all - have meticulously planned for.  Except for one thing: the Spoiler of all their best-laid plans.  Meaning, a - the - Power far beyond their hide-and-seek games and other interplays with each other on this basic, physical plane of existence - this stage that is not a permanent stage, but a phantasm; constructed for just this purpose, that we are engaged in now, and where we are about to experience its final Curtain -  

with the politics of the U.S. scene of the Drama to be interrupted by the monetary aspects of The Play; giving The People of this key country to this unfolding process time to rally, and prove their worth.  Which is it to be for you:  Up.  Or Down; back once again onto the wheel of rebirth, into such an illusory reality, to play out your karmic dues, and learn your fundamental lessons.  Wherever that may be.  For Gaia Herself is involved in the Ascension process that the rest of humanity is involved in taking Up, on the consciousness stairway to the heavens.  

But first: the denouement.  First of all - before we Gaians move to a purely moneyless system, as part of the first stage of establishing a 'kingdom of heaven,' i.e., a society based exclusively on the principle of Love - we Ascenders need to clean up the mess we've made, and abjure the low consciousness that led to the mess.  As, e.g., some incarnate souls thinking, this time around on the wheel of rebirth, to live on other people's tax monies as a way of life, on the one hand, and erstwhile Masters of the Universe thinking to use such monies extravagantly as a means of personal and corporate gain, and cynically having the taxpayers bail out banks 'too big to fail' when bets go south, on the other.  Out with these jejune ways of thinking; these immature levels of awareness.  Time to grow up.  And only then can we start moving into the new paradigm, of the recognition of our true natures, as souls with the consciousness of 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  Rather than about to have the experience of being slaves of and to the state - of either the 'Left' or the 'Right' - which would make all of our essential decisions for us; thus denying us the exercise of our free will, which is the whole point of the bloody, exhilarating, heartbreaking exercise.  

Why do you think that the man called Obama is gearing up his Department of Homeland Security for civil war, and, as part of that preparation, painting conservatives, Christians, Tea Partiers, and other patriots - including those groups that use the word 'liberty' in their titles,3 and many, perhaps most, of the returning Vets4 - as, quote, "potential terrorists"??  The fingerprints are all over the crime scene: he and his minions are planning a takeover of the country, and the consequent merging of it into a massive, global statist New World Order 

And that's not going to happen.  With either a civil war or an election.  If I have anything to say about it.  And millions - millions - like me.  Who will defend our essential liberty; and the essential liberty of humanity as a whole.  In this concluding Act.  

There will be a Change, alright.  But it will be in paradigm.

Because The Play is over, on this timeline.  

It's time, now, for the real thing.

Meet you on that 'front'.

On the same side.

Or not.

Your choice.

As always.

In our Creator's creation.  

And vision, of how these things - i.e., the spiritual progress of the fractals, facets, aspects of our Source; the pieces of the Whole - best work.



1 A 'natural born' citizen, as the office of the presidency of the United States - and that federal office only - requires as a qualification, via the Constitution (to say, the nation's very rule of law), is a person born on the soil (jus soli) of two U.S. citizen parents (jus sanguinis).  As to the latter part of that definition, it could hardly be otherwise, inasmuch as the whole POINT of the exercise, from the constitutional Framers' point of view, was to make sure - as far as they could - that the person occupying that office, who was to be as well the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, did not have any DUAL LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  Like, oh, say: a dual citizen. 
     Which is what Barack Obama is.  Or at least, was fraudulently elected as being.       
     Now if you're bound and determined to demolish the Constitution, by way of setting up a false-flag op - or goading the public into an insurrectionary response to your takeover activities - and declaring Martial Law…...

2 Whether just playing the part, or inextricably caught up in it, and having taken on the identity.  We'll see.

3 As opposed to the statists' banner of 'equality' .  Which means a state-imposed way of being; rather than the essential way of being that Liberty affords humanity.

4 Who are, then, no longer under his control, via their officer corps.  
     And speaking of the latter: have you noticed how he is purging their ranks of those commanding officers whom he can't count on to support his imperial takeover moves??  Assuming, perhaps, that those left after his vetting procedure will be loyal to their Commander in Chief in an emergency; not to the Constitution; which is their first loyalty, and which they have specifically sworn to uphold??? 
     "Support and defend," in the words of their Officer's Oath.  Our erstwhile Dear Leader presuming, apparently, that he is counting on a declaration of Martial Law to change all that, as a technical suspension of the Constitution.  
     We may well see.    

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